Our party and event customization experts have handpicked the best bachelorette party t-shirt phrases they could find by checking out different parties and events. If you are interested in knowing these phrases to get ideas or you just want to laugh for a while, keep reading because below we include the 25 best phrases for bachelorette party t-shirts.

Girls just wanna have fun

This is the perfect phrase if the farewell is outside of Spain and you want to show off a very international look. Without a doubt, with her it will be clear that you want to party and have a good time.

Watch out, bride in sight!

Everyone better hide because the bride arrives wanting to party.

The bride and the bride’s team.

Without a doubt, this is the best shirt to team up and have a great time at a bachelorette party. You are a team and fun is everyone’s business.

She said yes, we said (destiny).

The best way to honor the destination in which you have decided to celebrate your friend’s incredible bachelorette party.

And the bridal shower will be even better.

I’m getting married and we’re getting drunk.

It is clear that the friends will have more hangovers than the bride but… at least theirs will not be for life.

A glass? And if I want.

A very funny message to start livening up a bachelorette party so that everyone can have a great time.

Shhhh…Don’t tell the boyfriend!

Put a ring on my hand and put a bottle on my hand.

It is clear that the friends do not want to stay dry at the farewell so it will be better to wear it on their shirt.

Party, siesta, tequila and repeat.

More of the same since to be able to enjoy the party you cannot miss a good nap.

My last margarita as a senorita (for the bride).

This phrase is very original and fun for brides since it will really be their last drink as ladies.

Help us get her drunk before she drops anchor (for the ladies).

Another of the coolest ideas for a screen printing of t-shirts for bachelorette parties is this fun message that will be ideal if the bride and groom like the sea.

What happens in (destination) stays in (destination).

Look like beautiful. Drink like a beast

Ideal for most groups of friends who drink like real beasts at bachelorette parties.

Of often a boyfriend you have freed us (for the friends).

Remember: you are going to have a mother-in-law.

This is only suitable for the funniest but the truth is that it is purely real. From now on the bride will finally know what it is like to have a mother-in-law.


Hakuna Moscato (drinks wine).

Ideal if you are going to say goodbye to a place where you are going to drink a lot of wine, such as the incredible Tuscany or La Rioja.

If I don’t come to my senses tomorrow I’ll get married.

Happy matricide.

Another one that is only suitable for the funniest and with a sense of humor, but it really seems like a great alternative to make the bride laugh and have a good time.

Is it for interest?

Rum, tequila or gin?

We all know how much groups of friends like to drink at bachelorette parties so this shirt doesn’t beat around the bush.

I’m from the bride’s team.

From now on you will be the daughter-in-law.

The same idea as the mother-in-law’s t-shirt but with a slightly different and very original touch.

Calm down girls, I’ll take care of this one (for the bride).