One of the entrepreneurs who will always be remembered for the success he achieved, starting from the first steps of the corporate pyramid, was Steve Jobs. He began the entire creative process of his Apple brand in a garage, turning the apple brand into one of the current world powers in the technology sector. Hence, Steve Jobs’ phrases about success and workbe one of the most important of the last decades, since they teach us a lot about his way of thinking, his creativity and his ideals of fighting for the dreams he always had. In addition to all this, his motivating phrases have driven thousands of entrepreneurs to achieve their goals, suggesting that it is possible to start from the bottom with an idea that not everyone shares, but that in the end, manages to exceed the main objectives and stand out in everyone. We leave you with this selection of the best famous phrases of Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs quotes about success

  • People know that the moment we live in now is one of those that influences the future.
  • The world should not be changed to make it more important.
  • You must not let the noise of other people’s opinions drown out your inner voice.
  • You have to do something in life that you are passionate about, otherwise you will not be able to fight to carry it out.
  • I am totally sure that what differentiates entrepreneurs who are successful from those who are not, is perseverance.
  • The great artists, like Picasso, Newton, or Dylan, risked failure in their projects. If we want to be great too, we have to take risks.
  • The time you have been given is limited, don’t spend it in a bad way living someone else’s life.
  • Invent tomorrow and stop worrying about yesterday.
  • In my life, what doesn’t cost money is what I like the most. It is time that we have the greatest value.
  • I’m proud of both the things I’ve done, and the things I haven’t. Innovation is also being able to say no to thousands of things.
  • To remember who you are, you have to think about who your heroes are.
  • For us, the goal will always be to make the best devices, it will never be great.
  • Quality is more important than quantity.
  • If you look closely, the biggest hits took a long time.
  • You will always have a problem to solve, something that is not correct that you want to correct.
  • Deciding what you don’t want to do is just as important as deciding what you should do.
  • If possible, I’d trade all the technology I’ve created for an afternoon with Socrates.
  • For people, when it comes to focus, it has the meaning of answering yes to everything. But it’s not like that, you have to be able to say no to other good ideas.
  • Getting fired from Apple was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I felt like a beginner again, liberated, being able to enter the most creative period of my entire life.
  • Dying the richest man in the graveyard doesn’t matter. I prefer to go to bed thinking that I have done something wonderful, that is if it is really important.
  • It’s not that I undervalue higher education, it just comes at the expense of experience.
  • It is amazing to have a mind like that of a beginner.
  • Nobody wants death. Even those people who want to go to heaven do not want to die. And that death is the destiny that we will all share. No one has managed to escape from her yet. Death is the best invention of life. Get clean what is old, to make way for the new.
  • If you are able to do something and make it good, you can do something even more incredible.
  • When one is capable of innovating, mistakes can also be made. It is wise to admit this and continue with other innovations.
  • In my last 33 years, every day I have looked in the mirror in the morning and I have asked myself the question: “If today were my last day of life, would I do what I am going to do today? When I have answered “No” several days, I have needed to change something in my life.
  • The design of something is not only what it looks like, but also how it works.
  • The work you do will occupy a huge part of your life, and to feel satisfied with it you have to think that you are doing a great job. For this, love what you do, if you don’t, keep looking, don’t settle. As with love, you’ll know you have it when you find it.

Steve Jobs motivational quotes

Surely the phrases of Steve Jobs that we have selected have made you think and reflect on your life. Sometimes we need a change that motivates us and makes us take the step forward we have to take in order to improve our expectations of life , and these changes come by persevering and fighting, risking failure, as the founder of Apple in these famous phrases by Steve Jobs that he has left us as his legacy. If you liked these motivating quotes, you can share them freely, making the world see the privileged mind that this person had, being able to awaken in other people that desire to excel and improve those actions they perform.