Fairytale loves finished on all the covers that seemed to have to last indefinitely . How many times have famous people made people dream with their super-talked-about love stories? Beautiful and envied, the VIP couples of the 90s are still a permanent memory in the public.

Between some controversy and a lot of gossip, they have enchanted everyone on the pages of newspapers and in their television appearances. But if some couples are unforgettable , perhaps we had removed others. Stormy relationships, which ended badly indeed very badly, in which one of the two was usually more famous than the other.

Do you remember who the beautiful Paola Barale was in love with and who married , and who did Fiorello date as a young man? This article will come to the rescue of memory, helping you to remember many retro loves that made the Italian public dream and that we wished they would never end.

Let’s discover together the unforgettable VIP couples of the 90s:

1) Rita Dalla Chiesa and Fabrizio Frizzi

The relationship between Rita Dalla Chiesa and Fabrizio Frizzi began at the time of the Tandem television program , broadcast on the TV of the boys of the time, and became married nine years later, in June 1992 . To unite them the common passions: music, laughter that together were many, and TV, both professions. Unfortunately, the separation between the conductor and the daughter of General Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa comes suddenly in 1998 and the subsequent divorce in 2002 . In the same year, Fabrizio Frizzi is romantically linked toCarlotta Mantovan , with whom he had a daughter named Stella .

2) Angelina Jolie e Jonny Lee Miller

Who warmed the beautiful actress’s heart before meeting Billy Bob Thornton and Pitt ? Perhaps not everyone remembers that, at the beginning of her career, Jolie, in 1996 , married the actor Jonny Lee Miller , the Sherlock Holmes of the Elementary TV series , known on the set of Hackers the year before. The two actors then divorced in 2000 but remained on good terms .


3) Paola Barale and Gianni Sperti

The couple formed by Paola Barale and Gianni Sperti was married from 1998 to 2002 . Both Paola Barale and the former dancer Gianni Sperti have never told the real reasons that led them to separate and never see each other again. In fact, the two have not dated anymore. Gianni Sperti , however, confessed that he really suffered a lot for the end of their love story and that his friend Maria De Filippi helped him .

4) Simona Ventura and Stefano Bettarini

The marriage between Simona Ventura and Stefano Bettarini was celebrated in 1998 . From their union two children were born , Nicolo and Giacomo. The former footballer and the presenter separated in 2004 and then divorced in 2008 . Their love story has always aroused a lot of interest, up to Stefano Bettarini’s spicy confessions as a competitor of the Big Brother VIP and Simona Ventura’s reply on 10 November 2016 as a guest at Maurizio Costanzo .

5) Julia Roberts e Liam Neeson

In the 1980s, Julia Roberts dated a large number of famous people. In addition to her relationship with her Pretty Woman co – star Richard Gere , she’s been engaged to actor Liam Neeson . The relationship began in 1988 , ending two years later in 1990 . The VIPs had met met on the set of the movie Satisfaction .

6) Mara Venier and Renzo Arbore

Mara Venier and Renzo Arbore shared a long love story that ended in 1997 . Over the years their friendship has faced moments of crisis, but the former couple has always managed to find each other. In fact, the relationship between the two ex was not always happy and peaceful. In 2013 , they were the protagonists of a controversy related to the conduct of Domenica In which caused a period of silence between them. Currently serenity reigns again.

7) Jared Leto e Cameron Diaz

The actor, who has become a real music icon, Jared Leto , despite being very famous, has managed to keep a great deal of secrecy about his private life . We currently know that he has had four official romantic relationships. At the end of the 90s we remember the one with the actress Cameron Diaz , with whom he dated from 1999 to 2003 .

8) Alberto Castagna and Francesca Rettondini

Francesca Rettondini was at the center of the gossip column for her love story with Alberto Castagna. The two began dating in 1994 . At the time, the beloved conductor was married to Maria Concetta Romano , for this reason the relationship with Rettondini , who was only 23 years old , was much talked about. After the death of her historical partner Alberto Castagna, she and Francesca were alone for a long time until she met Gian Saverio .

9) Lory Del Santo and Eric Clapton

The romantic relationship with guitarist Eric Clapton , who dedicated the song Lady of Verona to her , began in 1995. The two met in a club, during the guitarist’s Italian tour, which I tell in his autobiography: ” We had a couple of concerts in Milan and one evening at dinner my producer shows up with a crash of a woman. She was from Verona and her name was Lory Del Santo. Between us she ran a very strong energy, of those that are unleashed when you meet a person for the first time “.

10) Sandra Bullock e Matthew McConaughey

Sandra and Matthew met in 1996 while filming A Time to Kill and they separated in 2008 . The two have always tried to keep the relationship under wraps, but in a recent interview the actress admitted: “ There is still great respect and love between us. I am very attached to Matthew . It doesn’t matter where we are or where we are in our lives. I know that we are still close ”.

