For some years now, the number of TV series has been increasing exponentially to satisfy all the tastes of viewers. Taking advantage of this trend, many actors have begun to make themselves known through the series, declaring that they prefer them to classic films and not just for a matter of income.

As viewers, over the course of the episodes we become increasingly fond of certain characters, with whom we often identify. For this reason, we are led to ask ourselves: what will happen in the next episode? Which character will die or simply leave the scene?

Well, know that often the reasons why a character is no longer part of a series do not have much to do with the script. That’s right; sometimes a simple fight with the production is enough to make our favorite character disappear from the screen for good.

In this article you will find out which are the 25 actors who left the scene from one episode to another just because of their behavior :

1) Edward Norton

Apparently, directing did not allow Edward Norton to play the role of Dr. Bruce Banner in the Avengers due to friction with the writers . In particular, in portraying the character of the Hulk, Norton wanted his private needs of him to be absolutely taken into account. At that point the director described Edward as a man lacking creativity, while the making of the film needed more violent action and special effects .

2) Isaiah Washington

This is Dr. Preston Burke of Grey’s Anatomy , much appreciated by viewers. While filming the third season of the series, the actor addressed inadmissible homophobic slurs at his colleague TR Knight. In response to these insults, the character was banned from the series with an escape on his wedding day.

3) Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling was supposed to play the role of the protagonist’s father in the movie Lovely Remains . However, the actor’s idea of ​​what the character should have looked like did not coincide with that of the director. While Gosling was thinking of a plump father, director Peter Jackson was completely different . According to the latter, a strong physique did not suit a parent who lost a daughter. Precisely for this reason, Gosling (who had even deliberately put on twenty kilos) was replaced with another actor.

4) Helene Medigue

She played Charlotte Le Bihac in Beauty and Life . His departure from the scene of her would have been caused by a dispute with the production that took place in 2009 following an improper use of her image for the renowned chain of supermarkets and hypermarkets Carrefour.

5) Megan Fox

Although Megan Fox’s difficult character was already known, Michael Bay, director of the Transformers movie , had decided not to give importance to this detail. However, during an interview, Megan revealed that working with Bay had become hell, so much so that the actress and she came to compare the director to Hitler. Result: the third part of the film was shot without Fox .

6) Sarah Wayne Callies

This actress played the role of the charming doctor in the TV series Prison Break . However, Sarah Callies became pregnant during the filming of the second season and since it would not be possible to make her play the character of her with the baby bump, she was forced out of the scene with the gimmick of her beheading. After the criticisms received from viewers, the actress was returned from the world of the dead two years later.

7) Flavie Pean

Flavie Pean played a character in Bella and Life That Came In and Out without having a steady role. She the actress and she was kicked out of the series because of the jokes and jokes that she never gave up and which were not well regarded by the production.

8) Charlie Sheen

This is the character of the uncle in Two and a Half Men . Unfortunately for him, he was accidentally discovered conspiring against the creator of the series , from which he was expelled a few days later. He was replaced by actor Ashton Kutcher.

9) Nicollette Sheridan

She played Edie Britt in Desperate Housewives . Dismissed (according to her) in an abusive way , Nicollette Sheridan has waged a long judicial battle against the creator of the series, accused of violence, beatings and unjustified termination of the contract. To date, after three trials, she still hasn’t achieved much.

10) Shannen Doherty

Shannen has been expelled from three different TV series: a real record! The first breakup caused by countless disagreements after four consecutive seasons occurred for the Beverly Hills series . So it was the turn of the Charmed series , where the disappointments in the studio were repeated. Finally, the actress was supposed to fill the role of the protagonist in the series Love Inc , although for unknown reasons she will be replaced by someone else.

11) Lindsay Lohan

In 2010 Lindsay Lohan was banned from filming The Other Side (also known as Ferocious Planet ). The reasons for her dismissal are still unknown . While Lindsay claims she was deemed unsuitable for her role, many of her admirers assume that the actress’s alcohol and drug addiction played a role in this unfortunate affair.

12) Dana Plato

In the midst of filming the sixth season of the series My Friend Arnold , Dana Plato becomes pregnant . To remedy the problem, the actress proposes to the producers to somehow include her pregnancy in the script . At first it seems feasible, but in the end the decision is made to fire Dana from her and thus exclude her from the development of the series. Fans are led to believe that Kimberly, the character played by Dana, is moving to Paris for a few years .

13) Thomas Gibson

On August 11, 2016, Thomas Gibson, who plays the character of Aaaron “Hotch” Hotchner in the Criminal Minds series starting with the very first release in 2005, is suspended following an argument with a cast member. In fact, it seems that Gibson attacked a set designer . The broadcasters CBS and ABC declare the suspension of the actor for two episodes, even if the following day it is known that Thomas Gibson will no longer shoot any episodes, limiting himself to appearing in those already recorded, or in the first of the twelfth season.

