The tattoos to be done must never be trivial. In the world, there are many fascinating symbols to tattoo to tell you what is important to you, or simply to make your tattoo special. Among the most beautiful and evocative, there are tattoos with Arabic symbols. These are symbols that have been handed down for centuries and that are real works of art once imprinted on your body.

According to the chosen theme, you can choose tattoos for him or tattoos for her.

Arabic tattoo: for men or women? Where are they made?

Arabic symbol tattoos were previously only considered for men. Today, after many famous people use them, they are back in fashion and women use them too.

Where are Arabic tattoos made?

Usually, Arabic tattoos are done: in the middle of the back, along the spine, on the feet, on the hips, on the wrist or on the forearm. They can also be tattooed on the arms and chest.

Arabic tattoos are done only with black color. Long phrases or symbols can be used , but these are generally small and medium tattoos. Letters and phrases have meaning based on what they mean in Arabic. The designs and symbols are simple, although it can take a while to make them. For women, swallows are used a lot on the neck and nape , because it is very sensual.

Among the stars who have approached this fashion there are, for example, Rihanna, Cara Delevingne, Angelina Jolie, Selena Gomez, Zoe Kravitz, the latter actress and daughter of the singer Lenny. Among the men, we cannot fail to mention Ibrahimovic, the latter who decided to tattoo his surname in Arabic.

David Shankbone from USA, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Arabic tattoo rules

The Arab tattoo in the past represented the social extraction of the person who wore it and the transition to adulthood.

The symbols / writings most used for a tattoo in Arabic are:

  • a phrase;
  • a date of birth;
  • a name;
  • your name;
  • an artistic design, like that of love.

Tattoos: the most beautiful Arabic symbols

Arab symbol tattoos have no color. The Arabic letters are written from right to left and are connected to each other. 

The most beautiful Arabic symbols to tattoo on your body are:

  • Al-Amal Hope;
  • God / Dio;
  • A-Ila / Family;
  • Salam / Pace;
  • Flower, which can have a magical meaning. In fact, flowers, if tattooed, become lucky charms for love, happiness, etc. The designs, however, are very elaborate.

In order to get these tattoos, check if the tattoo artist has already done one or several. Also look for people who, as far as possible, know the Arabic language, or who are presented with an image in PDF or on paper with good resolution, so the tattoo artist will know exactly what you want.

Remember that in Muslim culture, having tattoos is not a welcome thing . In fact, those who believe believe that they are a form of idolatry and disrespect for one’s body. In any case, it is preferred to tattoo in hidden places.

Muslim and Arab are two terms that should not be confused: the Muslim is simply a faithful of Islam, while the Arab person comes from Arabia. There are Arabs who are not Muslims, but Christians, Buddhists, etc. so make the necessary distinctions well.