The new generations have changed the ways of viewing audiovisual content. So much so that television has ceased to be the main medium to the detriment of YouTube, that social space that has taken control.
We know that uploading content to YouTube has become a job, a way of life , and proof of this are the millions of subscribers to this list of Spanish youtubers in 2019. A large part of them dedicate the channel to uploading commented gameplays (they are recorded themselves playing video games), although others provide interesting and quality content.

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The 15 most famous Spanish youtubers
In this list we analyze the 15 with the most followers, regardless of the content they upload to their channel.

15. AaLexBY11
One of the youtubers who took advantage of the pull of his partner Rubius to win the occasional subscriber, although he has earned his own merits to be on the list. Games like Rocket League, FIFA or Fortnite are the most common on the channel.

14. DaniRep
Nobody said that uploading content about games was an easy task. DaniRep has been climbing positions based on uploading more than 6 videos a day . A real madness that exceeds three million visits.

13. Giorgio’s Corner
One of the top Spanish youtubers who uploads more varied content. Far from finding an endless list of gameplays, Jordi Wild uploads videos commenting on current issues, various tests with his famous father (the great Papa Giorgio) or even short shorts with him as the protagonist.

12. ZarcortGame
A youtuber who had the peculiar idea of ​​bringing together the world of music and video games, two of the most important seams in this world. The result is a channel that contains raps about games and other creations of his own handwriting From him. An original proposal.

11. Makiman131
Makiman has decided to turn his content around and uploads vlogs about daily experiences, albeit with a bit of clickbait. The fact is that it started with few visits and in just a couple of years it has gone through the roof.

10. luzugames
Bilbao’s Borja Luzuriaga is one of the most followed youtubers in Spain and also the most controversial for including his girlfriend (Lanita) in some of his videos of him. For the rest, the usual streaming of Minecraft and Fortnite.

9. Better toys
Taking a look at the name of the channel, we can already imagine the type of content that we will find. Unboxing of characters like Peppa Pig or the Disney princesses will delight the little ones.

8. AuronPlay
The audience at AuronPlay is somewhat more mature, although you can’t help but laugh like a teenager at one of themagnificent telephone pranks that are spent. He also usually comments on some viral video from a fairly comical prism.

7. ExpCaseros
One of the fastest growing channels has been ExpCaseros, dedicated to offering homemade experiments that we can repeat perfectly at home . Ideal for children and adults for their optical illusions, inventions, crafts and other curiosities.

6. Toys And Funny Kids Play Doh
I don’t know why anyone would want to do something like this, but parents who want to introduce their little ones to YouTube will find what they are looking for on this channel. Toys for children, Kinder egg surprises and other content for the whole family .

The only Spanish youtuber on this list who receives a D- rating according to the platform itself. However, that does not mean that his videos or his language are inappropriate, but rather that this boy and his inseparable hat are dedicated to uploading videos of horror games .

4. Willyrex
In the parallel world that Youtube Spain represents, WIllyrex is an institution and one of the most experienced gamers . From Call of Duty to Fortnite, the channel focuses (how could it be otherwise) on commented videos of video games.

3. TheWillyrex Willyrex
‘s other channel, in which he accumulates more than 13 million subscribers in 2019. In this we will find gameplays of Fortnite, Minecraft and other online gamesin which he trolls his opponents.

2. VEGETA777
Being number two on Youtube Spain doesn’t come for free, and VEGETA777 knows that. Few youtubers are able to keep up with the brutal pace of content that this young man from Madrid has, mainly focused on Minecraft, GTA V or Fortnite. One of his distinguishing features is his charisma and energy.

1. elrubiusOMG
At this point, there are very few people who do not know Rubius, known among his people as Ruben Doblas. He became famous, along with his fellow Mangel aLexBy, for uploading various Skyrim vlogs and gameplays .
Recently he caused a real earthquake on Youtube announcing his momentary withdrawal, fruit of the pressure of fame and exhaustion. It is not surprising, since this young man accumulates almost 30 million subscribers. Oh it’s nothing.

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