Data from the Aicpe (Italian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) on the hand, every year, 1 tattoo out of 3 undergoes the difficult and painful treatment of removing a tattoo .

Indicative numbers that make us understand how many people regret having branded their skin: there are so many mistakes of youth , the head shots taken in a significant moment such as a mad falling in love, a sudden pain, a radical change in their life. Or simply, during a holiday abroad under the influence of alcohol fumes! In 2014, the “tattoo repentants” were 12 thousand.

Although there are some excellent tattoo artists out there, there are some who are a little distracted or, even worse, a little… ignorant . He imagines the anger and shame in seeing his skin indelibly marked with a wrong writing: an extra letter, an apostrophe where it was wrong, or a note that didn’t want to ruin all the poetry of the gesture.

We searched the web for the victims of incompetent tattoo artists or simply asses : here are the worst ungrammatical tattoos around! Have a good time!

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15) Nobody is perfect

Many choose a sentence in a foreign language , perhaps out of respect for the quote, or just because it sounds better. This has happened especially since the Anglo-Saxon culture has become so influential in the artistic and musical fields, especially for young people. However, if the tattoo artist is distracted, does not know the language in question or if the wrong sentence has been delivered directly to him then the results can only be disastrous. Impossible not to notice the writing on the girl’s chest: “Nobodies perfect”. The girl would have confused the words, mixing the pronoun “nobody”, meaning “nobody”, with the voice of the verb “die”, meaning to die in English. A sound, it makes sense but written correctly it would be “ nobody is perfect“. In short, no one is perfect. Least of all the grammar of this tattoo .

14) The importance of a vowel

If you look for the translation of sweet pea (with the final a) the result will be, at first glance, ridiculous: literally in fact it would be sweet pea . The sweet pea or Lathyrus odoratus is a spontaneous plant  native to Sicily, belonging to the legume family of the same name, which produces beautiful butterfly-shaped flowers of different colors. By translation, sweet pea has first and foremost become a term of endearment. The best known example is certainly the child present in the cartoon Popeye which in fact is called Pisellino in Italian and Swee’pea in English. It has also become away to call a sweet and attractive girl in an affectionate way. The latter had to be the meaning of the tattoo on the girl’s lower back but… Maybe the tattoo artist didn’t agree because “ sweet pee ” (with the final e) means something else!

13) The apostrophe rule

In front of a feminine noun, the apostrophe must be added to the indefinite article “a”. You learn in elementary school but Marika Fruscio ‘s tattoo artist was probably absent that day. The “vip” in question is a former suitor of men and women , distinguished mainly for her bursting curves (in fact, she does not fail to show off her natural bra fifth) and for her football passion : the heart of the busty Brianza in fact seems to be beating only for Napoli . Do you think that, for the victory of the Neapolitan team of the Italian Cup 2013-2014, she had the cup painted on her chest with a sensual body paintingwhich drove the Neapolitan fans crazy. Our attention, however, is concentrated on the arm of the super fan: Fruscio proudly shows her dedication to her favorite team “one city … one color … one and only faith … SSC Napoli”. Too bad that the apostrophes were put totally at random!

12)  Huh?

How beautiful are the poetic phrases. Especially those about love. But if the sentence becomes incomprehensible then the result is just ridiculous! The tattoo is a quote from Robert Frost, an American poet who lived between the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth century: “irresistiby” however does not exist and should be replaced with “irresistibly”!

11) And if you regret it? 

The American actress  Hayden Panettiere for reaching the age of majority wanted to tattoo a maxim of life for the future: to live without regrets. Mostly in Italian , a dedication by her to her European origins. Except that the tattoo artist she relied on was not very careful because she added an “i” too many : on the left side, often exposed to photos of paparazzi with elegant cuts of clothes worn in various events, the phrase ” live with no regrets”. The fussy eaters did not fail to point this out to him, thus causing the young interpreter a certain embarrassment. The beautiful Hayden decided to have her tattoo removed and… to deny her motto.

10) Strafalcioni in plain sight

Tomorrow never knows ” is the title of a 1966 Beatles song, born from a paronymy (exchange of similar words) said by Ringo Starr: instead of ” tomorrow never comes “, that is, tomorrow never comes, he said ” tomorrow never knows “. What was the tattoo artist thinking as he patiently traced the writing? Was he a Rolling Stones fan?

9) Thank you mom for (giving me) life

The mother will also have given him life but also a brain, possibly to make it work! But why don’t these blunders check before getting tattooed ?! (in correct English and not Italianized, the sentence would have been written like this: “ThAnks mOther for my life” … In short, a couple of wrong vowels!)

8)  The subjunctive, this unknown

Yes, and a quote from a song by the Roman rapper Noys Narcoz. This does not mean that we should say: “as IF YOU HAVE wings” !!

7) Down with the system

It would have been much more convincing had it not been tattooed by a dyslexic “professional”.

6) An invitation… wrong

The genius of the photo wanted to tattoo a nice and provocative welcome for those who felt the desire to go into those parts … Too bad that in English you write “YOU’RE welcome”! Was it the tattoo artist who did this trick on him?

5) The sense of grammar

There are still big debates about “what is” with or without apostrophe. We take the side of those who argue that it should be placed. Perhaps this Negramaro fan (the phrase in fact belongs to the song “Sei” by the Apulian band) believes the opposite!

4) Pay attention to vowels

Yes, it is pronounced like this, but DICISIONS cannot be seen!

3) No repentance

He will have several instead, for having a wrong word tattooed (“regerts” does not exist, rather “regrets”). Irony of fate.

2) Ignorant Romantics

Who explains that the relative pronoun “which” is not written as “here”, adverb of place? Postponed to September!

1) Everything attached

Love matters, but so does grammar, for God’s sake.

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