One of the new locations that appeared on the Fortnite map in which players are fighting battles and endless challenges has given an obvious clue to an upcoming Stranger Things event , the successful Netflix series that this July premieres the third season. We tell you all the details.

The location in Fortnite that reveals a Stranger Things event
Following the respective Fortnite crossovers with Avengers and John Wick, a detail has caught the attention of netizens around a possible temporary Stranger Things event. It is a commercial place that fans of the series know well, the Scoops Ahoy ice cream parlor, which will be a central stage of the new season.
The video game developed by Epic Games shows a place called Scoops Ahoy inside the Colossal Shopping Center , a nod to the ice cream parlor that appears in the first promotional of the third season of Stranger Things. Various media have shared an image in which the similarity between the game location and the one that appears in the series preview can be seen.
The first striking crossover was the one agreed by Epic Games and Marvel on the occasion of the launch of Infinity War. Then, the supervillain Thanos went from the big screen to the video game, and coinciding with the premiere, the players received the task of defeating him in an event . After his success, the same formula would be repeated with the premiere of Avengers: Endgame.
On the other hand,John Wick’s house was also placed in Fortnite . In the recently released Season 9 Epic Games put up a replica of the house, and the miners got down to work to uncover various data on a series of challenges related to Keanu Reeves movies. Still unconfirmed, it would coincide with the premiere of John Wick 3: Parabellum.
Stranger Things premieres its third season in July. | Netflix.

Waiting for the premiere of the new season
Stranger Things became with its premiere in 2016, overnight, one of the sensations of the year and one of the favorite series on Netflix. The critics praised, above all, the atmosphere and the characterization, a clear tribute to the Hollywood of the eighties in which there is no lack of winks toSteven Spielberg, Stephen King and George Lucas .
In the first season, the series featured the mysterious disappearance of a boy in the fictional Hawkins County, and the appearance of Eleven, a girl with telekinetic powers, to help find him .
The success led to a second season in which, having overcome the shock of the first, fans were able to savor the phenomenon and analyze it in all its depth. In the second installment, the characters try to return to normality after the events of the first.
In December 2017, a third season was announced for this summer, and it was finally confirmed that the third season of Stranger Things would arrive on July 4. In this new installment there is more color, new paranormal events and youthful hormones at the top with a new plot in which Eleven comes back stronger than ever.
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