We will see together ten ideas for “street” clothing for him . Ten ideas to make life in the city unique in style and beauty. The fashion of the next seasons invites you to dare, to go further, to challenge your limits even when you simply have to wear a suit to go to work or go out with friends.  

Man in transparency

The man of this summer steals the transparencies of women’s fashion and experiments with them on his clothing.

Shirts and tank tops can simulate the veiled effect that is an index of seduction in ladies.

But who says it’s not also true in men?

Tunics and sandals

A little myth, a little legend, but next summer men’s fashion could imitate Lawrence of Arabia also in urban clothing. Wide tunics, to replace jackets or suits, combined with sandals to fight the heat. And to be original, even if you are not on vacation.

Vintage from the seventies

High waist, wide trousers, tight jacket, large tie … the man who loves vintage rediscovers the seventies this year.

The shapes and colors of that type of fashion are back, which lends itself perfectly to an urban and casual outfit, while maintaining the high style that man can never give up.

Fantasy … in the masculine

Men’s fashion is also rediscovering prints. In particular the floral ones, which once again recall the seventies, perfectly in tune with the style of the moment. You will find them in shirts, jackets, sometimes even in trousers. Fantasy and creativity will be part of this year’s urban style for men!

Unique pastel colors

In the case of unique colors, pastel-colored shirts or jackets will dominate. For those who love to break up, other colors to use under the jacket are certainly green, red and black.

But beware: no one forbids modern man to wear pink. Also as complete! We have said it and here we repeat it: daring must be your middle name!

The spring pullover

Spring-summer fashion does not put aside pullovers, nor knitwear in general, for men. After all, even the lightest materials can form “mid-season” jackets, cardigans and sweaters. 

The traveler man

A masculine outfit that is a bit risky but never as original and appreciated as today is the “travel” one.

The man expresses his masculine charm by wearing explorer clothes: cargo pants, multi-pocket vests, waterproof and sporty jackets also full of space. In these cases the backpack normally replaces the bag.

All in jeans

Jeans are essential, especially in the spring period, and as in the past, they are once again the protagonist of men’s fashion. Perfect to combine with t-shirts, with single color shirts but also with prints. The denim jacket or the denim shirt are in turn the must-haves of the season that you can’t give up on.

Tone on tone for him too

As for the women’s fashion seen in the previous post linked to the urban outfit, the tone-on-tone is also essential for men. Particularly if the garments have bright colors. Since jeans are all the rage again, a tone-on-tone – trousers, shirt, jacket and even shoes – in jeans is to be considered the top! All jeans are also fine, perhaps breaking with slightly different colors but always of the same fabric, as shown in the photo.

The suit

The suit is no longer a symbol of unkempt clothing but of an elegant casual that is well suited to the city style. Put a bit of jogging before the office or an informal outing with friends, a coffee with a friend or an urgent commission, the suit imposes itself overwhelmingly in the everyday outfit for men.