In the game of seduction it is good to innovate to avoid falling into a routine, and what better way to do it than with a list full of spicy questions to raise the temperature
? Leave taboos out, they have no place here!

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60 spicy and daring questions to arouse lust
Show that you have a wild side and dare to ask these daring questions to your relationship, partner or ‘project’ whatever. 1. What is the hottest thing that you have put in your mouth
? Do you think there are questions that can be equal to this?
Don’t get impatient, now comes the good part… 2. Do you usually enjoy taking the initiative more or letting yourself do
It will depend on taste, but we recommend alternating both roles . 3. Have you ever tried to flirt with a friend’s partner You have to
see how human beings are… The morbidity of the forbidden can us. Oh, if we read more than one mind, what would we find! 4. Do you get hot easily
The temperature of our hot questions is increasing , maybe we should start taking off our clothes… 5. How often do you masturbate?
One of the questions for boys and girls that can’t be missed. 6. If you could do anything, what would you do with me right now
? Be careful what you wish for, it can come true! 7. Have you seen porn as a couple and ended up imitating what you saw?
Not everyone admits to having consumed pornography, but the truth is that it can contribute to improving the sexual health of many couples. 8. Do you remember your first time
Remembering this type of curious anecdotes is always an asset that everyone keeps to release it at the ideal moment during the games of. 9. Do you think you kiss well?
The key to arousing lust in another person is a good kiss. 10. What parts of the body do you look at first in another person?
And there are people who don’t know how to hide and eat the other person with their eyes… 11. Have you had sex in public?
Another of the hottest questions for friends or ‘friends with special rights’ that you can make in your meetings. 12. Do you have satisfactory sexual relations
Although there are those who devalue its importance, good sex has a positive impact on other aspects of our lives. 13. If you had the opportunity to have sex right now, would you accept
? Do you dare to ask if he wants to with you ?14. Have you ever dressed up for your partner
because humor is not confined to sex? Dressing up and playing roles can help create a relaxed atmosphere that allows you to fully enjoy the experience. 15. And would you like your partner to do it for you
? Lie down and enjoy the show! 16. Have you ever been masturbated in a public place?
It’s funny how uncomfortable questions are sometimes also the most spicy , right? 17. And you, have you ever masturbated someone in a public place?
We bet anything that someone gives an unexpected answer . 18. Lights on or off
“Half dark” is also a pretty preferred option.19. What is your strangest sexual fantasy?
The more peculiar the better, the better. 20. Do you like to hear things whispered in your ear while you have sex?
Some people just want to hear other people’s moans and their own. Others, on the other hand, like to say or to be whispered in their ear. Find out with your best embarrassing questions.

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21. What sets you in tune
Each person is a world, so, if it arises, we will have to bring out our exploratory facet. 22. If you could freely choose to see a part of my body, what would it be? If you want to make it more stimulating , point out that it is about “seeing” with your eyes, not with your hands. 23. Have you practiced cybersex
Many of these daring questions have to do with cybersex, which although it may not seem like it, can be the most entertaining. 24. How many people have you slept with in your life?
Let’s see who wins… It may be the one you least expect. 25. If I open the folder of images of your mobile phone, will I find any compromised
Does anyone want to check your phone before handing it over, just in case ? 26. A quick and hard one or a calm and soft one? In the question sets we can include those about our preferences in the rhythm of sex. 27. What was the last day you had sex
? The movies were already in color or not yet 28. Would you dare to explore beyond the typical sexual conventions
In the games of ‘never have I’ or ‘truth or dare’ , many things can be learned from the participants. 29. Have you ever fantasized about having sex with me
? Who has the courage to discover their raunchiest thoughts?30. Has someone called your attention for being too scandalous in bed
? In the game of ‘never have I’ there is room for all kinds of hot questions. 31. How often would you like to have sex if you could choose
No matter what gender you are, some questions are universal . 32. Have you broken any furniture or decoration, the result of uncontrolled passion?
When you enter Ikea, the furniture shakes as you walk by. That’s how it’s done, FIERCE. 33. Have you had an erection and someone around you has noticed
One of those questions for guys that are most often asked. By the way, the rolled-up sock trick doesn’t work. 34. The language: where and how far?
When you eat an ice cream in summer, are you able to prevent it from spilling everywhere or are you one of those people whose hands get sticky with the concoction ? There is distance in between. 36. You have been granted a wish: you can sleep with whoever you want. Who is the winner? Anyone
present (better, even more sensual) or someone famous is worth it. 37. Have you had erotic dreams?
During times of greater sexual activation (or drought), our unconscious shoots up to unsuspected limits… If Freud already said so! 38. What do you like most about my body
Suggestive question, without a doubt.39. What would I have to do to get to 1000
? Let’s continue with the game, or the hot questions are beyond you ? Oops, your colors have gone up! 40. A movie scene that raises your temperature
Think of that scene that, every time you see it, makes your hair stand on end and that you usually put on a loop .

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41. If you send me a photograph without any clothes I’ll send you one of mine without any clothes too. Do we have a deal?
New technologies have made it possible to discover other ways of having sex, for example, through Whatsapp and everyday chats. 42. Have you ever gotten excited in a less than ideal place (university, work, in a cafeteria…)
When boredom takes its toll and we give free rein to our imagination, watch out! 43. …and have you masturbated to turn down the heat?
If the boiler overheats, what are your options ? 44. Have you ever been invited to someone’s house with any excuse and, unexpectedly, you have ended up rolling in bed
Examples : “watch a movie”, “finish a job”, “fix the computer”…45. Have you ever thought about doing something spicy with a teacher?
The teaching profession is one of the most given to sexual fantasies. 46. ​​What are you wearing?
Spicy, clear and direct to the target question. 47. Have they ever told you that you have very sensual lips?
In the film Match Point (2005), the character of Scarlett Johansson awakens the most lustful side of Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, who cannot help but shamelessly throw the yews at him with very bawdy questions. 48. What would you do if you had that desired someone tied up
? Or better: “what would you NOT do
”. 49. And if you are the tied person, what would you like them to do One of the most recurrent fantasies is to imagine that we are tiedand at the mercy of the other person. 50. What would I have to do to get you to sleep with me?
This game gets interesting… 51. Have you slept with a famous person before or since?
Perhaps a question like this may seem crazy, but what if There really is someone who has done it
. 52. How and with whom was your best orgasm?
It doesn’t have to be precisely with whom you lost your virginity. 53. We have chemistry, when will physics?
Nobody can resist such a spicy question . 54. Any item of clothing that awakens your animal side?
Lingerie, leather, transparencies… 55. What would you say if I told you that I don’t wear underwear?
Music to our ears… 56. Have you ever received a message from someone desperately asking for sex
More than a spicy question for Whatsapp , this is a declaration of intent. 57. If I covered your eyes now, what would you like to happen next?
There are some very spicy questions that trigger our imagination. 58. Have you touched yourself thinking about me
? Are we confident enough to admit, not only that we have fantasized about that person , but that we have given ourselves pleasure thinking about her ? 59. Have any of these questions made you horny?
We hope that yes, honestly. 60. How much do you want to have sex right now
Are you still dressed
? Come on! We wouldn’t have done it that bad, right?

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