The cities of Spain have nothing to envy to the big cities of the rest of Europe, and it is that the Spanish geography is full of regions that have all the attractions that a tourist can look for. Green spaces, leisure areas, supermarkets or monuments dating back hundreds of years, any excuse is a good one to drop by the big cities of the Spanish territory.
Recently, the chocolate brand Ferrero Rocher launched a contest to find the most beautiful town in Spain and the winner was Guadalupe . But what urban area has the dubious honor of being the ugliest city in Spain?
According to the different rankings that appear on the net, we can deduce which are the least attractive cities in the whole country. Let no one get angry about it, because each one of them has a unique attraction and a sentimental value for its inhabitants that we are not able to imagine. Nobody says otherwise.

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The 7 ugliest cities in Spain
Of course, the list is subjective and under no circumstances do we want to hurt the feelings of the inhabitants of the cities mentioned, however it is true that in Spain there are more attractive places than others and those on this list are not characterized by overwhelming beauty.

7. Santa Cruz de Tenerife
It is surprising that this city appears on the worst lists considering the huge influx of tourists who visit it, however its streets have been branded as “old” and neglected. A nonsense if you are a resident, although it is a place with the perfect climate if what you are looking for is a relaxing day on the beach. You choose.

6. Algeciras
It is the door to the south of Spain, the letter of introduction from Africa and one of the most important port cities in Andalusia. However, its confusing urban fabric makes it worthy of appearing on this list of the least attractive cities in the country. Its neighborhoods lack aesthetics and it is easy for any tourist to get lost if they do not have a map of the city at hand .
Algeciras, one of the most complicated cities in Spain. | Image from: Algeciras a minute.
This municipality of Cadiz, which on the other hand was important during the Arab period of Spain, is located in a strategic enclave of the Strait of Gibraltar. That does not prevent its buildings from having poor architectural quality and its network of streets from being almost a labyrinth.

5. Eibar
One of those cities formed by rows and rows of apartment blocks, without any incentive that makes this place an attractive enclave. It is an ideal place if you want to avoid sunlight at all costs and, to add insult to injury, it is full of stairs that will make you exercise without even meaning to.
Like many other cities in the Basque Country, its main economic activity is based on industry (in the case of Eibar, on iron manufacturing), which is why it has historically served as a dormitory for industrial workers. It is well connected and is located on the banks of the Ego River, however its streets are messy and lack any aesthetics. Another of the grayest and ugliest cities in Spain.

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4. Vigo
Without a doubt, the old town and the landscape that surrounds it, the beautiful Vigo estuary, are the best things you can visit in Galicia. That is why it is a real pity that in the middle of such a beautiful enclave is one of the ugliest cities in Spanish territory. For some, Vigo is the second least attractive city in the whole country, but we wanted to reserve the podium for other towns.
If we talk about the main attractions of Vigo, we must mention Policarpo Sanz street, an oasis of beauty in the middle of gray buildings devoid of green spaces. If you decide to stay here, it is better that you do some excursions through the territory and do not stay with the worst of the area.

3. Ferrol
Another Galician residential area that suddenly became important with the industrial boom in Spain. The old town is in ruins and, according to the latest information, the City Council is thinking of demolishing it before a loose stone kills a passerby. Beyond the green spaces that surround it, there is nothing worth visiting in the city.

2. Ciudad Real
Castilla-La Mancha is not exactly characterized by being an autonomous community of overwhelming beauty, and it is only necessary to drive along its roads to verify that, if you look from one side to the other, it is difficult to find something that calls the Attention. Not a damn tree for hundreds of yards, just windmills and wheat fields.
However, the case of Ciudad Real is particularly striking, as the siteIt does not have any building that is worth visiting expressly. This municipality of the southern sub-plateau is one of the most boring places in Spanish geography and it is not one of the safest cities in the country either.

1. Fuenlabrada
There is little to say about this Madrid municipality, only that the brick bubble burst with particular intensity in the area, leaving behind a trail of ugly flats, half-baked buildings and residential areas of dubious taste.

The worst of all
Despite the fact that these cities take the cake, there is one that for various reasons occupies the first place on the list. We feel very sorry for its inhabitants.


And the title of the ugliest city in Spain goes to Parla. This urbanization in Madrid has the worst reputation in the entire community, and it is that crimes and robberies take place there on a daily basis. Not only does it have the honor of being one of the most dangerous but it is also one of the ugliest, and not even the historic center is saved from appearing among the worst rated.
Parla is the ugliest city in Spain and also one of the most dangerous. | Image from: Madrid.
The city is full of gray buildings lacking any aesthetics, very much in the style of the sixties and seventies. Recently, the authorities have tried to give the territory a facelift by expanding the city with the two new regions Parla Este and Laguna Park, as well as incorporating a modern tram, but even this has not freed them from the havoc created during the brick boom.

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