The sexologist Tracey Cox has revealed in an article for the ‘Daily Mail’ the six sexual practices that are fashionable in “modern bedrooms”, a list that has surprised everyone and has left more than one with a bittersweet taste. And it seems that all those who believed that having sex in front of a mirror or innovating in postures have been left behind, because the search for innovation and new sensations has prevailed and now they are looking to experiment with more daring practices, many of them considered taboo until relatively recently. Thus, according to this sexologist, the time has come to update and dare to experience these new practices. Or at least meet them.

1 – The pegging
According to Tracey, ‘pegging’ has become the ‘hottest’ sexual trend since 2016 and since last year, more and more couples have dared to practice it. What is it?
Basically, it is a kind of “exchange” of roles in which the woman is the one who penetrates the man, using a harness – with a built-in dildo. As the sexologist explains, although it has been a very popular topic in the world of porn for decades, now is when it has become popular and it is not strange to find references to this practice in blogs, magazines or even television programs.

2 – BDSM
This practice, popularized worldwide through the books and the movie ’50 Shades of Grey’ – in the English case it has become the second most popular fetishism -, has become a full-fledged fashion in our country as well. country. BDSM – an acronym for the words ‘Bondage, Discipline, Domination and Submission’ – has given couples a lot of play since it allows them to adopt different roles according to their state of mind or mood. And it is that the variety of possibilities offered by BDSM has also become an attraction that has led many to dare to practice it, as is the case of the roles of a dominant and a submissive part.

3 – Anal stimulation
Although the anal area has many nerve endings, few dare to experiment with that part of their body. In 2017, 40% of women have practiced anal penetration, a figure that reflects the upward trend of this practice, which is gradually adding more followers. A fact to which we must also add that sex toys for anal stimulation are among the best sellers, which ends up confirming that more than a passing fad we are perhaps facing a change in trend. Currently, the fear of this practice has been lost and both men and women more naturally admit to having done it at some time.

4 – The ‘Tea Bagging’
It is the name by which it is known, in a simplified way, to play with the partner’s testicles with the mouth. It is known as ‘tea bagging’ since, more specifically, it is when a man inserts his scrotum into the partner’s mouth, “dipping” it in and out as if it were a tea bag. According to sexology, more and more couples dare to do it attracted by the idea of ​​doing something new and fun, or by the challenge that carrying it out supposes them. In addition, she points out that more and more women are encouraged to practice it with their partners or sexual partners.

5 – The Golden Shower
Although it has been one of the most ‘taboo’ topics of sex, the golden shower – derived from the pleasure that can be produced by seeing or feeling the couple’s urine – has become one of the sexual revelations of this 2017. Curiously, Tracey Cox has also pointed out that the interest came from rumors about US President Donald Trump, who has been said to pay prostitutes to urinate on him. Beyond these rumours, sexology indicates that, in general, men prefer to be urinated on, while women are more likely to do so.

6 – The ‘fisting’
Possibly the most extreme practice on the list: vaginal ‘fisting’ – it can also be anal – consists of inserting a fist inside the woman’s vagina. A very popular sexual resource among lesbian couples that is becoming more common among heterosexual couples. Although it is not something that can be done in one day, but according to sexology it requires a lot of time and patience, ‘fisting’ today has managed to go from “I don’t plan to do it” to “maybe”, a big step that indicates that this practice will give much to talk about in the coming years.