14) Lisa Kudrow

The expression “not all evils come to harm” is particularly suited to the figure of Lisa Kudrow. In 1993 , the actress landed the role of Roz Doyle in a new American NBC sitcom called Frasier . However, apparently, she the actress does not prove to be up to the role assigned to her and she is therefore fired. Nothing so serious, as, just a year later, Lisa Kudrow will get the role she has always dreamed of in the renowned TV series Friends .

15) Katie Cassidy

In 2008 the American television industry was in full crisis and, although it may seem hard to believe, even some actors of the successful American TV series were being fired . This fate therefore seemed to have also affected Katie Cassidy. “ It was a decision dictated entirely by budgetary issues, a very difficult decision to make , ” said Eric Kripke at the time. The curious fact, however, is that the same character played by Cassidy was then assigned to another actress just a few months later …

16) Charisma Carpenter

The actress had a child during the fourth season of the TV series Angel , so much so that her pregnancy was included in the script. In the months preceding the birth, to explain her absence, the character of Cordelia Chase she plays therefore goes through a long phase of coma … From which, however, she never wakes up! Apparently, the writers decide to exclude her from the series forever. Fans don’t like it (Cordelia had grown more mature in the Buffy spin-off). Also, her relationship with Angel had taken a really interesting turn, which makes her “leaving” even more frustrating. It is difficult to know the real reasons for this exclusion. According to some rumors,it would be the actress’s whims that weighed on the production decision . Knowing, however, that Season 5 would also be her last, Cordelia will be offered the opportunity to return on Episode 100 for a last goodbye worthy of her name.

17) Stana Katic

After eight seasons, the female star of the TV series Castle is downloaded by the ABC broadcaster, which does not offer her to return for a possible ninth series. According to ABC, this motivation was driven by economic reasons. However, many believe that there have been disputes between the two protagonists of the series . However things went, for the actress Stana Katic it is not a real defeat: the ninth series was never filmed, avoiding a possible flop due to the lack of such an appreciated actress.

18) Gary Dourdan

According to the official version, Gary Dourdan (aka Warrick Brown in the CSI series ) has left the scene following numerous quarrels with the producers over the artistic choices made. The American actor has also taken up the habit of collecting various problems with American justice: in 2000 he was gambling, in 2008 he was arrested for possession of cocaine and ecstasy and finally in 2011 he broke the nose of his partner . After that Dourdan got five years of probation and fifty-two weeks of compulsory participation in re-education sessions.

19) Ed Skrein

The luck of the English actor Ed Skrein to be able to star in the TV series Game of Thrones was short-lived. In fact, he appears for the first time at the end of the third season, while starting from the fourth he is replaced by Michiel Huisman. Did he go away to appear in the Transporter saga ? The actor denies and claims that it was not a choice of him, but that the change was induced by political issues , which in the end means everything and nothing.

20) Kevin Spacey

The House of cards actor was kicked out after receiving numerous allegations of harassment . Following the necessary investigations, the production immediately fired Spacey, then kicking off the sixth and final season of the series. The new protagonist will be Claire Underwood, played by actress Robin Wright.

21) Jamie Waylett

Waylett is the actor who played the character of Vincent Crabbe in six of the Harry Potter films , while he was not featured in the last, Deathly Hallows . In 2009 he was arrested for drug possession and, since no one bothered to wait for his release, the actor was simply replaced.

22) Lisa Nicole Carson

From 1996 to 2002 Lisa Nicole Carson was in full career. In addition to the role of Renee Raddrick (Ally’s tenant) in the hit series Ally McBeal , the actress has appeared in about thirty episodes of ER – Frontline Doctors shot over the course of five years (she played the role of Carla Simmons, l Benton’s friend). Then the trouble started. In 2001 she was kicked out of ER . because of her unmanageable behavior of her: in addition to the delays with which she showed up on stage, she was often drunk and drugged . Also, she had become completely unreliable due to her sudden mood swings. For her thick motivations, the following year she was kicked out by Ally McBeal and ever sinceshe withdrew from public life to cure her schizophrenia .

23) Hilary Swank

In 1998, after 16 episodes in Beverly Hills , the character Carly Reynolds separates from California and her beloved Steve to return to Montana … But why, one wonders, the director decided to separate from an actress who some time later would he have won two Oscars and with whom a two-year contract had now been signed? Not even Hilary Swank ever got an answer to this question, other than the simple affirmation that ” she couldn’t go on like this .” This event has profoundly marked the life of the actress who has confessed several times to having lost faith in herself and to have been haunted by the trauma of not being able to act in the eighth season of Beverly Hills.. Fortunately for her, the fact of being free of her commitments allowed her, four months later, to join the cast of the film Boys Don’t Cry , making her find some hope in her own destiny.

24) Michael Muhney

The actor of Fever of love was fired and humiliated from directing the TV series following allegations of harassment made by the beautiful Hunter King against him.

25) Sasha Mitchell

Sasha Mitchell played a role much loved by viewers of the TV series A blonde for dad . However, he was banned from the program following allegations of marital violence against his wife.