Enhancing your home with LED strips is really fun and functional. With this type of lights, in fact, in addition to consuming less and having light beams that are not annoying for the eye, it is possible to create corners rich in atmosphere but also practical and completely personalized, also helping to improve home furnishings.

Here is everything you need to know to make your home welcoming and unique and characterize the different rooms that make it up in a few simple steps and simply with LED light strips.

Led light strips for the wall units

The practical and easy to arrange LED strips are used above all under the kitchen wall units , so that they can give greater visibility on the worktop and emphasize the dimensions and volumes of the furnishings in a balanced and modern way. That’s right, because this type of cold light recalls the contemporary , the minimal style and on the market there are more and more kitchen brands, in fact, which provide ad hoc lighting like these.

Not only that, the LED strips, thanks to their ease of use and small footprint , can also be placed under the shelves of the bathroom, living area and even in the study or in the bedroom of the little ones. There will be greater visibility and the atmosphere will be unique and personalized, as mentioned modern and cheerful.

Led light strips to define shapes and rooms

Through the use of LED strips it is also possible to enhance the volumes and perimeters of the rooms , giving an original and unconventional appearance to the dwelling. For example, you can run a LED strip on the floor in contact between the wall attachment so as to illuminate the perimeter of the room or part of it. This trick is useful if you want to give more brightness during the evening, perhaps avoiding turning on floor lamps or main chandeliers. You can also opt for this bright decoration if you have carpets and furnishings, or furniture that is particularly bulky and makes the space not very bright.

An equally original idea is to place the LED strips under the double bed along its entire perimeter : the effect will be stunning and very modern, to be repeated even under the bed of the little ones, who will be thrilled by it.

The only precaution, especially when placing the LED strip on the floor or on visible areas, is to camouflage it thanks to the colors of the walls and surfaces themselves. In the dark, however, this problem does not exist and the rooms will be welcoming, like new and you will make a great impression even with the guests.

Walkways and details with led light strips

We have already mentioned the possibility of placing the led light strips on the floor and on the profiles of the walls. However, these will be useful if you want to illuminate the walkways , for example the steps of the stairs, the corridors and the hallway. The effect is very pleasing to the eye and highly scenographic, and you will be safer if you wake up at night and have adequate lighting and guests will be amazed and will surely copy you.

Not only that, the practical LED strips are also very useful for embellishing entire libraries and creating unique plays of light that will also underline the shapes, the dimensions, the depths.

The same can be done by decorating furnishings, poufs, boxes, baskets or parts of furniture: you can really indulge yourself, but the important thing is not to overdo it . It is always better to choose a few elements that will be illuminated and enhanced by the LED strips and focus on these, beyond the size of your home.

Led light strips even outdoors

Finally, with the bright LED strips you can also make outdoor spaces special and usable . With this term we mean the gardens, the verandas, the entrances to the house, the patio, terrace and balcony, the important thing is that the strips are repaired.

Alternatively, choose ad hoc models for the outdoors: you can find several on the market. For example, you can, perhaps during the Christmas holidays, decide to highlight the clutter of your windows, so as to embellish for a party but without too many frills. Or you can attach the LED strips on the edges of the outdoor chairs under the gazebo and light up the warm summer evenings and make dinner under the stars more spectacular.

The combinations are almost infinite and, by purchasing your first LED strip, you will surely be invaded by many ideas: put them all into practice with our safe and quality products.