There are times when words resist, especially in the most uncomfortable or painful situations. We hope that these goodbye phrases will help you translate your feelings and make saying goodbye much less painful . They are phrases for each situation, according to the person we have to fire.

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1. Farewell phrases of love.
2. Farewell phrases for a friend.
3. Farewell phrases to a partner.
4. Famous farewell phrases.

Love Farewell Phrases
The most tragic farewells are those that take people with whom we have had a sentimental relationship away from us. Whether for a while or forever, we don’t always find the words to express the tide of emotions that come our way.

1. I lost you, but I find you in every memory.
The first farewell sentence is for the memory, the only thing that is not lost .

2. When someone leaves, it is because someone is about to arrive.
You should never close your heart, no matter how painful the loss has been.

3. When you cry for our goodbye, remember that I did not leave, you let me go.
More than a farewell phrase, it is a quote to remind someone that we will always be there .

4. Although it hurts, the healthiest thing is to say goodbye.

In life you have to make decisions. To move forward, it is often necessary to let go of someone’s hand,

5. It does not matter the distance between us, because love unites us.
If you say goodbye to someone for a while, the only barrier that separates those two people is distance.

6. How do you say goodbye to someone you can’t imagine being able to live without?
A good farewell phrase to start expressing all your emotions.

7. You are the goodbye I never wanted to say. You are the most painful of goodbyes.
Another great phrase to say goodbye to someone very special to you.

8. Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.
A goodbye is always painful, but the memory can be in many ways .

9. I say goodbye to you for life, even if all life continues to think of you.
There are loves that mark us for life, and whoever says otherwise is lying.

10. How do you look at the person you love and tell him it’s time to leave?
Goodbyes (and breakups) don’t always happen for a clear reason, even if both people know it’s for the best.

11. If it’s hard to say goodbye, say it was worth it.
This farewell phrase teaches us a valuable lesson: we should give thanks for the experiences lived instead of lamenting ourselves.

12. Maybe part of loving is learning to let go.
A frequently repeated quote about the contradictions of love.

Farewell phrases for a friend
A famous song says that “something dies in the soul, when a friend leaves.” Whether it’s true or not, it’s always heartbreaking to say goodbye to true friends.

13. While the memory of certain dear friends lives in my heart, I will say that life is good.
Friendship is one of those things that we should preserve and be grateful for.

14. Friendship is not counted in meters, it is measured by the heart.
Two friends can each live in one corner of the world, and still be friends.

15. Yesterday brought the beginning, tomorrow brings the end, and somewhere in between we became best friends.

A goodbye phrase for true friends , those who make you smile at first sight.

16. Can miles really separate you from friends?
If you want to be with someone you love, aren’t you there already?

A very nice proverb about friendship.

17. The pain of parting is nothing compared to the joy of meeting again.
Seeing our loved ones again is one of the best sensations we can experience.

18. How lucky I am to have something that forces me to say goodbye.

If we kept everything for life, we would not give value to anything.

19. The reason why it hurts so much to separate from you, is because our souls are connected.
But no matter how much distance gets in the way, the souls will remain connected.

20. If we meet again, I hope it will be in a better world.
We always hope to change the world, and love and friendship are two very powerful forces to achieve it .

Farewell phrases for a co-worker
We spend much of the day with co-workers. When one of them leaves (voluntarily or not) the company, we can always use these phrases to express our gratitude.
Phrases to say goodbye to a co-worker. | Image from: Rawpixel.

21. Never let a memory be stronger than a dream.
This phrase to fire a partner serves to encourage him to continue fighting for his dream of him.

22. This is not goodbye, this is thank you.
The best way to say goodbye to a co-worker is to express your gratitude.

23. Job that does not support your life, say goodbye.
A farewell phrase to express that you understand his work situation .

24. Now that you stop working, it’s time to enjoy and relax: free time, hobbies, leisure and friends. Happy retirement!
One of the happiest goodbyes is to say goodbye to someone who is retiring.

25. You are one of those people who inspire confidence, and I find it hard to believe that we will no longer work together.
The best working relationships are based on respect and trust.

26. Thank you for being a true colleague, our work team will never be the same without you.
No one is essential, but there are people who leave their mark on the team .

27. You have stopped being a co-worker to be one of the best friends I have.
Frequently, the peers of a company become something more.

28. I have learned a lot from you and I have a great friend. Good luck in your new stage.
Everyone learns from everyone. In life, you have to be like a sponge.

29. You have left a mark on each and every one of us. Thank you for making us grow.
The best people are those who make others grow.

30. Every beginning has an end, every greeting has a goodbye or see you later.
A rather ambiguous phrase to fire a partner. Ideal if you don’t have too much relationship with hers or hers.

Famous farewell phrases
Some great thinkers are the creators of the best phrases to say goodbye. We present a selection of famous quotes and their authors.

31. I never say goodbye, because goodbye means leaving and leaving means forgetting. (JM Barrie)

As long as the memory remains , it is not always a final goodbye.

32. The hardest is not the first kiss, but the last. (Paul Geraldy)
A truth like a temple.

33. It is not the days that we remember, but the moments. (Walt Disney)
Great phrase from one of the geniuses of the 20th century.

34. They said goodbye and the welcome was already in the goodbye. (Mario Benedetti)

Welcome to something new.

35. Never leave without saying loving words during your absence. You may never say them again in this life. (Jean Paul Richter)
Sooner or later the remorse of what you could have said will come .

36. It’s time to say goodbye but goodbyes are sad and I prefer to say hello. Hello to a new adventure. (Ernie Hardwell)

A farewell can mean a new opportunity.

37. There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart. (Mahatma Gandhi)
The well-known pacifist had to endure many losses, some related to his cause.

38. No more words. We know them all, all the words that must not be said. (Terry Pratchett)

In some farewells there are no words.

39. You have made my world more perfect. (Terry Pratchett)
The author of fantastic novels is the creator of one of the most beautiful phrases.

40. If you are brave enough to say “goodbye”, life will reward you with a new “hello”. (Paulo Coelho)
One of Coelho’s typical phrases about life. Certainly, it takes courage to say goodbye.

41. Each party is a kind of death, just as each meeting is a kind of Heaven. (Tryon Edwards)
A phrase similar to the previous one about the joy of meeting again.

42. I don’t know from where, to where, or when you will return… I only know that I will be waiting for you. (Jose Angel Buesa)
One of the most beautiful phrases of the whole list.

43. Only in the agony of separation is when we search the depths of love. (George Eliot)
When we let a person go is when we understand what we feel for him .

44. Life has taught me to say goodbye to the people I love, without taking them out of my heart. (Charlie Chaplin)
Death forces us to know how to say goodbye.

45. It is always more difficult to be left behind than to be the one to leave. (Brock Thoene)

The one left behind doesn’t always know what to do.

46. ​​The two hardest things to say are the first hello and the last goodbye (Moira Rogers)
Moira Rogers is one of the pseudonyms of the novelists Donna Herren and Bree Bridges, authors of several romantic and paranormal novels.

47. There is always a time to go even if there is no place to go. (Tennessee Williams)

The change itself is the reason for the dismissal.

48. Goodbye, pity me and do not stop loving me (Marques de Sade)
One of the most famous and ironic phrases of the Marquis.

49. I know very well how the farewell can steal more than just the future. (Talia Vance)
A farewell can leave the person left behind very touched .

50. Nothing like the joy of meeting again. (Charles Dickens)
We close the list with a phrase from Dickens about the reunion. We’ll see you again soon.

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