In winter, what matters is keeping yourself warm and pampered. For this reason, we usually resort to winter outfits made from clothes that are too baggy, too ugly and too heavy, in the belief that comfortable is better than beautiful. But this trend is changing. Even in the coldest time of the year, the woman wants to show off an enviable look , especially after what happened with the coronavirus.

Girls, are you ready for a winter at the top?

Born on the wave of freedom and rebirth , the collections for the cold season that will accompany us foresee an almost total absence of rules. A cheerful mix of the old (vintage) and the new, an extravagance projected towards the future that, however, still winks at the certainties of the past. The plisse is back, the corduroy is back, but it is also rediscovered super sexy in the tight rompers and enveloping coats. For both her and him, the recklessness of winter creates a particular and certainly fascinating fashion.

The eighties resist

The eighties also hold out for the end of the year, in women’s fashion. The clothes, even the most exclusive ones, cannot do without chains, studs, metal hoops . The fashion that was used a few years ago recurs but does it with class, without ruining the vision of a refined dress. Rather complementing it.

Fringes are also part of the Eighties style , which this winter for women’s dresses will still be part of the revolution. You will find them everywhere, not just in accessories. Shirts, long skirts, trousers will be “fringed” … whoever doesn’t love them will have to get over it. At least until next spring.


Vests, layer upon layer and skirts for her winter

The woman of 2022 begins with a bit of crazy winter fashion but for this very reason fascinating. The waistcoat makes a great comeback, preferably in velvet (and even better if ribbed), but it is also proposed as a sleeveless sweater to put on blouses and trousers in one color.

It will look very messy but the younger ones will like the “layer upon layer” look (onion shape!) Which includes shirts under the sweater, a dress with a short skirt over the pants  and then a cape over the sweater and a scarf over the turtleneck. The mothers will be horrified but they will not be able to stop the army of “no rules”.

To be elegant and refined, winter 2022 proposes the return of beautiful wide pleated skirts , with coordinated short jacket and matching shirt. But even a little leather dress, or even a colored leather jacket-trouser suit will be elegant this season. Trousers and “cut” tops, daring transparencies, late 19th century style coats and capes still resist . Do not miss the “catsuits”, tight-fitting and supersexy, to be associated with boots with super heels.

After the great success of the mini and super short shorts, in winter – also for climatic reasons – long skirts return to dominate. Better if super tight , almost sheath dresses up to the ankles or to the feet.

The elegant or business suit with longuette will be the unbeatable trend of the moment among women’s winter outfits.


Accessories in style

In winter 2021-22 it is the time of boots. They are back in fashion and if, unlike men, women can also wear them short, the must for the very high sole remains the same . In short, an anti-snow shoe that will go a lot. But be careful! If you choose high boots, however, remember that this year fashion dictates pants inside, not outside. So do not get lost in these small details, which become crucial and which will make the difference between being trendy and not being at all. In particular, Chelsea Boots and Chunky Boots will also be very fashionable this year , the latter combined with jeans, shirt and blaze, for example. 

The bags can also have fringes (an element as seen before, very fashionable this year), recalling the trendy dress of the moment. But they could also be handbags in knitted wool , to match another great winter trend: the long cardigan.  For more elegant evenings it is always better to opt for clutch bags.


The colors of winter

The fashion colors for winter 2022, both for him and for her, will be the cold ones. Blue and light blue dominate the female landscape. For men, blue , green, but also gray and beige in its various variants will go in this case – as mentioned, also camel color. Black is well tolerated, while on the other hand, a feast of colors of all kinds with patchwork that overturns every rule, both on her clothes and on men’s sweaters. Fantasy this year is king.