Despite the enormous diffusion of digital tools, personalized gadgets represent a marketing lever that is still widely used by companies, regardless of the relevant commercial sector. The reason is simple: articles of this kind guarantee various advantages, against a largely sustainable investment of resources. Furthermore, it is possible to customize a wide range of objects of more or less common use, according to specific promotional needs as well as to the target of the distribution. But what are the most common and popular gadgets? Let’s see it in this article.

The items of clothing

Clothing is an ‘evergreen’ in the custom accessories sector. Each company can use them in its own points of sale, ie in physical stores where employees have direct contact with the public. The items of clothing, used in this way, help to make the staff immediately recognizable , so as to facilitate customers when they enter the store. The same can be said for companies whose technicians and operators offer external assistance: even in this case, the personalization of clothing makes the wearer easier to recognize.

Generally, the most used items are jackets , shirts , sweatshirts , trousers , polo shirts and t-shirts . Personalized hats are also very common, which can be used both as work accessories and as free gadgets to be distributed to customers, especially during the summer. What matters, for promotional purposes, is that the product is made in an impeccable way: which is why it is advisable to contact a specialized company such as Duelle Promotions , so as to have greater guarantees regarding the quality of the final result.

There are several reasons why personalized clothing is still widely used (even) as a promotional tool. First, it is an economically sustainable resource; in addition, the garments offer a large customizable surface , guaranteeing the brand or company logo a considerable visibility .

Office accessories

Office items are perhaps the most exploited gadgets for distribution for promotional purposes; pens , diaries , calendars , mouse pads, pen holders , USB keys , bottles , water bottles, lunch baskets and so on are the objects that are most suitable for marketing and brand promotion strategies. These are commonly used objects, which can be very useful to those who receive them; a ‘gift’ of this kind, in fact, helps to fuel a positive association with the company (this mechanism improves the image and reputation of the brand).

The gadgets for free time

Another category widely exploited by marketing is that of accessories for free time; backpacks, beach bags and beach towels are just a few examples. Even then, the personalization is widely visible, and this works in favor of the promotional objective. The effectiveness of this kind of articles is based on the same mechanism mentioned previously: whoever receives a gadget of this type as a gift, develops a sense of gratitude that feeds a favorable opinion of the brand or company that owns the brand.

How to choose the ‘right’ gadgets

There are several factors that must be taken into consideration when choosing which gadgets to use for personalization and distribution.

First of all, it is necessary to take into account the target , that is who will receive the promotional items: some are an ‘evergreen’, others are more suited only to a certain type of clientele. The period of the year when gadgets are distributed should not be overlooked either; office accessories, for example, can always be used, except for diaries and calendars.

Finally, the choice must also be functional to the expression of a message ; in other words, the object must convey the values ​​and mission of the company or brand, through its aesthetic, constructive and functional characteristics.