Man lives not only on dramas and today we present you a double ration of comedy series. Some are animated and others are starring flesh and blood actors, but all of them have that irreverent and thug point that will make us laugh until our stomach hurts.

18 Essential Comedy Series
This type of series usually lasts a few years on the air, especially if the script is good enough. Without further delay, we review the most outstanding.

1. The Big Bang Theory
If this award-winning comedy series has taught us anything, it’s that a bunch of nerds can also be cool. In addition to having the highest paid actors on television, is based on such memorable characters as Dr. Sheldon Cooper or his neighbor Penny.

2. Modern Family
If you think that Modern Family is the typical American comedy about a more or less dysfunctional family , you just hit the jackpot. But only one episode will be enough for you to love the protagonists and start laughing with their virtues and defects. They have been on the small screen for nine seasons for a reason.

3. The Simpsons
It is curious that a family of yellow color and four fingers on each hand star in the most famous comedy in the history of television, with permission from Friends. The Simpsons have earned a place of honor on this list for their intelligent humor (or not) and one of the longest television careers.

4. Bojack Horseman
Among Netflix’s current additions, we highlight Bojack Horseman, an excellent comedy that recounts the vicissitudes of a horse who wants to be a television star (you heard me right). A series not suitable for all audiences.

5. Family Guy
Halfway between The Simpsons and South Park, this laugh-out-loud series about the typical American family has some of the craziest gags we’ve ever seen . If you surrender to his awkward and transgressive humor, you will have a good time

6. Rick and Morty
Justin Roiland, the creator of Adventure Time, is the architect of this animated series that is reaping excellent reviews. Following the baton of Family Guy, it is one of those series that will make you laugh with its black and surreal humor . Currently on Netflix.

7. Silicon Valley
The vicissitudes of a group of computer scientists struggling to carry out their business idea will make you laugh like never before. A humorous vision of the computer and technology industry that has won several Emmys. You have it available on HBO.

8. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
One of the most hilarious comedy series of all time, starring the great Will Smith. That if, if the triumph series was thanks to characters as round as cousin Carlton or Phillip Banks, better known as “Uncle Phil”.

9. Shameless
American series based on the homonymous comedy from the United Kingdom (or vice versa, depending on how you look at it). Shameless follows the misadventures of a dysfunctional family made up of an alcoholic father, his ex-wife, and six children who try to make a living in unconventional ways.

10. Futurama
The second project of Matt Groening (The Simpsons) was focused on a wider audience, but it did not deny the transgressive humor that the public was looking for in a Groening series. The trio formed by Fry, Leela and the robot Bender will remain in our hearts forever.

11. Seinfeld
The humorist Jerry Seinfeld and the producer Larry David are the creators of this series that complies with each and every one of the cliches of the 90s. Its success lies in the parody of everyday events and the eccentricity of the characters.

12. Frasier
Another very influential sitcom in the 90s. This is a spin-off of Cheers that follows the plot of psychiatrist Frasier Crane . Like Seinfeld, it squeezes all the juice out of everyday situations and elevates them to the most hilarious ridicule.

13. Things from Martians
Known as 3rd rock from the sun in the United States and La Tercera Roca in Mexico. This series broke the mold in the mid-90s byintroduce European humor on Yankee television .

14. Computer

scientists British humor is not for everyone , but if you are one of those who enjoy it, you should not pass this comedy about two computer scientists relegated to the basement who obey the orders of a neurotic and inexperienced boss. 25 episodes that you can binge watch.

15. How I Met Your Mother
Another laugh-out-loud series that needs no introduction. It has taken nine seasons for architect Ted Mosby to tell his children how he met his mother. How could it be otherwise, the end of the series caused a deep debate .

16.The Office
There was a time when everything that was successful in the UK was exported across the Atlantic and ruthlessly copied. This is the case of The Office, a sitcom about everyday life in an office. Without setting a precedent, we are left with the American version and the magnificent performance of Michael Scott in the role of incompetent boss .

17. Married With Children
Married With Children is not the most intelligent series of all time. In fact, it is as American as the top of a pine tree. However, it is ideal for those days when you feel like a naughty sitcom with easy jokes about sex in marriage and the hassle of having children.

18. Friends

The ABC of how to make a sitcom.If Friends lasted on the air for so many years, it is thanks to an excellent main cast (some have succeeded in Hollywood, as in the case of Jennifer Aniston) and a script with small flashes of brilliance.

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