Personalized brooches are always in fashion, they are very trendy objects that recall vintage, they can be used in advertising or promotional to make a new product known, they are also used in parties, such as graduation parties, hen and stag parties, or as a small gift able to bring back special moments.

Producing this little accessory seems easy, but in reality it is not, it requires a lot of attention and an excellent quality level. It seems trivial but every graphic, every logo and every writing need to be perfectly adapted to the structure of the brooch, choosing the best type.

In fact, it is essential that a company must use the best raw materials and offer its customers the possibility of creating an item that reflects its corporate identity.

What is the process of creation

To start you can choose the content to be imprinted on the pin, it could be a logo, a phrase or a particular quote, a drawing or illustration created by you. Based on the best combination and the message you want to convey through the brooch, you can also choose the shape, finishes and enamels.

Through the graphics system we proceed to adapt the size, colors, sharpness and contrast of the content. It is very important to respect the color codes of the tonality chosen so that the final print is the same as it appears on the computer monitor.

When the graphics are finished we proceed to print, in which case the resolution is very high just like the quality of a photograph. We then proceed with the use of the die-cutter, that is, the print is cut out and applied to the surface of the brooch.

The product is almost finished, the glazes and finishes that were previously chosen are missing. These are specific glazing techniques and the materials used are of the highest quality and last over time.

The difference between a good product and a poor product is precisely the use of cheap elements, which do not last long and are full of defects. The last step to conclude the creation of the product is the affixing of the transparent protective plastic on the front of the pin and the addition of the pre-gripping needle on the back.

For greater safety towards consumers, hypoallergenic nickel free plating is used.

The shapes, finishes and colors of the brooches

Now let’s see together the most used shapes to be able to create your own personalized brooch (here are some proposals here ):

  • round: the most commonly purchased diameters are 25 mm, 32 mm, 38 mm, 45 mm, 56 mm and the largest of 75 mm;
  • square: the standard requested most and 37 x 37 mm in diameter;
  • rectangular: usually it is customized in the format of 60 x 40 mm in diameter. You can choose to develop a pin both horizontally and vertically, depending on the use that will be made of it;
  • oval: the most modern shape of all is produced with the measures of 60 x 40 mm in diameter.

As for the finishes, however, you can choose between the glossy and matte variants. The glossy finish is in great demand with a fluorescent colored paper base or with phosphorescent prints, for an immediate glance that draws the attention of all present. Definitely trendy at the moment and the addition of a phosphorescent powder that captures the light and releases it when it is dark.

Bases with gold and silver paper can also be used to achieve a more elegant result, particularly if the finish is matte. In this way the brooch can also become a nice and tasteful gift, perhaps as a reminder of a special day.