Unless you are an expert in sex, the first encounter with someone in bed is usually quite spectacular. We bring you ten sexual tricks to leave your partner speechless on the first date . If everything has gone great so far, it is possible that both of you want to put the finishing touch to the night, and there is nothing wrong in enjoying sexuality in the first encounter. She is not an easy one and he is not a champion, let’s assume it at once.

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10 tricks for the first sexual encounter
These ten infallible tips will make your first experience with that person unforgettable. Who knows if you will see each other again.

1. Styling is important
The first piece of advice we can offer you is not to go to the appointment dressed in a picture, since styling is an important factor on the first date. Even when you take off your clothes , a good image is still an element of attraction for your sexual partner. Many think that there is nothing more tacky than a naked man but with socks, so you can start there.

2. The place too
Choose the place where you will do it well or everything may be twice as difficult. If you opt for the car, rest assured that it will be impossible for you to do according to what postures. Almost everyone opts for the bed or the sofa (the most comfortable option), but if you feel like it, it’s time to try the washing machine or the dining table. Of course, clean everything afterwards or your guests may not set foot in your house again.

3. The previous sexting
One of the tricks that will work the most is the previous talk, the one that you can carry out even during dinner or the walk home. Heat up the atmosphere with indecent suggestions and the desire will increase. When the moment of truth arrives, do not be in a hurry to put into practice all that you have talked about.

4. Breathe
A first date is not a final exam, so calm down. The typical excuse of going to the bathroom to clean yourself can be useful. When you’re there, take a few deep breaths until you’re ready.

5. Foreplay
Foreplay works in any sexual encounter, so sit back and enjoy the moment. The powders of “here I catch you, here I kill you” are very good, but if there is only penetration you will be missing a very important part of sex, and very pleasant. It is also a good way to reach orgasm faster. If there is oral sex, always make sure that both of you are in proper hygienic conditions.

6. Assume you don’t know the entire Kamasutra
It’s your first time with that person and, why fool us, you still don’t know her at all. It’s okay to try to impress with a contortion show, but realize that you don’t know all the poses in the world and that sometimes the simplest poses are the most effective . Try to find those that you master perfectly and that provide you with greater contact.

7. Girls, do not focus on orgasm
This is the best advice we can give them: do not insist on reaching climax as soon as possible. Not everything is in the orgasm, but in enjoying the moment and the sexual experience. It’s normal that you don’t get to finishif you don’t know your sexual partner well. Perhaps the time will come when you find that posture or movement that makes you reach the point of no return.

8. Guys, you are not a hydraulic hammer
This is the best advice we can give them: learn to move in other directions than “forward and back”. This is usually a common mistake also in stable couple relationships, and it is that size is as important as knowing how to do. Try to look for different points in your partner and, if there is enough trust, let her tell you what you should focus on. It’s not about hitting someone like a nail, unless that’s what you’re looking for.

9. Sense of humor
Humor helps establish relationships of trust, also in sex. Take things with humor and laugh at your clumsiness so that the atmosphere is much more pleasant .

10. Respect your partner
Above all, respect the tastes, decisions and freedoms of our sexual partner. If there is something you don’t like to do, don’t insist on it or you may get frustrated. Don’t be afraid to say what you like unless you have a very strange paraphilia.


Sex in any way, but always safe.Using a condom is the most efficient way to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and avoid unwanted pregnancies. Do not play it, especially if you just met the other person.

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