Many years have passed since the first editions of Amici and the talents who have been able to perform on stage have been many . Some have become famous, others have left the TV to work in the schools that have opened.

They were very young and really talented, but are you sure you really remember them all? At the time, the Amici program conducted by Maria De Felippi was called Saranno Famosi but was already very popular with many television viewers.

Singers, dancers, actors, many young people were able to make their dreams come true and dance or duet alongside celebrities from the world of entertainment. After many years from their participation in the talent they have changed a bit but have kept their love for the artistic disciplines even away from the spotlight.

Obviously, some of the characters in the gallery will be less remembered but a few nods will be enough to bring to mind their performances in the program.

1) Dennis Fantina

Dennis Fantina was born in Triste in 1976 and was the winner of the first edition of Amici . After the victory he released 3 albums until 2007. Despite everything, none of his songs have ever climbed the charts to become a hit. Later he participated as a competitor in the Nights on Ice program , conducted by Milly Carlucci . His first love, singing, has never faded. In fact, in 2015, Dennis also showed up at The Voice of Italy ‘s Blind Auditions, but he was not taken by any coach on his team. Also in the same year, she participated in the national television final of Miss Reginetta d’Italia , in which she premiered the official remix of her latest single entitled Intensamente .

2) Giulia Ottonello

Giulia Ottonello was born in Genoa in 1984 and was the winner of the second edition of the Amici di Maria De Filippi program . In 2003 she participates in some dates of Gigi D’Alessio’s tour , even dueling with Gloria Gaynor . In 2011 she is also noticed by Paolo Ruffini who hires her in the film Fuga di Cervelli . Thanks to her talent and she too became a real star of musicals, touring many theaters with the Compagnia della Rancia . In the 2015-2016 season she was the main protagonist in the new version of the musical Cabaret , starring alongsideGiampiero Ingrassia .

3) Leon Cino

The third edition of the talent was won by Leon Cino, a dancer. After the victory he joined as a professional working within Amici . After a sudden break with the program, Leon opens a performing arts school just outside Milan. To date, in addition to managing and being the artistic owner of the school, he works for a theater company. With the Atzewi Dance Company he has the position of principal dancer and has also been able to experience some experience as a director .

4) Monica Hill

Monica Hill from San Marino was one of the most surprising voices of the first edition of Amici as a student in 2001-2002. To date , the singer works as a chorister and has performed also accompanying great voices of Italian music. In fact, in 2016, she was able to admire her skill alongside her with Laura Pausini during the Sanremo Festival . Furthermore, her collaborations do not end there, because Monica was also able to sing in the choir with Eros Ramazzotti during the singer’s tours.

5) Loredana Error

Loredana Error was born in Bucharest in 1984 and was the second ranked singer in the same edition of Emma , ​​in 2009-2010. After her participation in the talent she continued to work in the music world. She has made a few albums and some of his songs of hers have become hits . Unfortunately, in 2013, the singer was forced to stop due to a bad car accident . After the stop, in 2016, her third album was released , which debuted in 5th place in the ranking of the best-selling albums in Italy.

6) Timothy Snell

Timothy Snell was born in Canada in 1975 and finished third in the second 2002-2003 edition of Amici . It seems that in 2007 he had a relationship with Michelle Hunziker , but the news has never been confirmed. Certainly and that he starred in the television drama La Squadra and that he participated as a competitor in Notti sul giaccio . After these appearances it seems that Timothy has returned to Germany where he would have recorded an album.

7) Francesco Mariottini

Francesco Mariottini after his participation as a dancer with friends has had great satisfactions for his career. In fact, he has worked in many theatrical performances and musicals , in parallel with the training activity as a teacher in internships and workshops.

8) Leonardo Fumarola

Leonardo Fumarola took part in Amici in the 2001-2002 edition. The dancer was one of the first to make the angel grip and thanks to his talent he continued to work on TV . In 2015 he participated as a tightrope walker in Italia’s Got Talent .

9) Catello Miotto

Catello Miotto took part in the third edition of Amici, in 2003. Unfortunately, afterwards he had some minor legal problems . With these solved, the dancer dedicates himself to dance in his private school.

10) Sabrina Ghio

Sabrina Ghio participated in Amici in 2003. After appearing in some shows for Rai Uno , she left the world of TV to devote herself to being a mother .