Season four of Peaky Blinders ended with Tommy Shelby becoming the elected MP for the Birmingham South constituency, thus consolidating the Shelby clan’s position of power. But as Tommy’s increasingly fragile state of mind becomes more and more apparent, how he will be able to maintain control of the family and all its power
from him. This is all we know about season five.

When does Peaky Blinders season 5 premiere
After the end of season 4 in December 2017, it was confirmed that Peaky Blinders would return in 2019. Filming began in the streets of Brum on September 17, 2018, so, although we do not have an official release date, it is possible that we will see Peaky Blinders this 2019.
However, after the reception by the viewers of this series and the impact it has had on younger audiences , it has been confirmed that the fifth season will be broadcast on BBC One to reach a wider audience. Until now, it was broadcast on BBC Two.
The possible premiere date of season 5 of Peaky Blinders. | BBC.

At the end of season four, the Shelby clan assumed more power than ever after Tommy was elected as Member of Parliament for Birmingham South.
So it seems that thePolitics will become a family affair for the Shelbys after Paul Anderson revealed that his character Arthur would also have parliamentary connections.
But before seeing Tommy’s political career, Anderson made it clear to fans that the Shelbys would only use their newfound power to further manipulate their area and environment . So the fact of becoming a politician for Tommy is motivated to expand his empire, by his ambition to have more coverage, more opportunities and more protection.
The fifth season is likely to deal with Tommy’s worsening mental health., already reflected in previous seasons. Could Tommy really be getting better, or will the post-traumatic stress of World War I continue to haunt him?
In addition, his creator, Steven Knight, has explained that he would like new episodes to explore the Depression and the rise of fascism of the years. 30 .


Cillian Murphy will, of course, return as Tommy Shelby . Arthur Shelby (Paul Anderson), Michael Gray (Finn Cole), Ada Thorne (Sophie Rundle) and Polly Gray (Helen McCrory) will also return for the fifth season of Peaky Blinders.
As an ally of Shelby, the gypsy Aberama and his son , the boxer Bonnie (played by Jack Rowan) will also appear in the new episodes.
First look at the cast of the fifth season of Peaky Blinders. | BBC.
It’s unlikely we’ll see more of Tom Hardy, though, after his character Alfie Solomons was shot and killed by Tommy in the season finale.

Hunger Games star Sam Claflin and former Hollyoaks actor Emmett J Scanlan are among an extensive list of new cast members joining the Shelbys in season five.
This list is made up of: Anya Taylor-Joy , Brian Gleeson, Neil Maskell, Kate Dickie, Cosmo Jarvis, Elliot Cowan, Charlene McKenna, Charlene McKenna, Andrew Koji and Daryl McCormack.

Will there be a Peaky Blinders movie?
Although the fifth season was initially believed to mark the end of Peaky Blinders, fans can rest easy and enjoy another two seasons, which Knight confirmed after the series won a BAFTA for Best Drama Series .
The creator wants to focus the series on the story of a family between two wars , World War I and World War II. He so wants to end it with the first air raid siren in Birmingham in 1939. It will take three more seasons to get to that point.
Also, with the success the project has had on Netflix, show creator Steven Knight and executive producer Caryn Mandabach have revealed that the team is discussing the possibility ofmake a movie of the series .
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