Get back in shape before summer through the blue fish diet . What is it about? It is a type of low- calorie diet but rich in polyunsaturated fats, high biological value proteins and omega 3 that help reduce body weight in a short time and are good for the body.

With the arrival of the summer heat, our body begins to feel fatigue, pressure drops and a general sense of fatigue: this is why blue fish is the basis of a healthy diet, able to assist us in reducing the effects of high temperatures. and, at the same time, getting back in shape.

Blue fish is considered one of the strongest dishes for our health: it includes different types, united by the typical streaks that aim at blue and green and for the low fat content. Among the most famous blue fishes stand out the sea bream, anchovies, tuna, but the variety of fish present in the Mare Nostrum is endless and for any type of palate.

It is mainly fished in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and is one of the most easily found fish in fishmongers and at low average prices.

Diet based on oily fish: rich in fatty acids and Omega 3

The diet based on oily fish is recommended by all experts as it is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids. Furthermore, this species of fish is very digestible and has a particularly low caloric intake: for example, 100 g of anchovies are equivalent to 96 kcal.

The polyunsaturated fatty acids contained in oily fish are Omega 3 , which are important because they perform various functions:

  • They protect against cardiovascular disease
  • They help relieve inflammatory diseases
  • They improve the mood
  • They reduce body fat in overweight or obese individuals

The variety of blue fish that can be included in a diet varies from tuna to swordfish, passing through mackerel, sardines, anchovies, cod and herring. Salmon is the most popular for the preparation of tasty light recipes and which guarantee a good supply of Omega 3 to our body.

The advice of the experts is to consume blue fish preferably cooked, to avoid the presence of parasites such as Anisakis that lurk in raw fish, such as mackerel, cod or salmon.

To lose weight before summer , the blue fish diet is one of the best solutions, because in a short time it allows you to get back in shape by ensuring your body the right amount of good Omega 3 fats. little in all seasons: in autumn, for example, on the fish market , dolphin fish , also known as September fish, is particularly low in fat and with an excellent amount of protein.

Light recipes based on blue fish

Stewed, baked, or steamed, blue fish can be cooked in various ways and combined with excellent vegetable-based side dishes. The preferred recipes for cooking this type of fish are dietary and based on typical products of the Mediterranean diet, such as extra virgin olive oil, cherry tomatoes, parsley and garlic. Poor dishes, but rich in the nutrients our body needs, and with a low intake of calories. Grilled fish is undoubtedly one of the best cooking options for blue fish: even fish such as mullet – fatter than the others – are particularly appetizing and above all light.