At the beginning of July, the judicial process began which sees Johnny Depp as an injured party against the tabloid The Sun which defined him as a “wife beater” following the divorce with Amber Heard. The story seems to be extremely complicated and will probably go down in history as one of the most difficult divorces in Hollywood .

The trial lasted a total of 3 weeks, spread across different London courtrooms. The first hearing saw Johnny Depp alone on the stand, while ex-wife Amber Heard sat in the gallery as a spectator . She was then called to testify the next day by lawyers for the News Corp publishing group, which runs The Sun , as a witness and victim of alleged domestic violence.

With both former lovers in front of the judge, one against the other, the trial soon turned into a real war , no holds barred. The backstory of their relationship was all exposed on the judge’s bench, including drugs, severed fingers, retracted threats and feces in the marital bed.

Let’s find out together the scandalous background that emerged in the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard , as well as the sentence handed down by the judge!

The relationship and divorce between Depp and Heard

Before we get to the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, let’s shed some light on the relationship and divorce that led to the accusations by the British tabloid. Depp and Heard met on the set of ” The rum diary ” in 2012 . In 2015 they get married, celebrating their wedding in the Bahamas, but the happy idyll does not last long, just 15 months after the couple divorces .


The first trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

The divorce between the two actors had not already been one of the simplest. She accused Johnny Depp of beating her repeatedly during the wedding, also presenting a photo of her swollen face as proof of her in her favor (according to the actor she was actually made up to make him believe she was). Depp defended himself by declaring that he was not a violent person, much less with the woman he loves and Winona Rider and Vanessa Paradis (both former of the actor) had also lined up in favor of the “pirate of the Caribbean” . Heard had retracted everything the day before the trial, but got $ 7 million from the divorce, which appears to have been donated to charity.

The words of The Sun

We are still at the beginning of 2018, with a quite complicated divorce for the ex couple. In April, The Sun published an article on its website titled ” How does JK Rowling be ‘genuinely happy’ to cast wifey hitter Jonny Depp for the new ‘Fantastic Beasts’ movie?”, In which she apparently asked herself also to end the actor’s career . Hence Depp’s decision to sue the publishing group for defamation of him. Amber Heard is selected as a key witness in the trial by the News Corp.

First let’s drown it and then let’s burn it

We come to the retrial which initially saw Johnny Depp defend himself against The Sun ‘s allegations. There was a preliminary hearing in which numerous messages sent by the actor to his friend Paul Bettany in 2013, during his relationship with Heard , were discussed . . He seems to have written: “ Let’s burn Amber. Indeed, let’s drown it first and then burn it “. On his own, however, Depp defends himself by presenting another message always written to Bettany: ” I should be really out of my mind to vent my anger against the woman I love .” After this initial moment, the trial against The Sun turns into a real fight between Depp and Heard .


Cocaine and whiskey

The defense of The Sun , which could boast Heard herself among its ranks, presented 2 photographs in its favor. In the first you can see in the foreground 4 strips of cocaine “ready to use”, a little further on a glass of whiskey , a pipette and a metal can with the inscription ” Property of JD “. The second, however, sees Johnny Depp lying on the ground unconscious on the floor of his house. According to the tabloid’s lawyers, it would be evidence of the actor’s psychophysical instability. He did not deny that he possessed the drug, but raised the question of why they were photographed and the fact that ” that is really cocaine “. These, among other tests, proved to be fundamental in thetrial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard .

 ” I took all kinds
of drugs

Johnny Depp has never made a secret of his uncontrolled addictions to alcohol and drugs. “ From the age of 14 I have taken all kinds of drugs ”, he declared in front of the judge, “ my mother asked me to go and get the pills for her nerves. I was 11 years old [..] and I started taking them too “. He went on to say that ” alcohol and drugs were the only things that made me keep pain and anger at bay “. He also stated that he got his daughter Lily-Rose marijuana when she was 13 , but in agreement with her mother and to prevent her from taking uncontrolled substances.


The severed finger

Johnny Depp based part of his defense on the fact that, in reality, the raping in the couple was Heard and not him. He tells how in 2015, during a vacation in Australia shortly after their wedding, a violent quarrel broke out between the two over the actress’s alleged refusal to sign a post-marriage contract. He claims that the quarrel culminated with his ex-wife armed with a shard of a bottle severing a phalanx . According to her, however, the actor would have done everything by himself throwing a cell phone, and then writing with blood ” I love you ” on the wall . Johnny’s former real estate agent confirmed that he found, the day after the alleged fight, the actor still injured.