11) Eros Ramazzotti and Michelle Hunziker

The singer Eros Ramazzotti and the beautiful Swiss, Michelle Hunziker , met in 1995 . She is very young and Aurora was born not many months later . The wedding was celebrated in 1998 with a large reception in Bracciano attended by over 500 guests . Unfortunately, the separation also arrived for this couple in 2002 . Currently,  Ramazzotti  has separated again (from Marica Pellegrinelli, married in 2014), while Hunziker  is happily linked to  Tomaso Trussardi .

12) Laura Freddi and Paolo Bonolis

Laura Freddi together with the conductor of the second edition and her future partner Paolo Bonolis , led the summer program Belli fresco , here they begin their long love story that lasted a few years. Freddi, former Velina of the television program Striscia la Notizia , would later confess that she would have liked to marry her ex-partner Bonolis .

13) Madonna e Dennis Rodman

The couple dates back to 1994, and according to Rodman’s autobiography I Should Be Dead by Now , Madonna and former basketball player Dennis Rodman tried to have a child over the course of their brief relationship . As the sportsman wrote, at that time he was wrote that he was in Las Vegas when he received a call from New York, in which Madonna told him that she was ovulating, that she wanted a child with him and therefore to go immediately to she.

14) Ashton Kutcher e January Jones

Kutcher dated the Mad Men actress from 1998 to 2001 . The woman later revealed , in an interview with GQ America , that her boyfriend in question had tried to dissuade her from making her an actress , telling her that she had no talent. It seems, in fact, that Ashton had invited her to give up her artistic career. Needless to say, the beautiful actress didn’t listen to her ex at all!

15) Giorgio Mastrota and Natalia Estrada

The couple formed by Giorgio Mastrota and Natalia Estrada married in 1992 . During their marriage they had a daughter but after 5 years they separated in 1998 . It was the former dancer who put an end to their relationship, which has now become a fraternal relationship devoid of passion as it should be between lovers in love.

16) Sheryl Crow e Owen Wilson

Before getting engaged to Lance Armstrong , singer Sheryl Crow was paired with actor Owen Wilson . Their relationship lasted from 1999 to 2001 , participating in worldly life without hiding their history. In fact, in 2000 they appeared at the exclusive Vanity Fair Oscars party together and happy.

17) Antonella Clerici and Massimo Giletti

The relationship between the RAI hosts is short but very intense and above all in the spotlight. It would have been Massimo Giletti to put an end to the relationship because he was not ready to have a family, even if he would have declared that Antonella Clerici was one of the women he has most loved to date.

18) Valeria Marini and Vittorio Cecchi Gori

Valeria Marini and Vittorio Cecchi Gori , the two had a long and tormented relationship. Indeed , during these years the entrepreneur Cecchi Gori went through economic failure and arrest .

19) Fiorello and Anna Falchi

The relationship between Anna Falchi and Fiorello is very brief . At that time very young, between 1994 and 1995 the two lived a love story full of passion .

20) Vittorio Sgarbi and Elenoire Casalegno

The couple formed by Vittorio Sgarbi and Elenoire Casalegno lasts very little . After a few months and the two went their separate ways.

21) Brad Pitt e Juliette Lewis

He was and is the quintessential sex symbol, she was and and the Hollywood bad girl. Bizarre hairstyles aside, Brad Pitt and Juliette Lewis made a steady couple in the 90s for a short time: she fondly remembers the union even today , claiming it was a high school crush. Lewis calls Pitt ” smart and funny ” and that’s all we can know.

22) Sarah Jessica Parker e Robert Downey Jr.

Both super famous nowadays, when Sarah Jessica Parker and Robert Downey were together they were shyly approaching Hollywood life and their careers. He already had problems with drugs and the turbulent union lasted 7 years , until 1991 when they separated permanently. A couple of years ago they met and reconciled in friendship.

23) Cameron Diaz e Matt Dillon

Cameron Diaz and Matt Dillon were together from 1995 to 1998. At the time they were the “beautiful” of the silver screen and a Hollywood couple envied by all. Known for working together on the set of All Crazy About Mary , the two then broke up on good terms and continued their careers separately.

24) Katia Ricciarelli and Pippo Baudo

Their love lasted for 18 years but today they don’t even speak to each other anymore. In fact, the couple loved from 1986 to 2004 but then divorced. Before him , the celebrated soprano had a relationship with tenor Jose Carreras , which lasted for 13 years.

25) Asia Argento and Morgan

One of the craziest couples was certainly the one formed by Morgan and Asia Argento. The two were together from 2000 to 2007 and had a daughter Anna Lou . Despite many years having passed, the rumors and mutual accusations have never ended.

26) Jennifer Garner e Michael Vartan

It can be called the love story at Alias . Together on set for several seasons of the series, Jennifer Garner and Michael Vartan got close during filming and dated for just six months. He is a naturalized American French actor, she is the ex of Scott Foley and Ben Affleck, with a beautiful career and, for some years, a beautiful family.

27) Michael Keaton e Courtney Cox

A more unlikely couple could not have been there, but the relationship lasted six years, until 1995 when Courtney Cox then met her future husband David Arquette. However, the union was important, Keaton was already a Batman (and will be for many years to come) Courtney Cox had already been Monica in Friends for a year and was about to face unprecedented success.

