Today for our corner dedicated to Italian fashion bloggers , we interviewed Maria Rosaria Rizzo , better known as  the Italian coquette , one of the most talented and scrupulous fashion bloggers I’ve ever got to know, winner of the Blog Awards in Paris in 2014 She has been taking care of her blog for many years, combining different heterogeneous contents (text, photos, videos) trying to immerse the reader in her universe made of words, glamor and style. She writes in 3 languages: Italian, French and English and tries to infuse her style into everything she writes. For this interview I want to thank my collaborator Domenico Di Rosa, who developed the interview questions and was in charge of helping me with the most important job for a blogger when interviewing another professional: finding the right questions to ask.

Having said that, I wish you happy reading!

1) When did the idea of ​​opening your blog come up? 

The idea of ​​opening my blog was born at the end of 2012 and coincides with my arrival in Paris, France. I had some time to dedicate to this project that I had actually been hatching for some time: I grew up browsing Vogue at the home of an aunt who worked in fashion and although I then chose to study biotechnology, fashion has always been a passion and my hobby favorite. I am proud to have managed to turn what was previously just a pleasure into a job. In my choice, however, the inspiration that gave me this romantic and creative city also had a strong impact.

2) Why did you choose an owl as your blog logo?

I would rather call it an owl :-). The idea comes from the name of my blog: La Coquette Italienne. Coquette is a term that I learned here in Paris and that described me perfectly: a girl who loves to take care of herself, attentive to fashion and beauty. It is also used to say “faire la coquette” that is to be a little flirtatious, which in Italian we could translate with a nice “fare the owl”. Now he is my lucky charm!

3) Was it difficult to extricate yourself in the world of fashion bloggers?

Absolutely not. Although the panorama is now very vast, it is the “personalities” of each one to emerge, all obviously very different and to strike and interest different targets in terms of audience. All I have done is to always remain myself and work as best I could to realize my projects and be able to do what I loved to do.

4) Which part of your job as a blogger do you like most and which part you don’t like?

The part of my job that I love the most is creativity. The creation of contents, looks, styles, digital projects etc. There are really no limits to this, so it’s a job that never gets boring. I love less the fact that I no longer have much time to devote to myself, my friends and those who love me.

5) In 2014 he won the Blog Awards in Paris. What do you remember of that experience? What did this award represent for you?

I will always remember the awards ceremony. When I arrived I was not at all anxious or excited and I hadn’t prepared anything to say eventually, because I didn’t think I was going to win; more than 15 thousand French blogs participated (here the blogosphere is very wide) and I already felt proud to have reached the final. When I heard my name being pronounced I was silent for a few minutes, with the adrenaline rising and an immense joy and I went on stage still incredulous! They told me: “fashion remains an Italian thing, n’est pas?” and I’ll never forget that pride.

6) His style stands out for its refinement and contamination between Italian and French styles. We could say that this is his strong point. Does he have any advice to give to the readers, and why not also to the readers, of Fashionaut?

I believe that you must always respect your personality and style, even when you are looking for inspiration. My advice is to ensure that there is always a sort of “balance” between the garments worn and to choose those that enhance us the most, avoiding those that (albeit fashionable) do not make us more “beautiful”.

7) In recent years on the catwalks we have been able to notice how street style increasingly influences the tastes of stylists. Colorblock, patches, fishnet stockings… these are the trends for this season. What relationship do you have with street style?

I begin to wonder if it is still the “street style” that influences the taste of the designers or if it is rather the “social-style” (if we can define it that way) to influence the new fashions. I started seeing bloggers wearing high-waisted fishnet stockings, with 90s-inspired filters and contexts. I wore them too I admit it 🙂 and then gradually I saw that this trend became more and more viral.

8) In the last few days you have participated in the Cannes Film Festival. What does he tell us about this experience?

For me it was not the first time at the Cannes Film Festival, but this time it was really exciting! Having the honor of making the red carpet with “bling-bling” dresses, meeting the most famous actors, attending the Chopard party organized with Rihanna and Bruno Mars, was like living a very fast dream and I couldn’t help but imagine how much more beautiful it must have been in the past, at the time of Claudia Cardinale (this year’s icon of the Festival). But I don’t even have time to fantasize about being ready for new adventures including the Monte Carlo Television Festival. I can’t wait to experience other new emotions.

We thank the Italian fashion blogger Maria Rosaria Rizzo and we wish her a big good luck for her career, which we are sure will take her further and further. We consider her as a family person for her great availability and for having lent her precious time also in the interview with Pop Up Magazine, the other magazine of our company.