Teenagers are complicated. Therefore, these series for teenagers can help adults understand what goes on in their young heads . If you have already left the high school stage behind, we explain several good reasons to get hooked on one of these productions. The 11 most recommended series for adolescents
There are hundreds of ideal series for the adolescent public, but we have chosen the most recommended, both by the public and by critics. 11. Clique (2017)
The writers of the mythical series Skins (which we review later) return to the fray with a teen drama full of wild parties, drugs and sexuality. The plot of this BBC production, however, focuses on the lives of two university students who meddle in very shady affairs of businessmen. 10. The Vampire Chronicles (2009)
After the blockbuster of Twilight, several small screen producers took advantage of the vein and devised series for teenagers with fantastic components . This is the case of The Vampire Chronicles, which, although based on the literary saga of LJ Smith, places special emphasis on vampire love affairs.
Of course, the series never became a phenomenon comparable to Twilight, but it lasted eight seasons (very enjoyable) and received very positive reviews from the public. Ultimately, it’s about giving the viewer what they want.9. Pretty Little Liars (2011)
It came to us from MTV Spain and Bloomber Latin America, but far from being a passing and bland success, Pretty Little Liars became the quintessential teen series. A story full of secrets and intrigues where nobody is what they seem.
Its success lies in the charisma of the four protagonists, with whom any teen girl can feel identified. In addition, it addresses relevant issues of adolescence such as sexual orientation or drugs. 8. The O.C. (2003)
The next of the series for teenagers that we present premiered at the same time as One Tree Hill and reaped a similar success. Throughout four seasons, we witness how a boy fresh out of reform school is integrated into a wealthy family.
A particular mix of drama and comedy developed in southern California, with a noteworthy soundtrack (bands of the stature of U2 or Coldplay appear) and an outcome that left no one indifferent. 7. Skam (2015)
This Norwegian teen series picks up the baton from Skins and introduces us to a group of high school classmates going about their usual chores (basically having sex and taking drugs). An open-ended series that takes advantage of new formats, and it was originally released as a webseries on the NRK page.
They have been around for four seasons now and the reception has been great, although for some reason that we cannot understand, neither Netflix nor HBO have bought the rights. Movistar + will release the Spanish version , although at the moment we don’t know when. 6. The end of the f***ing world (2017)
If you are tired of cuteness and want to see a series starring teenagers that is completely different from the norm , you should take a look at The end of the fucking world. It premiered on Channel 4 in the UK, but is available on Netflix.
The series tells us about the vicissitudes of James, a declared psychopath, and his new girlfriend Alyssa, whom he intends to murder. The episodes are about 20 minutes long, so you can watch the first season in no time. 5. Riverdale (2017)
Another series for teens that you can find in the Netflix catalog is Riverdale, a production that flirts with the thriller genre and has already been renewed for a second season. The downside: Riverdale has been unlucky enough to co-exist with another teen phenomenon like 13 Reasons Why. 4. Misfits (2009)
Another cult series in the UK with an original approach. A group of young people is surprised by a storm that gives them superpowers, and being teenagers, irreverent situations are served.
It is precisely that hooligan and carefree tone that captured the attention of hundreds of thousands of viewers in Europe, although the production did not land in the United States. Five highly recommended seasons that you are always in time to see. 3. One Tree Hill (2003)
The most famous teen series in television history is One Tree Hill. It has all the essential ingredients to be the perfect teen drama.: a basketball team, a group of cheerleaders, good doses of violence and sex and a soundtrack that moved away from pop and bet on the indie music of the early 2000s.
The first five seasons are the best you will see in the genre. However, the last two were filled with plot twists that were impossible to digest, with gratuitous sex and new characters that did not sink in with the public. 2. Skins (2007)
Skins is one of those teen series that predated the big streaming platforms. It still seems current thanks to the incredible casting work, the rawness of its daily life and the courage to deal with all the issues that interest any young person today: drugs, sex and electronic music.
Every couple of seasons deals with a generation of students, and that was one of the keys to its longevity. Those of us who are fans of this series are anxiously awaiting the day when those responsible take up the project again . Netflix, hear our prayers! 1. For 13 reasons (2017)
A series by and for teenagers that, with just two seasons, has watered Netflix’s coffers with millions of dollars. Hanna Baker’s suicide drama is the breeding ground for a plot that at first glance seems innocent and cloying, but that sinks deeper into you with each episode.
Such has been the success of this series that it has been renewed for a third season, despite the fact that the teenager’s suicide is no longer the main theme. Before you think it’s another teenage series doomed to die of success, check it out. The 15 best series for teenagers that you cannot miss: Updated!