Summer, as we know, is synonymous with raids, nocturnal baths, bonfire on the beach, fun and above all loves, which, like fire, burn hot and then go out, leaving a veil of ashes on the heart .

Especially us girls, we easily fall in love with some sweet words or a handsome body; and even if we are aware that it will not be a long-term story, it is good to open your eyes so as not to be duped.

Some types of men are just to be avoided like the plague and we have drawn up a real complete list of subjects for you, from which you will have to stay far away.

It is not said then, that from what may seem only a summer infatuation, a great love kissed by luck cannot be born; the only thing you hope for is that once the holidays are over, it’s not a long-distance relationship, difficult to manage and frustrating in the long run. 

The new single

From the beginning he will seem like the right man, all hearts and love. He will know how to woo you just the way you like it and everything will go smoothly, until the moment when the relationship takes a little more serious turn; the newly single then draws his aces up his sleeve of excuses pitched, to curb the relationship , mindful of the recent burn. Until the disappearances are more and more frequent and you will find that the ex has been resented. 

The careless

You met, he courted you and you also fell for it, too bad he omitted a little thing, like that of having a sweet destination at home. And you will only know this when it is too late and you are cooked to perfection. If you are careful, you can predict the disaster from the beginning, just look at the details of his evasive responses to him, when you ask him about his private life. To be avoided absolutely. 

 The handsome

By handsome we mean all those guys who work in tourist resorts, such as bartenders, DJs, lifeguards and above all entertainers , who are waiting to compete with each other to grab as many tourists as possible, who unaware they imagine a love story between petals and hearts. They are usually cute, tanned and with a rebellious tuft on their face, which makes them very sexy. It is a real shame to miss it, but know that you will have to go very cautious, to avoid burns.

The sex symbol

Who has never had to deal with one of those guys who knows he is beautiful, and also has that right amount of charisma , so as to be appreciated by both women and men, who aspire to his company in the group of friends. This is the kind of guy who will know how to make your head spin, but who will surely replace you very quickly too; if you are not jealous and the type for you.

The native of the place

Among the various subjects to keep away, there is also the one who frequents the most popular and most popular clubs in his city, aware that during the summer months he will have more chances to spend a few fiery nights. The adventure might be tempting , like imagining a future with him in that gorgeous place, but maybe it’s best to leave it alone as a fantasy, unless change scares you.

The doormat

We could also call it desperate , or in other ways, which would not be very ladylike. This is the guy, who if we want to be honest is also a little loser. He tries a bit with everyone and as soon as one of the victims gives him confidence, he attacks himself hopelessly, playing the part of the stalker , who in a very short time will be badly chased by the chosen girl. Luckily with this kind of guy we don’t have to tell you to be careful, he will make himself unbearable.

These are the 6 types of amateurs to stay away from; we wrote it a little to laugh and a little seriously, but the important thing is that you live love freely, paying attention to who you approach, if you think that the person you date treats you badly, raises his voice too much, tells you bad words, leave him immediately, before starting a story. We deserve men with a capital U.