Christmas is approaching and certainly the 2020 holidays, due to the Covid-19 pandemic that has shocked the world, will certainly be different from usual, allowing us less exchanges of kisses and hugs but not celebrations, although more sober than usual.

In this decidedly anomalous context, it is however possible (probably) to carve out more time to enjoy the sagas of films and TV series dedicated to Holy Christmas and where there is no shortage of funny, moving, romantic moments and completely in tune with the magical atmosphere that only the days in December they know how to donate.

We just have to discover, therefore, the sagas of films and / or TV series that a streaming giant like Netflix has decided to offer just in view of the Holidays (to discover, instead, all the contents offered to viewers by Netflix Italy you can give look at the complete catalog of the platform ).


  • Someone Save Christmas and Someone Save Christmas 2
  • Christmas with a stranger 
  • I’ll be back for Christmas
  • Dash & Lily
  • As a Princess and As a Princess – Here we go again!
  • The films of our childhood – The holidays
  • How to ruin Christmas: il matrimonio

Someone Save Christmas and Someone Save Christmas 2

Two films produced and distributed exclusively by Netflix, ideal to be enjoyed during the Holidays. 

Someone Save Christmas is a 2018 film, directed by directed by Clay Kaytis and starring Kurt Russell as the legendary Santa Claus. The story revolves around Kate and Teddy, a brother and his sister who decide to secretly film the arrival of Santa Claus. After wisely stationed themselves to “catch the big man in the red suit”, they sneak into his sleigh, but cause an accident that threatens to blow Christmas. Over the course of a night that is nothing short of incredible, Kate, Teddy, Santa and his elves will have to work hard to save Christmas.  

Arriving on Netflix on November 18, 2020, Someone Save Christmas 2 once again sees Kurt Russell as Santa Claus. Kate is now grown up and has become a rather cynical teenager and very disappointed in her new mother relationship. The young girl escapes and unexpectedly finds herself at the North Pole where an evil elf has set out to cancel Christmas. Will he succeed?

Christmas with a stranger 

The first season of the TV series Christmas with a Stranger landed exclusively on Netflix in 2019. The protagonist is young Johanne, perpetually tired of her family’s comments about being eternally single. To silence her relatives, she tells them that she is finally engaged. You will only have 24 days to search for someone to introduce as her boyfriend.

Six episodes lasting thirty minutes each for a small TV series that has met with great success and which now tries to repeat with the second season, distributed on Netflix from 18 December 2020 .

I’ll be back for Christmas

Here is a miniseries from Germany and distributed, once again, exclusively by Netflix: I’ll be back for Christmas, which certainly represents a perfect mix between fun and romance (in this regard, you can take a look at the article dedicated to films of most beautiful love ever ).

Inspired by Christian Huber’s novel 7 Kilos in 3 Days: Home Over Christmas , Torno per Natale consists of only 3 episodes and stars Luke Mockridge as the penniless musician Bastian, unlucky at the game and also in love. During the Christmas holidays things certainly do not improve: his musical career is struggling to take off and the idea of ​​having to spend the holidays with his family, now that he is left with his girlfriend Fine, depresses him a lot. 

When Bastian returns home, however, he will have an even worse surprise: he will discover his brother Niklas in the company of his ex-girlfriend and, as if that weren’t enough, he will learn about a tragic secret from his parents that will shake him a lot …

Dash & Lily

Dash & Lily is an American TV series created by Joe Tracz and based on the Dash & Lily book series by David Levithan and Rachel Cohn. Arriving on Netflix on November 10, 2020, this 8-episode series stars two very different young people: the cynical Dash and the optimistic Lily.

A particular love story will be born between the two, against the backdrop of a romantic Christmas, thanks to notes left on a notebook that the two leave in different parts of the city of New York.

As a Princess and As a Princess – Here we go again!

In the role of a princess was released exclusively by Netflix in the winter of 2018. The protagonist of the film is Vanessa Hudgens who plays a double role. In fact, the story revolves around a Chicago confectioner, Stacy, and a future princess, Margaret, who discover that they are practically identical and therefore devise a plan to be able to exchange their lives at Christmas.

In Playing a Princess – Here we go again! the situation is further complicated: Margaret experiences a period of crisis with Kevin before her coronation. Stacy could help her, but a new lookalike could screw up their plans! 

The films of our childhood – The holidays

From December 1st an interesting docuseries (in 4 episodes) entitled The films of our childhood – The parties arrives on Netflix which, through interviews with insiders and behind-the-scenes footage, allows us to discover the hidden stories behind the films that became blockbusters during the Christmas period.

How to ruin Christmas: il matrimonio

On December 16, 2020 comes the first season of an interesting TV series that is sometimes funny and sometimes exciting. Let’s talk about How to ruin Christmas: the wedding, starring the nice Tumi who returns home, after a long time, to celebrate Christmas. She just in time to ruin her sister’s wedding arrangements. You will have to work to resolve the situation before it is too late …

How about? What will you watch for the holidays? Obviously, the Christmas-themed Netflix catalog is also enriched with non-original films and TV series from the platform but equally enjoyable by viewers (on the official Netflix website you can find all the Christmas-themed content on the famous platform ).