Andrei Chikatilo will go down in history for starring in the most macabre events of the former Soviet Union, and his actions are still shaking the most experienced investigators. His horrible crimes earned him the nickname of Rostov butcher , and he was the architect of a total of 57 murders, being tried for 53 of them. This is his story.

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His first atrocities
Chikatilo was born in Yablochnoye, a small Ukrainian town, in 1936, just before the Second World War broke out. His first traumas arise in childhood, and according to various biographers, he was mocked by his schoolmates because of his myopia and his urinary incontinence. When the war broke out, his father was captured by the Nazi army. His mother often told him and his sister that his older brother Stepan had been captured for food. That story marked Andrei forever.
Despite the circumstances, the boy grew up and graduated as a teacher, although he always showed himself as a shy character full of complexes. Various sources note that at age 35 he began to practice voyeurism, despite his inability to maintain an erection (although he was able to ejaculate). His traumas did not prevent him from finding a wife, whom he managed to get pregnant.
Despite this, he did not stop thinking that God had punished him, which led him to commit sexual abuse against his own students., which cost him the job in 1974. “Since childhood I have felt insufficient as a man and as a person. What I did was not for sexual pleasure, but because it gave me a certain peace of mind and soul for long periods, ”he said in an interview, when he confessed his crimes.

Murderer and cannibal
In 1978, when he was 42 years old, he began his activity as a serial killer . On December 22, he assaulted a nine-year-old girl in the middle of the street and convinced her to go with him to a cabin on the outskirts. There he raped the little girl before stabbing her in the stomach. Two days after the crime, the police found the girl’s body in a nearby river.
Already in 1981, he began his work as a civil servant in a Ukrainian factory and three years later he assaulted his second victim, a 17-year-old prostitute named Larisa Tkachenko. After a failed sexual attempt, she savagely strangled her. It was then that he tackled her complete madness: she cut off the nipples of the minor and ate them. From that moment he felt the irrepressible impulse to kill and eat part of his victims of her, especially the genitals.
Although he left behind a clear trace of DNA, the researchers were unable to determine his identity since he was classified as a non-secretor , and therefore his semen or saliva did not contain enough substances necessary for the study.
The number of victims increased during the following years, reaching the 57 he confessed to later. He obtained sexual pleasure through violence, although the premature ejaculation that he experienced infuriated him even more, creating an atrocious vicious circle.

His detention
From him In 1990 he was sentenced to 15 days in prison though not for his crimes, but for improper behavior at the Rostov bus station. On October 17 of that same year he killed again in a forest near the Donlesjoz railway station. This crime caught the attention of the authorities , who turned to find the murderer.
Andrei began to attract attention as a suspect due to his strange behavior, which is why the police questioned him extensively. “I was arrested on November 20, 1990 and have been in custody ever since. I want to expose my feelings with sincerity”, I affirm later. It was at this time that the Rostov butcher confessed his horrible atrocities to him, stumping Soviet investigators.
Although it was clear that he was acting blinded by his traumas and his helplessness, psychiatrists at the Serbsky Institute established that his acts were premeditated and he was declared “legally sane.” In 1992 his trial was held and Andrei Chikatilo was sentenced to death. On Brain 14, 1994, he was executed with a shot to the Rostov prison.

The butcher’s footprint
His crimes have filled pages and pages, although no one can understand how Andrei was capable of committing such terrible acts with children and adults. Some point out that gouging out his eyes became his hallmark as a serial killer, while others point to his activity as a cannibal. In any case, he is considered the worst assassin in the Soviet Union and a black episode in the history of the extinct KGB.

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