To achieve the perfect robbery it is necessary to take care of all the details. In addition to drawing up a bomb-proof plan to overcome all the unforeseen events that arose, it was essential to maintain anonymity during the days that the assault on the National Currency and Stamp Factory lasted.
To achieve this, the names of any of the members of the band could not be known , not even among themselves. For this reason, in the first bars of the series, we do not know the names of the protagonists by express indication of The Professor.
However, throughout the chapters, most of the identities were discovered. And those that don’t… Atresmedia has taken the trouble to discover them all before the start of the third season.

What are the names of the protagonists of ‘La Casa de Papel’
? We leave you with the names of the protagonists of ‘La Casa de Papel’. (Beware of Spoilers)

1. Tokio and Rio
Tokio and Rio in ‘La Casa de Papel’. | Netflix.
We are going to give the names of the protagonists in order of discovery in the series. So first we start with Tokio and Rio , who lost their anonymity just after the series began, in the second chapter, when Silene Oliveira and Anibal Cortes saw their identities discovered when their faces were leaked because of Alison Parker.

2. Berlin
Berlin in ‘The House of Paper’. | Netflix.
The next to see his identity revealed was Berlin, the man in charge of the gang of robbers inside the National Currency and Stamp Factory. In the case of Berlin, it was the Professor himself who revealed his identity, allegedly having contravened his instructions during the robbery.
Berlin’s name was none other than Andres de Fonollosa , a white-collar thief with years of experience behind him.

3. The Professor
The Professor in ‘La Casa de Papel’. | Netflix.
The professor himself was the next from whom we heard from the name of him. In this case it was in a scene outside the plot, a flashback, in which he had a conversation with Berlin in which Andres de Fonollosa called him by his real name : Sergio.
Several chapters later, The Professor confesses to Raquel -and to the public- his full name: Sergio Marquina .

4. Moscow
Moscow in ‘La Casa de Papel’. | Netflix.
Later it was Moscow that revealed his identity. In his case for a much sadder reason than the rest. The last will of the explosives expert of the band was to share his name with all his companions saying “ Agustin Ramos , it has been a pleasure”. In addition, he had time to share with his son Denver everything he had never told her about his mother.

5. Denver and Stockholm
Denver and Stockholm in ‘La Casa de Papel’. | Netflix.
a Denverwho manages to keep his name safe from everyone (including the public) until the end. Well… not everyone. Monica Gaztambide, the worker at the National Currency and Stamp Factory who ends up joining the gang to help them escape, ends up learning Denver’s name. Being the son of Agustin Ramos, the surname was clear. The name: Daniel.
A Monica Gaztambide , by the way, who has one of the most meaningful code names in the series due to her relationship with Denver: Stockholm . However, as expected, first we know her real name and then the robber’s name.

6. Nairobi
Nairobi in ‘Money Heist’. | Netflix.
We entered the final stretch with Nairobi, who did not reveal his name throughout the series to anyone. The woman knew what she was doing better than many of her peers. However, outside of fiction, in the credit titles, we can see that her real name is Agata Jimenez .

7. Helsinki and Oslo
Helsinki and Oslo in ‘La Casa de Papel’. | Netflix.
Finally, there are the Serbs who had been together in so many battles and who brought that touch of innocence to the plot and brute force to the team that dazzled the entire public. The Serbs were called Helsinki and Oslo , but their real names were Dimitri Mostovoi and Yasmin Dasayev . You can tell when Helsinki assists Oslo after having fallen in the middle of the assault.
For this new season that is coming to us there will be new additions to the team , and we know that they will be played by Najwa Nimri, Rodrigo de la Serna or Hovik Keuchkerian. And their code names will be Inspector Sierra, El Ingeniero and Bogota respectively.
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