Summer has now arrived, but between the health emergency and the uncertain climate many of us are still struggling with the choice of the right swimsuit for summer 2020. Like every year, old and new models, sober or transgressive, have appeared in all their splendor in the windows of our favorite stores and on the e-commerce pages we love to visit. And like every year, the question that haunts us is: “Which costume to choose ?!”

Often we rely exclusively on our instincts and we prefer a pattern or a model over another only because it is fashionable. The results don’t always meet expectations. Colors that are too flashy or not suitable for our complexion, laces that tighten and straps that fall. In the end we find ourselves always wearing only that costume we are fond of. 

Fortunately, however, in recent years the trend of the market is to offer as wide a range as possible of shapes, colors and patterns to meet the needs of all women. Now it is possible to really choose the right swimsuit to enhance our physicality, whatever it is. 

Here are 10 useful tips to choose the beach look suitable for every body size:

1. Dark colors

Whether it’s one-piece or two-piece swimsuits, solid and dark colors are suitable for practically everyone, even for those who do not yet have an accentuated tan. They are discreet, suitable for any situation and, if embellished with some details in wood, metal or shell they will immediately make you the queen of the Beach Party . The only trick lies in choosing the right model : the rule “Black slims” loses value when there is little fabric. On the contrary, the solid and dark color tends to make the figure fuller. So use drapes, shoulder pads, bows, side cuts and legs to your advantage.

2. Light or bright colors

They are perfect for dark or tanned complexions. “But then how come some just don’t fit in even after months of sunshine ?!” The secret lies in the undertone of our complexion. If it is warm , the right colors to choose are reds, oranges, earth colors and cream. If it’s cold , it’s better to opt for greens, blues, highlighter colors or optical white. The “WoW” effect is guaranteed!

3. Small fantasies

Whether it is animal, floral or striped patterns, if the patterns are small, they tend to slim the figure. The rule applies to all models of costumes but in particular to the whole ones. If you want to slim your body, the ideal is to choose a one-piece swimsuit. Chapter lines: better thin and vertical. For the patterns, on the other hand, the choice of the right color goes through a dark background (blue, green, purple) and a dominance of light design that respects your complexion.

4. Great fantasies

Large patterns draw attention to the part they cover. If you want to highlight the upper part of the body you can opt for a top with large flowers or with wide and horizontal stripes combined with a monochromatic slip. If, on the other hand, your goal is to look more shapely , you may prefer a one-piece swimsuit, perhaps cut out (with side cuts), decorated with large rounded designs.

5. Drapes and ruffles

Drapings and ruffles on the neckline or on the hips emphasize and highlight the part of the body on which they rest. They are particularly suitable for those who want to highlight the breasts or the B-side or for those who want to give more volume to these strategic points and give themselves an extra size. Same thing goes for the shoulders. On the market there are many tops with ruffles on the straps to be worn on the shoulder or dropped on the arm. In this case the focus of your look will be above all on the decollete and on the collarbone area.

6. With laces

Swimsuits with long laces are absolutely the trend of the year. Instagram is completely overrun! Their main advantage is that they are very sexy, highlighting the waist and hips. The flaw lies above all in the practicality. They are definitely not suitable for those looking for a homogeneous tan and you have to be very careful in lacing it at the right point of the trunk and without tightening too much to avoid excessively marking the skin.

7. High waisted

The high-waisted bikinis are perfect for those looking for vintage elegance in perfect pin up style . Accompanied by details on the neckline and centurino at the waist , they are ideal for soft and full of curves, accompanying them gently and without marking them. There are all kinds of them. Models with drapes, curls, cuffs or even with containment bands, ideal for those who want to hide the bacon. The high-waisted briefs, however , also look great on the leanest and very square bodies for an extra dose of femininity.

8. Stalked

Well yes. After a long lethargy, high-leg swimsuits are back in the limelight. They can be excellent allies of the figure if the goal is to slender the leg and highlight the hips, whether they are soft, curvy or dry. The main trend of this summer is the “V” high-leg briefs which, in addition to optically lengthen the leg, also slender and sharpen the abdomen. This type of costume focuses all the attention on the navel area, hips and buttocks so to better balance it you can choose it in soft colors and combine it with a patterned top.

9.Structured and with underwire

When it comes to 2-piece swimsuits, the choice of the model of the upper part cannot be neglected. If the breasts are particularly full and prosperous, the ideal is to prefer a structured bra. Very trendy is the top with straps and underwire, with metal or bow closure on the back. You can also choose bandeau swimsuits and bikinis, perhaps with a rigid cup. The bra strap however is the safest to “keep girls at bay” in the waves and also avoids the weight to be supported is all on the neck.

10. Slip, tanga and brazilian

Last, but not least, the choice of briefs. We often have a tendency to think that if we don’t like a part of the body, it’s better to cover it. When it comes to costumes, however, there is nothing more wrong. If our B-side is abundant, trying to cover it with a culotte would only highlight it. The ideal is to accompany the shapes with a slip that does not mark the medium or high leg. On the contrary, if they have a flat buttocks we can give them volume with a Brazilian, preferably with the seam in the center with a low waist that rests right next to the hips.