Phrases of condolence and condolences for a family funeral

The death of a family member or a loved one fills us with great sorrow and sadness that makes us feel that we will never be able to recover from this pain. When you have to give condolences for a death, it is best to know … Read more

Phrases of rancor and resentment

Resentment is like that burning that we have inside us, it is a feeling that can be similar to hate and that arises, above all, when we feel that someone has betrayed us or that they have not met our expectations as they wanted… Read more

Phrases of rage

There are many circumstances that cause us rage and anger, sometimes it is something that has happened to us with an experience of our daily life, but other times it is given because of a person who has disappointed us, or who has betrayed us. …Read more

hate phrases

Hate is one of the strongest emotions that exist, and on some occasion you may have felt it germinating inside you, eating you inside that you have felt furious, very angry. With these phrases of hate that we have selected for you, you will see how … Read more

Phrases of impotence

When something hurts us, but, nevertheless, we have no possibility of doing something, a feeling of impotence comes to us that leaves us touched, and on many occasions, even sunk. This is something that we can verify in the impotence phrases that we have searched for you, … Read more

pain phrases

Everyone has suffered pain at some point in our lives, so we know that it is a very sad emotion and that it makes us feel dejected, sad and without the strength to move forward. In many cases, this feeling calms down when we are able to… read more

Phrases of contempt

One of the saddest feelings that we can find is contempt for something or someone. It usually happens when we feel disappointed with someone we loved or still love but who has not behaved as well as we deserved. …Read more

Phrases of spite

Love never reaches everyone’s taste, and it is common that when we love a person, this person does not feel the same, or vice versa. It can also happen that after feeling this feeling, it ends because of disappointment or because of lies that … Read more

disappointment phrases

One of the most painful feelings we can go through in this life is disappointment. Although we can feel this sadness for different reasons, such as student, family, friendship or even work issues, the most common is to suffer for love. Then you … read more

Heartbreak quotes

Love is a feeling that reaches inside you, that fills you and makes you feel like the luckiest person in the world. But, what happens when this love does not arrive, or simply when it has stopped shining? Heartbreak is a very emotional …read more

Phrases of disappointment

One of the worst situations that can happen to you in life is that someone disappoints you so much that you end up separating from that person. Disappointment can come from the hands of a love, but also from a friend you trusted or … Read more