Following series has become the hobby of this new era. Conversations with our friends always have a section to talk about the series that we have seen or that we are in the process of seeing.
As the catalog is very extensive, we offer a list of the best Netflix series of all time, including : those produced by the platform itself and that are most current ; as well as series with more years whose rights have been bought by Netflix.
All of them can be enjoyed through this digital distribution medium for a very cheap monthly fee that helps create quality content without resorting to illegal piracy, so you no longer have an excuse. The 10 best Netflix series
Your biggest problem is going to be deciding which one to start with, but the following series are some of the best on Netflix, a full-fledged must-see; So say goodbye to your social life. 10. Vikings
In this catalog of the best series of the great red N we have also had one of the most revolutionary semi-historical titles : Vikings, an approach to the world of this Nordic tribe through the eyes of Ragnar, the main hero, aspiring to rule one of these clans.
Although the historical accuracy is not the strength of Vikings, if they are the family plots and the brutality of the wars of that time to conquer the territories and repel the enemies. 9.Sense8
Although it only has two seasons, we have not hesitated to include Sense8 as one of Netflix’s revelations, in which we are presented with eight strangers from different parts of the planet who begin to feel a mental connection between them after a gruesome death. Together, they must find a way to survive the persecution they will suffer from those who fear that these eight exceptional people pose a threat to the new world.
In this 2018 we will be able to enjoy a double final chapter, lasting two hours . 8.Breaking Bad
Coinciding with the tenth anniversary of its premiere, we also take the opportunity to give this mythical series a spot, on the way to becoming a classic along with other classics such as The Sopranos, Six Feet Under or The Wire.
Breaking Bad tells the adventures of Walter White, a chemistry teacher recently diagnosed with terminal cancer . Worried about what he will leave to his family when he is gone, he decides to set up a clandestine laboratory for the manufacture of amphetamines, which he will later sell thanks to the help of one of his most advantaged former students. However, both will discover that not everyone is cut out for the world of drug dealing…
Ended 4 years ago, Breaking Bad has gathered millions of fans around the world, crowning itself as one of the best on the current scene. 7. Pablo Escobar, the patron saint of evil
No, don’t look for Narcos in this list, because he’s not there. Instead, we include the well-known Pablo Escobar, the patron of evil as one of the best Netflix series, which gives a thousand kicks to the one produced by the platform itself. This telenovela is ideal for those who want to know faithfully what the life of this Colombian drug lord was like and how he came to be the owner of an empire created almost from nothing, without the classic misrepresentations made in the USA with which says his recent counterpart.
Made in Colombia, with native actors better characterized to resemble the characters they play and without a protagonist who needs to attend after-school classes to imitate the Colombian accent, while trying to contain his Brazilian flavor (I’m looking at you, Wagner Moura); In Pablo Escobar: The Patron of Evil we have more than 100 episodes to learn first-hand how the most wanted criminal in the world was forged . 6. Black Mirror
Black Mirror is the phoenix of the series. After two seasons broadcast in 2011 on Channel 4 and a Christmas special, it fell into oblivion . Then, Netflix arrived, I bought it and renewed it with twelve new chapters that have been seen throughout the past year on the digital platform.
In Black Mirror we are presented with a dystopian society whose episodes (with independent plots each) show the devastating possibilities of a highly technological world, while portraying the low instincts of human beings. 5. House of Cards
Beyond the controversies that surround the figure of Kevin Spacey, we must claim him as the great actor that he is . This remake of the 1990 series of the same name and produced by the BBC revolves around Frank Underwood, an unscrupulous congressman who will not hesitate to go over anyone in order to come to power.
Although it may seem boring for being a plot about politics, House of Cards is one of the best political series ever produced., thanks to its script, its acid dialogues and the satirical way in which it shows the hidden face of what happens in politics. 4.Sherlock 4 seasons and 3 chapters of an hour and a half each, each inspired by a story by the mythical Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, make Sherlock a great proposal if you want to see a “quick” series.
The change of setting, from Victorian London to 21st century London, together with the tandem Benedict Cumberbatch – Martin Freeman (Holmes and Watson, respectively) and a great Andrew Scott as Moriarty, make this one of the best Netflix detective series ever. the last decade. 3. Bates Motel
What was the adolescence of the tormented Norman Bates like?
We find out at Bates Motel,a series that serves as a prelude to what happened in the novel and movie Psycho , showing us what Norman’s turbulent relationship with his mother is like, during the time when they took over the famous motel.
Everyone trembled and raised their hands to their heads when this series was announced in 2013 to explain the origins of the mythical character , but many mouths have been closed upon discovering that it is one of the best suspense series that Netflix has been able to purchase. 2.Stranger Things
We give the money to Stranger Things, a revolution that has the perfect ingredients to be a success: eighties nostalgia and a cast of great characters, each one more charismatic, and that you can hardly not not adore. All these elements are perfectly integrated into a plot of mystery and touches of science fiction that begins with the disappearance of a boy.
From the first chapter you will understand why Stranger Things has become a mass phenomenon in any part of the world. We predict that it will be difficult for you to avoid putting on the next chapter once you start …. 1. Mindhunter
If you like suspense movies about police investigations, Mindhunter is your series. In her,two FBI agents investigate new techniques on criminal psychology based on interviews with serial killers imprisoned for their crimes, which will allow them to delve into the psyche of these characters and the reason for their behavior.
Just when it seemed that 2017 was going to end without offering us anything worthwhile new, David Fincher (famous director of films of the genre such as Se7en or Zodiac) and his team arrive, to hit us in the face with what can be considered the best in As for platform series. Such has been the success, that its creators have already announced a second season. Thank you, thank you and thank you.
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