The history of cinema is studded with kisses that thrilled viewers. Some unexpected, but desired from the beginning of the film. Others who were immediately obvious would arrive, but who still excited us.

The expressive power of a film is mainly due to the skilled hands of directors and actors who know how to grasp the intimacy of a kiss , even if fake. Seeing a love story unfold on the screen makes us think a little about ourselves, about what we too would like from a relationship. The kisses between two lovers make us dream and excite. Some are so spectacular and magical that we wish we could imitate them and that make us stay with our eyes glued to the screen and our heart beating.

Some of these scenes have gone down in history, such as the first kiss between Rossella and Rhett in Gone with the Wind. Others have been imitated and filmed in numerous other films, such as the one between the masked Spiderman and Mary Jane in Spiderman . How can we forget the naive kiss between Lady and the Vagabond in the film of the same name.

Let’s find out which are the most beautiful kisses in the history of cinema!

1) Notorius: The lost lover

A classic of cinematography and one of the most romantic films, Notorius: The Lost Lover and the genius of Hitchcock. It also became famous as the longest kiss in the history of cinema . Cary Grant, as TR Devlin, and on the phone when their passion for Elena Huberman, played by Ingrid Bergman, overwhelms them. Hitchcock wanted the telephone receiver to be in that scene as well, as if to show that that kiss is more important than anything else.

2) Romeo + Juliet

From my lips yours have taken away the sin! [..] Then, make me back the sin! ”With these phrases Shakespeare sealed the famous kiss between Romeo and Juliet in his most famous work. These are the same words with which the director Baz Luhrmann wanted to pay homage to the work in his film Romeo + Juliet . To pronounce them and a very blond Leonardo DiCaprio in the presence of Claire Danes.

3) Titanic

The names of Rose and Jake are almost certainly linked by all to the protagonists of Titanic. It is on the bow of the ship, with Rose arms outstretched towards her horizon that Jake kisses her with the dream of taking flight. And it is in that eternal moment, which signs a love made of prying and eager glances on the decks of the ocean liner, that the copy really takes off. To then rediscover again firmly on the bow of the ship.

4) ET l’Extraterrestrial

It is not about a kiss between lovers, nor about one that made legions of spectators dream. And yet, it remains one of the most significant and beautiful kisses in cinematography . Little Drew Barrymore, who plays Gertie, prints an innocent kiss on the forehead of ET, the extraterrestrial who has fallen into her house and from whom she cannot separate. One of the cutest and most innocent moments ever seen on the big screen.

5) Breakfast at Tiffany’s

It is a rainy and cold day in New York when Holly, played by Audrey Hepburn, leaves the house to find her cat, lost in the streets of the city. She finds him shortly after, in a small street in the Big Apple, where she also meets the writer Paul Varjak, love is irrepressible and not even the cat is excluded. Obviously this is the kiss that crowns the love between the two in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. 

6) Gone with the Wind

Gone with the wind has marked the imagination of many lovers . Rossella has already lived through every one of her, from wars to marriages, until the death of her husband, Franco Kennedy. Rhett can no longer resist, and during his ex-husband’s funeral he kisses the widow Rossella . She initially thinks she doesn’t love him, but she changes her mind until she loses her mind for him.

7) Casablanca

Cult film, known to almost everyone, Casablanca is also one of the most romantic films ever made. The two lovers are destined to be separated by fate. Ilsa, however, has a secret that she has not revealed to her beloved, and before separating she cannot help herself . “ You knew how much I loved you Rick. And how much I still love you ”with these words the two lovers exchange one of the most beautiful kisses on the big screen.

8) Ghost

That between Sam and Molly is a relationship that develops almost completely after the man’s death. While in life to the ” I love you ” Dell’amata he replied with ” Idem “, but after having “returned” from the world of the dead this boulder weighs him down. He returns to his beloved, in the very famous scene in which they work the clay, he confesses his eternal love for her and then kisses her in a magical moment in which real and not intertwined.

9) Lady and the Tramp

Another very famous scene, shot, adapted and mentioned by countless films and TV series. A candle lights up Lilli and the Vagabondo and the spaghetti gives the two little dogs no escape. This scene, especially in the “boys” who saw it as children, probably caused hilarity. Yet, years later one cannot fail to recognize the romantic charge that animates it.

