How many of us remember the Beverly Hill 90210 TV series that accompanied our youth for about a decade?

From 1990 to 2000 we grew up together with the stories of the many and beautiful protagonists: the repeating and fascinating Dylan , the dizzy Donna , the brothers  Brandon and Brenda  are just some of the boys who kept us company in the long afternoons after school.

After about 20 years, how will the beloved protagonists of Beverly Hill 90210 have become? Some of them have continued to act in various films, others have abandoned their acting career to devote themselves to something else, someone has dramatically left us.

For us, however, it will always be the beautiful and rich boys who fascinated us with their loves and their cover stories. A little braggart and a little naive  have accompanied and cheered the adolescence of many of us.

Let’s find out how they became the protagonists of this unforgettable television series:

1) Brenda

Let’s start with the first actress who left the series: Shannen Doherty . In 1994 the beautiful actress with the role of Brenda Walsh decides to embark on new work adventures. Brandon ‘s beloved sister , after many cinematic misadventures, finally finds success with the TV series ” Charmed “. Unfortunately, very often, the beautiful actress has enjoyed notoriety, not thanks to her artistic merits but because of her scenes due to her particular character. Shannen is currently battling a tough battle with breast cancer , but we hope to see her on the scene very soon. In fact, she rumbles to herselfwho will be among the new protagonists of the in the sequel to the film ” Generation X “.

2) Brandon

Jason Priestley aka Brandon Walsh , Brenda’s handsome brother, after Beverly Hills 90210 the actor continued to work in several TV series, without however finding a success comparable to the unforgettable TV series. Jason is a huge motor fan but in 1996 this caused him a bad accident, leaving him away from the television scene for a long time. He is currently married and has two children. In 2015 he published the autobiography entitled ” Jason Priestley: A Memoir “, in which he did not spare any of his former colleagues from ruthless criticism .

3) Kelly

After the Walsh brothers, the most beautiful of the school: Kelly Taylor . Jennie Gharth continued to play various roles, carving out a small space without huge successes. A somewhat turbulent private life, after three children and two ended marriages , the beautiful actress is engaged again . This time the lucky and handsome colleague Dave Abrams . In any case, the actress remained on good terms with many of her former colleagues Di lei; in fact, she and she recently returned to work with Tori Spelling and she declares herself very close to her sick friend Shannen Doherty.

4) Dylan

Legend has it that it was the producer’s daughter, Tori Spelling, who discovered it when she saw him painting the crosswalk on the street for the first time. Luke Perry , in Beverly Hills the gloomy Dylan McKay,  turned heads of so many of us and continued his career  by collaborating with directors such as the brothers Vanzina and Luc Besson . In private life he married Rachel “Minnie” Sharp ,  with whom he had two children . In 2019 Perry suffered a devastating stroke that led to his death on March 4, at the age of 52.

5) David

From the handsome dark to the tender face of David Silver , played by Brian Austin Green . In his professional life, the actor continued to participate in various films such as the famous TV series “ Desperate Housewives ” and to cultivate a passion for music. In fact, in addition to acting, Brian was able to successfully conduct MTV USA programs . In his private life a real heart stealer : he has had his first child with Vanessa Marcil and since 2010 and husband of the beautiful Megan Fox with whom he has had two other children (and the third is on the way).

6) Steve

Ian Ziering aka Steve Sanders , after enjoying the well-deserved success of the series, moved between cinema and theater, also working as a stripper . In 2005, he played himself in director Tony Scott ‘s ” Domino ,” with colleague Brian Austin Green. After the romance with former Playboy bunny Nikki Schieler , he married nurse Erin Ludwig with whom he had two daughters .

7) Donna

Also unforgettable is the tender Donna Martin , played by the daughter of producer Tori Spelling . The actress continued her career by playing in various roles in cult films such as ” Scream 2 ” and ” Scary Movie 2 “. In 2006 she also produced a reality show ” So NoTORIous “, in which the actress and she managed to make fun of her ” recommended ” image of her. In her private life, Tori is a fulfilled woman, she has 4 children all from the same husband Dean Martin , with whom she has been married since 2006.

8) Andrea

Do you remember the Beverly Hills nerd? Andrea Zuckerman, played by Gabrielle Carteris , was the model student and remained in the cast until 1995, continuing her acting career thereafter. Gabrielle, while working with the likes of Robert De Niro , has not managed to make her mark among Hollywood stars. In her private life she has been happily married since 1992 to Charles Isaacs and her mother of two girls.

9) Valerie

Valerie Malone ‘s character , played by Tiffany Thiessen , only joins the cast when Brenda leaves Beverly Hills. The actress already known to her for the television series ” Bayside School “, He maintained her popularity by becoming an entrepreneur too. After several loves, she then married actor Brandy Smith with whom she had two children.

10) Janet

Janet Sosna ‘s character conquers the scene only in the ninth season of the series. Immediately, the actress Lindsay Price liked the general public and I also get to play a role in the famous soap ” Beautiful “.