Until a few years ago, clothing was made and bought to last as long as possible, but this practice has started to have a devastating impact on the planet. Millions of tons of almost new clothes are thrown away every year, polluting as their disposal becomes a problem. We too in our small way can try to counter this process by controlling what and how we buy.

In fact, it is now more and more frequent to find on social accounts dedicated to the sale of vintage clothing . The styles of the 70s, 80s and 90s are just some of those that are popular online. Nostalgia for those years, from a fashion point of view, is a very topical topic. In fact, it can be said that  Instagram has become a sort of large sartorial archive through which it is possible to review the history of costume by being inspired by the fashions of the past. So let’s open the mothers and grandmothers wardrobes and look for the truly trendy vintage pieces!

Young people like vintage and a lot too

In an article in the Huffington Post , research on the success of vintage was cited, which showed that Generation Z love to buy second-hand clothes. And above all the age group between 18 and 24 who prefers to sell and buy vintage clothing online, through specific websites or applications . Surely this mode of purchase allows you to save in fact there are many opportunities that can be found on these sites, sometimes there are also very discounted branded clothes. Another important benefit of shopping this way is sustainability.

Second hand: an ethical and sustainable way of shopping

To make your wardrobe more sustainable, buying vintage is a great way. Giving a second chance to a garment that someone no longer uses, whether it is from your family, your friends or even some stranger, found in the wardrobes or that you have been able to buy online or in physical stores is definitely ethical and green . From a broader point of view, in fact, it means a lower production of clothes , since these had already been produced previously, therefore also a lower amount of pollution and waste . The latter are in fact two great defects that characterize fast fashion and that can be avoided by buying second-hand pieces.

Vintage is by no means synonymous with low quality

Another obvious advantage of vintage is the price . Markets, shops, online sites, applications are a boundless showcase to look for vintage clothes to give a new life to and where you can also find accessories and clothing of luxury designers. In many cases a low budget can coincide with a high quality . A huge number of garments come to be resold in excellent condition proving that they have withstood the test of time as they are made with quality fabrics and sewn well. Orienting oneself within sustainable shopping means starting a path that will lead to demand and recognize quality by reading the labels, choosing fabrics that are more than a decade old and washing in the correct way.

Wearing second-hand garments promotes our creativity and our individuality

Finding bargains in flea markets or online always has a special charm. Finding something unique and special, probably at an extremely affordable price, is something unbeatable and will make it even more satisfying to wear. Buying vintage, in addition to being fun, also has the advantage of differentiating from others and favoring one’s individuality . In fact, it is very rare to find someone who owns the same vintage garment, especially among their acquaintances. Uniqueness therefore becomes a benefit that allows you to find your own style .

House of Gucci and the recovery of the glamorous charm of vintage

Ridley Scott’s House of Gucci is now about to air in theaters starting December 16. Already from the first scenes that are shown to the public, for example through the various trailers, it is evident how the character of Patrizia Reggiani, played by Lady Gaga , is characterized by clothing that brings back the charm of vintage . Through the looks, the atmospheres of the 70s and 80s are evoked with their styles that have proved to be quite desirable and still appreciated today. In short, even this film has become the bearer of a great desire for vintage in contemporary wardrobes.