Another of the announcements that the animation giant Disney made last weekend at its D23 exhibition (held in California), was the premiere of ‘The Mandalorian’, the long-awaited ‘Star Wars’ series, which is directed by Jon Favreau (‘The Lion King 2’, ‘The Jungle Book’ or ‘Cowboys & Aliens’), and which will be released exclusively on the Disney streaming service , baptized with the name of Disney +.
It seems that, at the moment, one of the announcements that is grabbing the most headlines is precisely the official series based on ‘Star Wars’, since as seen it is one of the series that is most advanced. And about which we have a lot of information.
For example, it seems that Disney has bet heavily on it, sparing no expense: trusted sources would speak of an investment of 15 million dollars per episode . This would suggest that we will find a setting and a truly careful wardrobe.

The cast of ‘The Mandalorian’
Here is the full cast.

The Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal)
The Mandalorian | Disney Studios

This is a bounty hunter who loves to work alone and practically without any company. Of course, we will always see him quite attached to his things.
He is played by Pedro Pascal, the same one who plays Oberyn Martell in ‘Game of Thrones’ or Javier Pena in ‘Narcos’.

Cara Dune (Gina Carano)
Dune Face | Disney Studios

Works from “Shock Trooper” turned mercenary . He fought during the Galactic Civil War under the banner of the Rebellion.
She is a role played by Gina Carano, which we have seen in other movies like ‘Deadpool’, ‘Kickboxer: Vengeance’ or ‘Fast & Furious 6’.

Moff Gedeon (Giancarlo Esposito)
Moff Gedeon | Disney Studios

It is about a regional warlord . In this sense, we must remember that the “Moffs” were Sector Governors of the First Galactic Empire. But now, since the Empire has collapsed, the governors are alone and some still have armies at their command. In this case, Gedeon stands out for being quite ambitious.
Moff Gedeon will be played by Giancarlo Esposito, who we already saw in ‘Breaking Bad’ as the fantastic villain Gus Fring, ‘The Maze Runner: The Death Cure’ or ‘The Jungle Book’.

IG-11 (Taika Waititi)
IG-11 | Disney Studios
We are faced with a bounty hunting android that responds to the name of IG-11 . He is often mistaken for the popular IG-88 on the show, just as true fans, after seeing the trailer, have mistaken him for IG-88 in real life.
He is played in the “shadows” by Taika Waititi, who we have already seen in movies like ‘What We Do in the Shadows’, ‘Avengers: Engdame’ or ‘We’re Wolves’.

Greff Charge (Carl Weathers)
Greff Charge | Disney Studios
He is the true leader of the bounty hunter guild. Ultimately, he is in charge of asking the Mandalorian to take on those tasks that no one else wants to do.
He is a role played by Carl Weathers, who we have already seen as an actor in series like ‘Chicago PD’ and ‘Chicago Fire’, ‘Colony’ and ‘Warships’.

What is the plot of ‘The Mandalorian’?
On the other hand, we have also learned that it is a series whose plot would be located immediately after the events of ‘ Return of the Jedi’ , officially released in 1983 and directed by Richard Marquand with the spectacular soundtrack by the great John Williams, and in which the great actors Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher, among others, also participated.
As far as the plot of the series itself is concerned, it will follow the adventures -and misadventures- of a series of bounty hunters throughout the galaxy . In addition, we know that the protagonist will wear the same Mandalorian armor that, at the time, made the character of Boba Fett famous.
In short, in this new series we will be able to witness what happens in the galaxy when there is no central government capable of directing it.

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