Reviled by some and loved by others, DC movies are characterized by their gloomy atmosphere and stories with a serious character that counteract the colorful and carefree world of superheroes proposed by Marvel, its main competitor. We have selected some of the titles that we have liked the most from the factory and we have compiled them in the following list.

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10 DC Comics movies to detox you from Marvel
Many directors brought the most famous DC Comics cartoons to the big screen, achieving an unexpected box office success, although the critics were not always unanimous.

10. Justice League (2017)
Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince look for new recruits to form a special team with which to combat a danger from another world. So, Batman and Wonder Woman will join forces with Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman to stop Steppenwolf , one of the most powerful villains they have ever faced; which will force them to have extra help for their league.
Response from the Warner production company to the phenomenon of The Avengers that garnered so much praise among the general public.Although the final result was affected by the firing of Zack Snyder and the subsequent hiring of Joss Whedon , who would shoot the last stretch of the film and would take it away from the somber tone that has characterized DC movies up to now, it is still a product very enjoyable to claim. For now, it is the last in the viewing order, after Man of Steel (2013), Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) and Wonder Woman (2017), released a few months earlier.

9. V for Vendetta (James Mcteigue, 2005)
We leave Gotham, Metropolis and the superpowers, to travel to the near future, in which Great Britain is ruled by a despotic tyrant who keeps the oppressed people under his authoritarian yoke. Before this panorama,A masked vigilante who goes by the name “V” has set out to overthrow the government and spark a revolution in the streets. By chance, the young Evey will be fully involved in this plot, becoming her accomplice.
“Remember, remember November 5.” A film with a clear claiming message that instantly became a mass phenomenon and that helped to publicize the original work of Alan Moore, one of the best DC Comics cartoonists.

8. Batman: The LEGO Movie (Chris Mckay, 2017)

Three years after the unexpected blockbuster that The LEGO Movie was, this title came to theaters in the form of a spin-offin which Batman, whom we already met then, will have to face the Joker, Two-Face, Enigma or the Scarecrow, who plan to take control of Gotham. To truncate his goal, the night watchman must ally himself with other ‘supers’ from the DC universe, such as Batgirl, Wonder Woman or a very young Robin, who aspires to become his right-hand man.
Batman: The LEGO Movie is one of the funniest productions of recent years, a caricature of the universe of the most emblematic superheroes and one of the most irreverent DC animated films; something that we love.

7. The Dark Knight (Christopher Nolan, 2008)
Second part of the Bat Man trilogy, started in 2005.Batman continues on his crusade to eradicate organized crime that is brewing from the underworld and that splashes many of the city’s great personalities, supported by Commissioner Gordon and prosecutor Harvey Dent. However, the arrival of the Joker and his will to finish corrupting a city that is reeling from his principles, will threaten the fragile stability achieved.
Praised by much of the critics and practically all of the public, The Dark Knight is for many the best of the DC movies and the masterpiece of superhero cinema, an affirmation that we question even at the risk of being hung by our thumbs. Although it is a film of impeccable technical invoice and that has a very successful casting,suffers from all the ills that afflict the Nolan label: a halo of pedantic transcendentalism to mask a popcorn product to use and a network of secondary subplots that lengthen the footage unnecessarily.

6. Wonder Woman (Patty Jenkins, 2017)
On the secluded island of Themyscira, the Amazons train to be avid warriors in combat. Despite living protected from the problems that affect the world of men, a North American aviation pilot ends up making a forced landing on its shores. The man warns them of how World War I is ravaging Europe and desperately asks for help. Faced with his words, Princess Diana will travel with the soldier to end the conflict , proving herself as a powerful ally.
Aware of not aspiring to be more than pure entertainment, Wonder Woman was a breath of fresh air for the DC Comics movies , which were in the doldrums due to the lukewarm reception of previous productions.

5. Batman Begins (Christopher Nolan, 2005)
After years of lethargy and a first saga that had ended up crashing after promising beginnings, the Batman returned from the hand of Christopher Nolan . The English director set out to revive the franchise by retelling the character’s origins, from the murder of his parents, through his training as a member of “The League of Shadows”; until donning the suit and becoming the scourge of Gotham’s criminals.
Leaving aside the fantasy tone that characterized the previous quadrilogy, the modernized version opted for a more realistic and humane film, set in a city of Gotham with large skyscrapers and controlled by the mafia. In our opinion, the best of the new trilogy.

4. Batman returns (Tim Burton, 1992)
Tim Burton would repeat behind the camera a second time to tell us his particular vision of the vignettes created by Bob Kane. In this second adventure, Batman has to stop Penguin, an eccentric businessman who wants to be the next mayor of Gotham . On the other hand, Catwoman will appear, a deadly and mysterious woman who also has her own plans.
True to her personal style,Burton would bring to his diptych of DC movies an atypical gloomy air until now , showing us a Gotham City of Gothic-style buildings, with a 50’s spirit and constantly covered in darkness.

3. Superman (Richard Donner, 1978)
Little Kal-El is sent to Earth in a capsule because his home planet, Krypton, has been destroyed by the instability of his core. Upon his arrival, he is rescued by the Kents, a farming couple who adopt him as their own son; however, Kal-El is destined to perform extraordinary feats thanks to his superpowers, which will make him the savior of Metropolis.
First adaptation of the alien superhero in the red cape for the cinema, after two series for television, one of them cartoons. Christopher Reeve has been the most remembered Superman , not only because of his similar appearance to his comic counterpart, but also for having established, with his performance, a precedent in the superhero filmography of the last century; besides being one of the most representative icons of the DC cinematographic universe.

2. Watchmen (Zack Snyder, 2009)
In an imaginary 1985, with the Cold War seeming more possible than ever, the old superheroes are now fugitives from justice who live as ordinary citizens, hiding his true identity. The death of one of these vigilantes at the hands of an unidentified assailant initiates an investigation carried out by a former partner of his. His investigations will lead him to uncover a plot that could lead to a change of course in the history of the United States.
Considered by many to be the best graphic novel ever made, Watchmen is among the DC Comics movies that raises the most discrepancies. On the one hand, lovers of the original source see in the film adaptation a blurred amalgam to try to fit it into the more than two hours that the film lasts. Those who favor the film praise Snyder’s ability to accurately portray the internal conflicts of characters as plagued by guilt as those imagined by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons.
This blockbuster also has one of the most memorable introductory scenes seen recently on celluloid.

1. Batman (Tim Burton, 1989)
After a television series aired for two years in 1966 about the Bat Man and before he starred in his own cartoon fiction in the early 1990s,Batman came to theaters with the picturesque Tim Burton as director , who would put his own stamp on the mythology of the night watchman.
The city of Gotham is plunged into chaos: criminals roam freely with the approval of most law enforcement officers, who turn a blind eye to the succulent bribes they accept; not even the upright Commissioner Gordon nor the District Attorney, Harvey Dent, manage to stop this debacle. Tired of this situation, Batman appears, willing to put an end to the crime syndicate led by the Joker , a gangster who has corrupted the city with corruption.
Although for many Nolan is the archetype of the tormented and troubled hero, the truth is that, long before, Tim Burton already successfully captured the headaches that Bruce Wayne goes through when trying to deal with his two identities. Michael Keaton’s performance offers us a billionaire who is still haunted by the nightmare of the death of his parents and who is willing to leave everything when he meets true love and a light of hope and redemption crosses his sorrowful heart again. of the.

Special mention for the role of Jack Nicholson, in our opinion, the best Joker in cinema (with the permission of Cesar Romero television) in the best of all DC movies, despite the “Nolanitas” of the 21st century.

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