The human body is made up especially of water (approximately 80%, although different percentages are read each time), which is why drinking water frequently is vital to be healthy.
The liquid element occupies a fundamental part in what refers to a healthy life. With the manufacture of all kinds of processed drinks, saturated with sugar and that do not contribute anything in terms of hydration, we must vindicate more than ever the consumption of water with this list of evidence in favor.

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10 points in favor of drinking water
Beyond quenching our thirst, drinking water has a positive impact on other processes in our body:

1. Hydrates the skin

The elasticity and tone of the skin layers improves when we drink water . The appearance of the complexion also improves, as well as its brightness and texture. In the same way, wounds and scars heal faster when being well hydrated.

2. Contains antioxidants that prevent aging
This point is related to the previous one. Drinking water as a habit improves the conditions of the body by being more hydrated. Let no one think that water has miraculous elements that make us stay forever young; what happens is that (combined with a good diet and other healthy lifestyle habits) it manages to delay aging thanks to its antioxidant properties.

3. Increases oxygen levels in the blood
The more water we ingest, the more oxygen that will end up in our bloodstream. More oxygen in blood contributes to increase our energy, something ideal when we exercise. If oxygen levels are low, the body doesn’t respond as well; For this reason, it is important to drink water when we play sports, to prevent them from falling excessively and we can injure ourselves (sprains or cramps, even).

4. Detoxifies the body
When the kidneys work at full capacity thanks to constant water intake, the body has an easier time getting rid of those toxins that are deposited and accumulated in it thanks to urine. In addition, drinking a lot of water increases the function of the liver as an organ that eliminates toxic substances.

5. Improves the absorption of food in the body
Water is the star solvent by nature, although its action is not as fast as that of some chemicals intended for this purpose. Even so, against the sedimentation action of the water, there is no rival.
The same happens with the digestive process: when our stomach is full of food but there is no water to dissolve it, digestion slows down and becomes heavy. ¿The solution?
Drink water so that the food is better absorbed and passes easily into the blood.

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6. Increased metabolism
All the physicochemical processes carried out by our body, including basic functions such as breathing, digesting food, temperature regulation, blood circulation or the elimination of waste, are possible thanks to the contribution of food and water. . The liquid element contributes to these capacities improving and being carried out at full capacity.

7. Increased ability to concentrate
To function optimally, the brain needs nutrients, including water. Students and those who need their brain to work at full capacity (we would say “everyone”, but you know), it is good to know that this organ, when properly hydrated, cancapture information better and retain it longer.

8. Fight bad breath
Spending hours sleeping has its repercussions on the breath. Being inactive, the mouth dries out and the saliva that is in it accumulates in some areas. Drinking a glass of water will hydrate both the cavity walls and the tongue, refreshing the mucosa. But be careful, toothbrushes and toothpaste exist for a reason, don’t forget it.

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9. Contributes to weight loss
Drinking water fills the stomach, which makes us lose hunger almost instantly. And not only that; since the accumulated fat is more easily absorbed by the body.

10. Avoid dryness of the mucous membranes
The eyes, nose or mouth are parts of the body that need to be moistened in order to have optimal performance. The eyeballs cannot be dry, otherwise we will be rubbing them continuously so that our eyes do not tire. For its part, the mouth is an orifice that, being moistened, allows us to recognize the taste of food .
The same thing happens with smell, since this sense requires a mucosa that must be lubricated to perceive odors. For example, when we catch a cold, it is convenientdrink water to prevent our olfactory cavities from drying out and generating too much mucus.