10) Sleeping Beauty

It is a fairy tale, but it is undeniable that the Disney film adaptation has become as famous as the fairy tale itself. The kiss between Aurora and Filippo and the kiss of true love par excellence. The only one who can win the black magic of the evil Maleficent. A true love born, just like in a fairy tale, from a chance meeting between the two while the sleeping beauty danced accompanied by trees, birds and fawns.

11) Match point

Hotter than the others, the kissing scene in Match Point has been called one of the most sensual on the big screen. An almost unlikely scene for Woody Allen’s dark tones. Once again in the rain, in the middle of a field of wheat . Chris and Nola are carried away by a sudden passion, which takes them under the disruptive rain.

12) Drive

Director Nicolas Winding Refn has created a difficult and visionary film with Drive . His masterful ability to manage particular shots and slow motion culminates in the kiss between the Driver and Irene. In the elevator the scene almost changes, entrusting the narration to the soundtrack and the acting of Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan.

13) Get high on love

The film arrived in our cinemas under the title High on Love , but the original title, A lot like love , makes the relationship between Emily and Oliver clearer from the start. Their love / friendship (or maybe a friendzone as we would say today) reaches its peak during the New Year’s party. The dances, the shouts, the music and time stop in that instant that becomes eternal and in a scene that will become a cinematic cult.

14) Spiderman

Rain and New York are all too common denominators in these scenes, to the point that Sam Raimi also uses them in his first Spiderman. Young Peter Parker has always been in love with his neighbor Mary Jane . Between them, the first and a nerd, she is one of the most beautiful girls in school, love cannot work. Yet, in the rain, with Peter upside down in the role of Spiderman , the kiss arrives between the two, too bad she doesn’t know who is hiding under her.

15) I segreti at Brokeback Mountain

Film that touches a taboo almost completely ignored by the previous cinema. The love between cowboys winds slowly between the two men, apparently one the opposite of the other. Forced to live together in a scattered and isolated hut, the two discover each other and then lose sight of each other, after four years their meeting rekindles the passion with a breathtaking kiss, only to be seen by Alma, Ennis’s wife. Upon Jack’s death, Ennis realizes (too late) the mistake he made by choosing to be with his wife.

16) The sweet life

Unforgettable film by Federico Fellini, La dolce vita is about a tabloid photojournalist . These and the constant struggles with different women he met during his trip to Rome. When he is commissioned to follow the famous American actress Sylva he ends up falling in love with her. Wandering through the streets of the city they arrive at the Trevi fountain where she plunges into it . The man follows her and confesses her love for her, and here is her kiss, just hinted before running away hand in hand.

17) Dirty dancing

For the second time, after Ghost , and Patrick Swayze to make the very young Jennifer Gray dream with a kiss in the role of “Baby” Houseman. The background notes are those of Dirty dancing that echo in the hearts of many people . The meeting between the two is casual, but love breaks out immediately. The kiss is historic, he kneels with her in front of her, after having danced together.

18) Mr. & Mrs. Smith

How would it be possible to miss the kiss of one of the most famous (former) Hollywood couples ?! It seems that it was also thanks to this film that the love between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie broke out . As the spouses, whose marriage is in crisis, Mr. and Mrs. Smith both lead, unbeknownst to their partner, a double life as professional killers. The unforgettable first kiss seems to be the result of a true love story.

19) The shape of water

The shape of water won 4 Oscars , out of 13 nominations, in 2018 including best film. The film directed by Guillermo del Toro is inspired by the monster of the lagoon and looks like a sort of reinterpretation of the Little Mermaid , but on the contrary. Against the backdrop of the Cold War, a mute girl, Elisa, meets and secretly associates with an amphibious creature. The final kiss seals a forbidden love, after the creature transforms the girl into an amphibian to save her and spend life with her.

20) The pages of our life

Again Ryan Gosling, but with Rachel McAdams. The Pages of Our Lives for some is one of the most romantic movies ever made . Noah and Allie met at seventeen when they fell in love. Life leads them to separate and come back together for several times. The story seems to proceed towards a necessary choice of the woman between Noah and Duke, only to discover in the finale that Duke is a fruit of the mind of Noah, now suffering from senile dementia. The man and the woman have spent their whole life together and die embraced. The kiss of the two lovers in the rain is historic.