By now being able to surprise a girl on a first date becomes more and more difficult. The secret, in this case, can be very simple: just choose something that is familiar to us and try to involve it in this experience. After putting her at ease with her, in fact, it will be easier to always find topics of conversation, understand what she likes and interpret her signals. So let’s see some tantalizing ideas for a successful first date.

Theme club (for “viveur” women)

If the girl loves the worldly life and she likes to go out for a drink, then it is possible to choose a themed place, to involve her, to entertain her and to put her at ease. However, there are some rules to follow: no for example to discos, yes to all clubs that allow you to talk without having to counter the loud volume of the music. It is also the case to choose a place with an intimate and warm atmosphere, but without exaggerating, trying to avoid excesses. In any case, the presence of music, if chosen well , remains fundamental, but as said at a sustainable volume. So find something she likes and start looking for the perfect bar: you will surely be able to amaze her!

Night picnic (for moonlight lovers)

There is nothing more romantic than a first date in the form of a picnic, especially if the girl loves sober and authentic romantic gestures. Women of this type appreciate simple gestures, and never disdain traditions, so they will very much appreciate a picnic organized in the moonlight, a bit like they did in the 1950s. Here the location counts a lot, and you can choose, for example, a lake or the beach, and you need to know how to “take advantage” of the context: if she sends you the right signals to make you understand that she is interested (and if you don’t know them then give a ‘look at sites like to avoid making mistakes), the night will allow you to snuggle warm under the same blanket. Also pay attention to the choice of wine, which must be light in order to allow you to enjoy the evening.

Escape room (for women who love adrenaline)

Not everyone loves classic first dates, to the point of considering them banal and boring. If that girl lives for the adrenaline, then she will greatly appreciate a dynamic first date at an escape room. Also, this is a valuable opportunity to cement the relationship with her, as you will have to work together to find a way out of the room. In other words, this will become a precious opportunity to break the ice and gain more confidence.

Dance class (for women who love to dance)

The girl asked you for a night at the disco, but is the noise likely to ruin the first date? Not bad, because there is a perfect solution to “save goat and cabbage”, and it is the dance lessons. Especially if particular dances such as salsa and flamenco are involved, perfect as they allow close and sensual physical contact.

Being able to organize a perfect first date can be essential for the relationship, and with the advice seen today it will certainly be easier.