28) Jennifer Aniston e Tate Donovan

Speaking of Friends , Courtney Cox’s friend and superstar Jennifer Aniston was involved in a relationship with Tate Donovan that lasted two years and partly during the filming of the show. Donovan in fact played “Joshua” one of Rachel’s impossible loves and by continuing to shoot their love as a couple had already vanished . The two had to continue working together even after the breakup… according to Donovan it was not an easy thing.

29) Katie Holmes and Chris Klein

Before her troubled relationship with Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes met American Pie star Chris Klein in the early 2000s. The relationship lasts for three years resulting in a marriage proposal … which never materializes in a real ceremony. The two have broken up on excellent terms and have met a couple of times over the past few years. Klein after winning the battle against alcohol married his current partner, Laina Rose Thyfault, in 2015.

30) Loredana Berte and Bjorn Borg

At the end of the 80s the couple in the spotlight, the most followed and loved in the world was the one formed by the Italian singer and the Swedish tennis player. Loredana Berte and Bjorn Borg get married on 4 September 1989 , he in a red dress, she with the veil of the same color but theirs and a very stormy relationship . Sara la Berte to ask for a divorce from her husband in 1993 and not the other way around as many of her think.

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31) Tom Cruise e Penelope Cruz

Katie Holmes’ most famous ex , Tom Cruise, could not miss this list . Among his most talked about relationships, the one with the Spanish actress Penelope Cruz , with whom he also shared the set of the film Vanilla Sky . The relationship lasted from 2001 to 2004, then the two took different paths. Cruz is now happily married to actor Javier Bardem.

32) Jake Gyllenhaal e Kirsten Dunst

In 2002, actors Jake Gyllenhaal and Kirsten Dunst met and for two years filled the pages of the tabloids, building a life together with a mansion and an adopted dog named Atticus. Although it seems to have lasted longer in 2004, their relationship was already over, but the two remain one of the most loved Hollywood couples among the public .

33) Winona Ryder e Matt Damon

How can we forget one of the most famous stories in Hollywood, the one between Winona Ryder and Johnny Depp… but perhaps few people know that the actress also had an affair with Matt Damon . The meeting came thanks to Ben Affleck’s then-girlfriend, Gwyneth Paltrow, who introduced Damon to her longtime friend Winona Ryder. The two also showed up on the Golden Globe red carpet together, but the union broke two months later.

34) Ben Affleck e Gwyneth Paltrow

Actor Ben Affleck and Gwyneth Paltrow began dating in 1997 . They broke up in 1999 and reunited briefly before wrapping things up in 2000 . ” And super smart and really, really talented and funny ,” Paltrow told Howard Stern . ” But it wasn’t a good time in his life to have a girlfriend .”

35) Natalie Portman e Lukas Haas

The duo starred together in Mars Attacks! and in Everyone Says I Love You , but despite rumors of a romance, Portman did not mean outright that she was in love with the actor. In fact, during their history, which dates back to the 1990s, Portman referred to Haas as just a “friend” and publicly declare it to the press.

36) Naomi Campbell and Flavio Briatore

Naomi and Flavio were together from 1998 to 2003 , and theirs was a fluctuating relationship . According to a tip from an alleged friend of Briatore, which appeared on the Sunday Mirror , the couple had broken up permanently in June, when Briatore would get rumors of a skid by Naomi for a Formula 1 driver , the Brazilian Pedro Diniz .

37) Sofia Coppola e Keanu Reeves

Before countless sentimental and family disasters and his estrangement from public life, the famous actor, who became famous thanks to the Matrix trilogy , dated Oscar nominee Sofia Coppola. The two began dating after her father walked out of her directing the actor in the 1992 film Dracula .

38) Carmen Di Pietro and Sandro Paternostro

After 5 years of engagement , the two in 1998  decided to get married . Their age difference , of 43 years , put them at the center of numerous gossip magazines. Furthermore, their marriage was not frowned upon even by the two sons of Paternostro, Roberto and Alessandra , who had had from the previous marriage. It is the latter that I declare in an interview all about her his opposition to her for the new union of her father.

39) Paolo Limiti and Justine Mattera

Justine Mattera spoke to Rai Radio2 about her relationship with Paolo Limiti. When she met him she was walking on Corso Sempione in Milan with a photographer, she was a friend of hers. “ She told me that I would be perfect for him, because Paolo was about to do a program on Rai “. More than love at first sight, it was a stroke of luck, said Justine Mattera. ” He saw me and said that I would be his valley, because I was the same as Marilyn” . After the artistic union, the two decided to get married in 2000 but, since Limiti did not want children , they divorced.

40) Pamela Anderson e Bret Michaels

Before TV’s most famous lifeguard, Pamela Anderson, filmed a sex tape with Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee , who later became her husband and contracted hepatitis C, the world’s most desired platinum blonde had done so. same with Bret Michaels and the shooting of the hot movie made its way onto the Internet. Their relationship dates back to 1998 .