The good reception of this new season of ‘League of Legends’ has favored the viewing of the games as if they were authentic soccer matches. And it is that the gamer culture is spreading more and more among the current population. We leave you with a series of basic rules with which you will be able to understand, if you are fond of watching games, what is the dynamics of the video game.

Place ourselves on the game screen

It is the first element that we will see from the Riot Games video game, where we will find the two contenders separated by an icon where the champions with whom they do it will be shown. The order they will follow will always be the same, descending, and each one with the role they will have in the game: Top Lane, Jungle, Middle, Shot and Support.
‘League of Legends’ game in progress | Riot Games
At the top of the screen we will find the marker, in whose red circle we can identify the so-called “death marker”. As its name indicates, it will mark the number of deaths that each contender inflicts on the other. It is not a counter that determines who will win the game by the highest number of deaths in ‘League of Legends’, but as in soccer, it is who has the greatest advantage.
Next to the marker we will find the gold indicator, which is nothing more than the basic and elemental currency to be able to improve the champions during the course of the game. Although as in everything, the important thing is not the amount, but how it is distributed among all the members of a ‘League of Legends’ team.
‘League of Legends’ starting summon power | FS Gamer
At his side we will find the towers and the dragons, which are the objectives, which have a very important influence. Throwing towers will give the team global gold, and will favor the advancement of the map. Summoning dragons gives players additional bonuses against their opponents. Do you feel a certain aroma of ‘Game of Thrones’
That’s because they haven’t seen anything yet.

The minimap: a fundamental element
It is one of the most important during the game, since it is a representation of the summoner’s rift. We will always find it in the lower right corner of the ‘League of Legends’ game.
‘League of Legends’ minimap | League of Legends Boards
It allows us to get an idea of ​​the position of both sides, as well as the three streets and the jungle. It’s the best way to keep a functional track of the game at all times, without the desire to get lost in a battle of ‘The Hobbit’.

The players of‘League of Legends’ know where their team members will be, and who they are facing at all times. For this there will be another lower marker, with much more specific information: of the champions and minions (which are the ones that provide gold), personal marker (deaths, assassinations and assists) and objects (that our champions and the enemy carry).
Promotional image of ‘League of Legends’ | Polygon 2
Although some of this information is not completely necessary to know, it will help those who wish to better understand the games of the Riot Games video game and become familiar with the dynamics of the game beforehand.

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