How to become a curvy model and what are the reference measurements? Here are some useful tips to start this profession and how to introduce yourself to fashion agencies that promote curvy models .

The measures required

To become a curvy model , there must be measurements, but they are not everything. Basically, to be “curvy”, you must have a minimum height of one meter and 74 centimeters, as well as having a maximum size of 52. In addition, to be “curvy”, the model must have a bust circumference between 95 and 110 centimeters, while the waist must be between 65 and 90 cm. Finally, the hips must be between 96 and 120 centimeters. 

Of course, these measures are to be considered indicative, because each agency puts on the official website which measures they are looking for.

In general, becoming a curvy model means enhancing the female figure. Consequently, the model must be photogenic and be able to represent well the message of the brand that she promotes with her image of her.

The sector agencies

The agency acts as an intermediary between the companies that need a new image and the models. For this job, they get a percentage of the model’s profits and they also charge commission for the work done by the company that chooses that model. How to find agencies? In the simplest way: with job advertisements.

In fact, when agencies open castings for client companies, the models have the certainty of being evaluated and that the agency needs to find someone. It is useless to present oneself outside these “research” periods. 

Sites like Indeed, Jobrapido, and Jobatus are great solutions. Alternatively, just search on Google for “curvy fashion agency” + name of the city of interest to find all the agencies in the area and understand where to present yourself. Some of these companies often organize local competitions. To start, it is not convenient to go immediately to the offices in Rome and Milan (unless you live in the area), because there is more competition. An agency located in a regional capital has the right contacts to “hook” even important companies if it knows how to do its job.

Useful tips for becoming a curvy model

Agencies recommend that you look professional . A common mistake is to show up with an Instagram profile and with photos taken from the smartphone. To present yourself properly, however, you need a photographic book, which highlights the strengths of the model and indicates, in an indicative way, for which market she could give the best. In fact, we often think only of clothing and the catwalk, but this is not the case. 

For make-up, perfumes and many other product categories, companies need a female figure who can best represent the product and the corporate message. In addition, the models must be themselves, but they must also have a good character. Knowing how to relate with respect and make excellent relationships with professionals is the first step to be successful in this sector.

Curvy models are not only beautiful, but also professional. For this, it may take a period of training in the agency before getting the first jobs.