Congratulating a person is an act of humility, this small gesture becomes a positive action, very nice for which the person who receives said congratulations feels much better, and the bond that unites them, be it love, friendship or any other affective bond is tightened. We are going to offer you the possibility with the best phrases to congratulate to do it with the people you love the most, deciding the right moment, either to congratulate the new year, a wedding or a birth, being able to share them on your social networks, by WhatsApp or even write them on a greeting card.

Phrases to congratulate the new year

  • We cannot forget the mistakes, but from each lesson we are filled with wisdom. May happiness await you in this year that begins!
  • Receive a kiss of luck: love gives hope and patience, time will give success and satisfaction. For a very special person like you. A happy New Year.
  • Friends are like the radars of the civil guard, even if you don’t see them they are always there. Happy New Year!
  • If you had only one wish to fulfill, what would it be? May God fulfill each of the good wishes of your heart in the new year!

  • Today, December 31, at 12:00 p.m.: a beautiful year called 2019 was born. It was born to bring joy, sweetness and happiness to everyone. Please let’s forget the bad times of 2018 and congratulate the New Year!
  • A wise man said: the wealth of a human is measured by the quantity and quality of the friends he has. Thanks for making me a millionaire. Happy New Year.
  • Let’s join our glasses to toast to love and peace in the whole world. A sincere wish for a better year.
  • Have a beautiful and prosperous New Year, I wish you intense and happy emotions. May each day be reborn in your lives with a happy smile.
  • There is a saying that “every time a man laughs he adds a couple of days to his life”. For us to make this year a year with much more than 365 days. Happy New Year!

Phrases to congratulate a wedding

  • I wish you a marriage full of blessings, abundance and prosperity, that such an incredible bond of union and love be maintained between you. May you be 100% happy!
  • This is just the beginning of a great adventure, that every day the discovery of that beautiful journey that you undertake today be of happiness.
  • I hope that all the years you share are filled with lasting joy. Congratulations to this beautiful couple.
  • You are great people and you have a huge heart. You deserve happiness on your new path. I wish you a very happy life together!
  • Loving is not looking at each other; is to look together in the same direction.
  • For being the most beautiful and devoted couple I know, you deserve all the happiness in the world. Congratulations from the bottom of my heart.
  • I have seen your love grow every day, I feel lucky to share this special moment with you and be a part of it. I give you my most sincere congratulations!

  • Enjoy this wonderful day in which you have decided to share your lives with the greatest feeling you can have, love. Congratulations.
  • All the happiness in the world is my most sincere wish for you, today and every day of your life.

Phrases to congratulate the saint

  • Greetings! I know there are millions of people who celebrate their day today, but without a doubt you are one of the most special. Happy birthday!
  • Congratulations, the angels protect you on your saint’s day.
  • With all my love, I send you my best wishes for the saint’s day.
  • Today I pronounce your name in its entirety and without diminutives. An important name like the person who wears it.
  • I accompany you on your saint’s day wishing you all the happiness in the world.
  • Your birthday, your anniversary, your saint’s day, all those dates fill me with happiness because I see you smile. Happy saint’s day, friend.
  • With all my love, I send you my best wishes for the saint’s day.
  • No matter how much time passes, this friendship never ends. Another day of your saint more and one more day to celebrate.
  • We spent many fun days together, but on this day we are going to enjoy it like never before, in the name of the saint who gave you your name.

Phrases to congratulate wedding anniversary

  • A few years ago, we started a new chapter together. You remember? My heart is still yours and will always belong to you, as well as every second of my life.
  • Whatever our souls are made of, yours and mine are made of the same thing.
  • In love, it’s not about counting the years we’ve been together, but about making the happiness they’ve given us speak for itself.
  • You did not kiss me on the lips, but the soul. You did not caress my skin, but my heart.
  • The first moment I laid eyes on you, I knew our hearts were meant to be. You are my courage, my angel.
  • Behind every exceptional man, there is a surprised mother-in-law. And yours, my mother, she does not get out of her astonishment! Happy Anniversary.
  • You are as beautiful as when I met you. Your beauty will not escape my thoughts. How much I love you.
  • My love for you began in a moment, grows over time and will last an eternity.
  • Marriage is like a good wine, over the years it matures and improves.

Phrases to congratulate a birth

  • You know that you will come nights without sleep, but surely for him you would be willing to not sleep in your whole life, and still be happy for the new star that has settled in your hearts. My best wishes.
  • Each baby is a unique miracle and impossible to repeat. I congratulate you on yours.

  • A child is the light of a home, the perpetual smile of love, the living dream.
  • When a child is born, the mother is also born. My best wishes to both of you.
  • A very small baby can make the biggest dreams come true. Congratulations on the birth of your son.
  • May the miracle of this baby’s life be one more reason to be united in love. Congratulations!
  • !! Congratulations!! You have received the best gift in the world to fill your hearts with joy and love.
  • There are two things in this life that we are not prepared for: Twins! Congratulations on the birth of yours.
  • Congratulations to the future mom. May God give you a healthy baby full of his grace.

Phrases to congratulate communion

  • Today you have joyfully received the Sacrament of Communion, share this special moment with your family. Congratulations on your First Communion.
  • May God take care of your steps and may he always be by your side.
  • The first time you receive Jesus in you is like opening a door to eternal love, because Christ’s love for you is eternal. The First Communion, another important step in your life.
  • May the flame of love and devotion that reigns within you today last forever. Congratulations.
  • May your heart always be strong, very strong. May you always find your way and never separate from the ones you love most.
  • It is the first time that you enter the body of Christ, Accept this gift in memory of this important day.
  • Enjoy this day that will already be part of your best memories. Congratulations.
  • God bless you on the day of your first communion, may the eternal goodness of God illuminate the path that you begin today, upon receiving this sacrament.
  • Only through love can we achieve communion with God.

Short phrases to congratulate

As you have seen, these phrases to congratulate are very nice and you will win the heart of any person with a small message that you can leave on their Facebook, on Twitter or even send it to them with one of the images with phrases to congratulate that we have created for you. by Whatsapp. Share happiness and joy thanks to the best congratulations phrases and remember that here you can buy congratulations cards, writing them one of the phrases that we have written and selected to make the message that you are going to send gain much more importance, because you never have to forget these little details like sending greeting cards, because it is a beautiful gesture that always reaches the heart.