If there is a sector that knows no crisis, it is certainly the world of clothing. At the top, together with catering, it dominates the market and grows more every day, also because people are more and more attentive to their appearance, to appear and to follow the trends of the moment.

For those who are thinking of investing in a free business, opening a clothing store could prove to be the smartest and most cost-effective of ideas.

Make yourself comfortable, we will take care of explaining how to successfully start a clothing store .

The first steps to follow

As there is no qualification or specialization necessary to start a clothing boutique , from a personal point of view we cannot suggest particular skills in this regard.

However , loving the world of fashion and having a natural propensity to follow the trends of the moment and to propose them in the store, could be an added value to your business. If there is passion, it becomes even easier to identify niches, targets and reference styles.

Before setting up the shop physically (or virtually), start collecting information and making contacts with wholesalers and suppliers .

Establish an open business relationship with them, in which the discussion of prices reserved for you, discounts, number of pieces to buy and so on is clear.

Also to ensure the success of your fashion store , it would be advisable to have strong interpersonal skills, to have an easier and more pleasant contact with customers.

Alternatively, hire qualified personnel who can serve customers and manage orders in-store easily and dynamically.

The choice of location

Getting to the heart of the discussion, the first practical step to take is the choice of location. Start from the ideal location of the room, which should be located in a passage area or in the central part of the town or city.

After considering the location in the city, you must also carefully evaluate the size of the commercial space that you will choose for your business: in this case it all depends on what you intend to sell in your shop.

Obviously keep in mind that the bigger the place, the higher the management costs (bills, rent, number of employees, cleaning and so on).

When choosing the location , also take into account the position of the warehouse containing the goods. You can decide to place it inside your clothing store or opt for another place. It depends on how comfortable you are.

What kind of clothing to sell

The world of fashion is more complex and fascinating than you might think.

It is therefore important, as a new entrepreneur that you are, to carefully select the type of clothing to sell, also depending on the target you intend to target.

Do you want to specialize in children’s clothing ? Do you want to specialize in men’s or women’s clothing ?

Initially, we recommend that you focus on just one sector, at least to understand the market response. Once you have achieved a balance, and especially if you have any requests, you can broaden your horizons.

The type of clothing you decide to sell is also linked to the area in which you want to practice your profession.

If you want to sell luxury brands you have to open the shop in a high-rise area or in a tourist area. If, on the other hand, you prefer clothing that is affordable for everyone, you are more free to choose where to start.

The bureaucratic process to open a clothing store

Coming now to the bureaucratic part, there is, as always, the classic procedure to follow. You must open a VAT number , perfect your position with the social security institutions and register in the register of companies at the chamber of commerce. Do not forget to report the start of the activities to the municipality at least 30 days before the opening.

For the tax and commercial part it is important to have a consultant and / or an accountant who can follow you both during the opening of the shop and in the subsequent accounting.

How much is the investment?

How much is the investment for opening a successful clothing store ?

The bigger the shop, the higher the opening cost: usually with around 20 thousand euros it is possible to start a small business.

As needs change, the figure increases, up to even more than 50 thousand euros.

In fact, the initial budget includes the first expenses to keep the shop open, such as the costs of rent, set-up, furniture and goods installation.

And then you have to equip yourself with POS, computers and essential software to manage the business, an example and the ” clothing store management “.

The more aspects to deal with, the greater the size of the premises and the more the initial investment will increase proportionally.

Keep in mind that the budget also increases based on the type of venue and the type of business you want to do.

For example, if the room is in a central area, the rent will be high (not to mention that it will almost certainly require building works and adaptation of the room).

Or again, if you were thinking of opening a shop with high-cost clothing, the merchandise factor will have a large impact, different from what if the idea is to open a boutique with non-branded and exclusive products.

Open a clothing franchise store

Franchising is the best way to invest little and successfully. Let’s talk about the perfect solution that allows many newbies in the clothing sector to realize their dream.

The advantages of relying on a franchise company are many. In fact, the parent company is by your side at every stage, both before and after the opening.

Among the services that franchisors make available to their affiliates we find pre and post opening assistance, feasibility studies, management training courses, drafting a business plan, discounts on products, visibility, promotions. In some cases, even the goods on consignment, or you pay only what you sell, the rest you return.

Useful tips for a successful clothing store

We have come to the conclusion of the speech, but we want to give you some last tips to successfully start your clothing boutique .

First of all, try to distinguish yourself from your rivals, perhaps becoming a specialist in your market niche. Try to implement valid marketing strategies for example by creating a website that sponsors your business online, in order to increase traffic of people.

Carefully select a preview of the target customers to turn to, focusing on a specific category of products and studying the needs of people.

Be present on social media , create a direct relationship with customers, giving them the opportunity to express themselves, review and say what they think: in doing so, new users could become your customers based on the good experiences of others.

Advertise your goods in order to establish direct contact with your customers. Be present, reply to their emails or messages, make them participate and you will see that they will pay off by building loyalty to your store.