The destroyed apartment in Australia

During the Depp / Heard trial, the Aquaman actress recounted more details of their (nightmare) vacation in Australia. According to her testimony, she returned to her house one day and found it destroyed. According to her, there was food everywhere, a live bird and broken glass, the “pirate” also tried to set fire to the sofa and urinated on the furniture . The actor would also have destroyed the television in the apartment and covered the door with puree and gravy. Heard also described an alleged throwing of more than 30 glass bottles at heras if they were grenades ,” injuring her hands and feet. Depp confirmed that he scribbled the apartment walls with his own blood, however, denying the throwing of the bottles and the injuries to the woman.

I will cut off Elon Musk’s penis

In favor of the defense of The Sun it would seem that other messages were presented , exchanged during the wedding, by Johnny Depp and Christian Carino. It seems that Depp had smelled a possible betrayal of his (ex) wife with Elon Musk (founder of Tesla, among other things), nicknamed by him Mollusk. To his friend he would seem to have written: ” I will show him things he has never seen, like the other part of his penis when I cut it off .” Musk, for his part, obviously absolutely denies the relationship during the marriage, having started it after the divorce.

However, during the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, the doorman of his apartment in Los Angeles also intervened in favor of the former pirate. He said the tech mogul visited Heard several times ” while Mr. Depp was not at home .

Not only Musk, but James Franco too

In addition to the alleged betrayal with Elon Musk, during the Depp / Heard trial, Johnny also spoke of a probable relationship of his ex-wife with James Franco . In support of him, he showed images of the video surveillance of the elevator of their apartment in Los Angeles. In the images , Heard is seen welcoming a man, who was supposed to be Franco . However, he is never framed directly in the face , making it almost impossible to recognize him.

Couples therapy

Johnny Depp, during the trial of Amber Heard, presented a secretly recorded audio during a couple therapy session between the two former lovers. “ She would kick me and throw cans, lighted candles and bottles at me ,” he told the judge, while the audio would seem to confirm that she threw pots, pans and vases at him . He accuses of having received a punch from the woman who, again in the audio, minimizes by pointing out that “ I hit you but I didn’t punch you . Honey, you haven’t been punched. I don’t know what the movement of my hand was, but you’re okay, I didn’t hurt you ”.


Violence on the private jet

Another episode recounted during the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard seems to have taken place on the actor’s private jet. According to Amber’s statements, during a flight from Boston to Los Angeles, he would have called her ” bitch, among other things, ” and then kicked her in the back of her. All this took place ” in front of a plane full of people who have done nothing “. However, Johnny’s assistant Stephen Dueters said he sat next to the couple throughout the flight and hadn’t witnessed any such scenes .

The incident before the James Corden Late Show

Another detail that emerged during the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard concerns an alleged beating before the woman appeared in the seats of James Corden ‘s Late Show . The actress accused her ex-husband of beating her savagely, breaking her lip and pulling out a lock of her hair, as well as leaving a bruise near her Di lei eye. She also called the night before the show the ” most violent ” of her relationship with Depp. Heard makeup artist Melanie Inglessis confirmed that she saw the marks on the woman’s face and helped cover them before the broadcast.

However, Amber’s stylist Samantha McMillen said she saw no bruises or injuries ” on the face or other parts of the body .

Defeco in our shared bed

Among the many scandals that make the Depp / Heard trial so long, absurd and particular, there is one that stands out above all the others. It was the woman’s thirtieth birthday and Depp showed up 2 hours late (according to her due to an economic problem that would have brought him almost bankrupt). “The next morning Heard (or one of her friends) defecated in our shared bed ,” he declared, as revenge for her delay. Heard defended herself by accusing the couple’s two Yorkies of being guilty, ” but they were too small to jump on the bed, and still unable to produce feces like the one found between the sheets ,” she said of Depp.

On her own account, regarding the affair, Heard stressed the fact that Johnny, after finding the feces, threw her a cell phonewith all the strength he had “, injuring her face. The deposition of Melizza Saenz, the police officer who intervened on that occasion, denied Amber’s statements.


The outcome of the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard and the consequences

It took several months (from July to the end of October) to receive the verdict on the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard , brought against the tabloid The Sun. The judge agreed with Amber Heard , acknowledging that there is evidence of violence against her. In short, according to the judge , the definition of ” wife thug” given to Depp by the tabloid does not constitute defamation of him.

Obviously the outcome of the process had and will have in the future resonances on the careers of the two actors . First of all, Johnny Depp was invited by Warner Bross to leave the shooting of the new film in the saga of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them . This led fans to organize a boycott of the film, launching the hashtag on social media # JusticeForJohnny .