What are the most original ideas to  celebrate the 18th birthday ?

This coveted goal represents a very important moment in the life of every adolescent, also because it is the gateway to adulthood. But for now the imperative is to have fun as much as possible, and to do this it is essential to identify an appropriate location.

Celebrating 18 at the Quincy Club

The  Quincy Club  is one of the most interesting locations to celebrate the 18 year milestone in an original way: by clicking on the  quincyclub.it site you  can discover all the proposals made available by this venue, which in Rome represents a real institution with half century of experience in the sector. Organize a private party in this location, located in the residential center of  Casalpalocco, it means having the possibility to invite all the people you want, moreover taking advantage of an internal security service. Full of colors and young, bright and perfect for entertainment, the Quincy Club also offers a qualified staff to meet every need, complete with free wifi and live DJ sets, for an evening of music.

A themed party

A proposal not to be underestimated is that relating to the organization of a theme party : you can indulge yourself in choosing the topic to which you will have to be inspired to define your look, not only in terms of dressing but also for make-up. and wig. From the 60s to music, from movies to sport, from various countries around the world to technology, the ideas that can come to mind are endless, and each participant must do their utmost to show themselves in  a new outfit , letting their imagination run wild and loosening the reins of creativity. Clearly, the celebrated cannot forget to provide an ad hoc soundtrack and to set up decorations in line with the theme.

The villa with swimming pool

If mom and dad have not imposed limits on the  budget , the idea of ​​spending their 18th birthday in a  rented villa with swimming pool  is certainly very intriguing. Obviously, this is a hypothesis that can only take off in the summer, when the sun and the heat invite you to stay in a bathing suit and cool off with a pleasant swim. There are not a few villas that are made available for receptions of one or more days: the perfect backdrop for a day that will never be forgotten.

In barca

If you want to be original you might as well show yourself as such, for example by offering your friends and classmates  a boat trip . It doesn’t matter to the lake or the sea, because what matters is to leave the mainland and feel free, between  diving and loud music . Finally, when you are 18 you can start drinking, and therefore a toast with a glass of sparkling wine cannot be denied, perhaps under the light of a suggestive and poetic moonlight.

Party in discoteca

disco party  and a classic that never goes out of fashion: the decades follow one another, but the opportunity to celebrate the 18th birthday to the sound of music and romping without limits is always a valid idea. What changes, if anything, are the songs and the music, assuming you don’t opt ​​for an evening inspired by the 70s, the 80s or the 90s. But for those born in the new millennium it is much more likely that the choice falls on contemporary pieces. When you book  a room in a nightclub , however, it is good to remember to provide the manager with all the useful information to organize a perfect evening from all points of view, so that it is the light-heartedness that takes over.