The power of the word is very great. Sometimes we can transmit stronger things with words than with caresses or gestures. For this reason we have decided to show you some of the best phrases to excite your partner in a simple way.

How to say an exciting phrase to the couple?

The phrases that we are going to show you below are cold by themselves and do not offer many results. The important thing is to say those phrases within an appropriate context and situation.

For example, one of the luxury escorts from Barcelona from Casual Escorts has told us that these phrases can give very good results if they are said in a romantic setting. Suppose we are with our girlfriend or escort and we want her to feel loved. That moment can be a good option for her to feel loved.

Phrases should not be just phrases. The power of the word is very great, but it is important to follow that phrase with an act to obtain good results. All brides always like to feel loved and excited. For that reason some of the following phrases will surely like to hear sometime. Remember, not only do you have to say nice things to your partner when you are dating, when you get married you will also appreciate it if you say nice things to her. Many couples make the mistake of not saying nice things to each other once they have been dating or married for a long time. To avoid this, I invite you to take into account the following phrases:

  • “My love, touch me there”
  • “I really want to be with you”
  • “The other day I had a wet dream with you”
  • “Every day that I see you I love you much more”
  • “Would you like us to do a prank together”
  • “I give you permission to do whatever you want to me”
  • “Do you know what I’m going to do to you now?”
  • “It’s not that I want to spank you… But that ass deserves applause
  • “If you are going to treat me like a toy, I ask for the one that vibrates”
  • “If you suffer when I leave, what do you feel when I come?”
  • “When I see your breasts, my cosines come together and the tangent rises to its maximum exponent”
  • “You would like to be your teacher of third, to go to the fourth”
  • “As you are my better half, I know that I would like to give you a squeeze”
  • “I will not take you three meters above the sky, but I assure you my life that I will hit you more than three times on the ground”
  • “This year I only made one wish. spend my life by your side”
  • “I am dreaming of happiness because one more day I am lucky to be by your side”
  • “I fell in love with you, the way you smile in the middle of every kiss, the way your lips kiss my neck. The way you laugh at my nonsense, your eyes, your smile, your feelings, your presence. I fell in love with the way you made me live again.
  • We are two souls that after millennia of patience have managed to unite to finally be happy.
  • “For the moon I give a kiss, for the sun I give a lot, for the light of your gaze, soul, life and heart.
  • “Who was hungry to be able to give you at least three times a day”
  • “I can’t lower the moon for you. But if I can lower your pants, think about it “
  • “I’m so in love with you that I’m going to start a cheese shop called… Cheese shop without you”
  • “I make love with a money-back guarantee. Powder that you don’t like, I’ll repeat it without obligation”
  • “I don’t want to fall in love… and you come and smile at me…
  • “The desire for you does not take away from me, on the contrary, it accumulates”

Once we have shown you a list of exciting phrases to say to your partner, it is important that you choose the one that best suits your needs. Do not forget that the phrases always have to be given in a proper context and not lightly. If you make the mistake of saying them nonsense, the other person may be offended. Even the relationship can be put at risk because your girlfriend may think things that are not really true. For that reason, she always chooses to say those phrases when they really should be said.

That said, all you have to do is choose the right time to start turning your partner on. If you do it right, she’ll start preparing for what’s about to happen and you’ll both have a really good time together. The really important thing is to have things clear and know what the objectives you are looking for are. With a phrase on time you will not only show how in love you are with that person, you will also be able to show that you still love your partner despite the fact that you have been with them for many years. The important thing is to ensure that the flame of love does not go out and to achieve this it is essential to demonstrate it from time to time. Do not abandon the love you feel for that person or when you want to recover it, it may be too late.