Underwear has always been considered by women as a precious ally able to guarantee them the right combination of comfort and sensuality. The choice of the appropriate garment for the circumstance, taste or type of lady to whom it is addressed is of particular importance: in fact, it is necessary first of all to evaluate the dress we are going to wear, the season in which we find ourselves, the occasion we are going to wear. we have to take part. These considerations will help us to decide the right article for every moment of our day; so let’s go and discover the new women’s underwear trends.

Underwear collections

As for clothing, the underwear sector is renewed and enriched from year to year, giving space to new fabrics and patterns to offer customers multiple solutions for different needs. Simply speaking of bras, panties or petticoats is extremely reductive, in the presence of such a vast assortment of models.
The watchword is to show! Women’s underwear more and more in sight! A nice bandeau bra or a lace-up balconette bra is perfect with a chiffon blouse.

Among the trendy colors we have the classic pastel shades, of which tiffany is reconfirmed this year, but in the foreground there are blue and timeless black for lace, ruffles and very light graceful fabrics.

Even pure white and powder are absolutely worth trying.

Coolest bras

Also for this year we find the inevitable balconette bra available in versions with or without underwire, with differentiated or preformed cups, padded or not, in different varieties of fabrics such as lace, cotton, lycra, in the most disparate colors and patterns, alongside to the timeless basic collections.

In short, in the classic shades of white, black, nude, trends of the moment together with blue, the balconette bra is always a must of the lingerie present in the female wardrobe , essential for those who want a seductive decollete. However, when your outfit requires it (low-cut or sleeveless dresses), it may be more appropriate to use a bandeau bra , available in various models: padded, with underwire, with graduated cups and interchangeable straps or, for those who prefer it, bandeau traditional.

It’s just a matter of taste and fit; for every woman the garment that suits her best and that makes her femininity stand out without neglecting her comfort. In addition, we can find many other solutions for the most diverse cases: push-up , especially suitable for those with little breasts that allows you to get an extra size or triangles, more low-cut in the center, or even bustiers.


A separate chapter undoubtedly belongs to the bralette ; a model that distorts all canons on the subject of bras. Up to now these, although beautiful, remained rigorously hidden under the clothes; now with this garment, halfway between bra and top, it comes out into the open and is not afraid to show itself under jackets or even over skirts, thanks to the lace in which it is frequently made. Often it is enriched with rhinestones or ribbons that make it particularly elegant and sexy when the situation requires it. Also available on the market in pure cotton, the real revolution is its simplicity; this model reveals the feminine lines in an absolutely natural way, giving excellent wearability.

Slip: many models available

Also with regard to this garment, the variants are numerous: the classic briefs (low, medium or high), thong, thong, Brazilian, coulotte and sheath, in different prints, colors and fabrics, to guarantee the female public the maximum fit according to the habits and preferences of each. But the real muss-have of this spring is always lace!

Other women’s underwear accessories

Of course, also this year, special garments such as petticoats, guepiere, suspenders, garters will not be lacking on the shelves of underwear shops : timeless accessories for special occasions or for women with a refined style, which are renewed every season following the fashions of the moment. .