If you read the novel ‘It’ (That) published in 1986 and written by Stephen King, you saw both the first version of the film officially released in 1990 and starring Tim Curry in the role of the fearsome Pennywise and later the version Released in 2017 (starring Bill Skarsgard, Jaeden Martell and Finn Wolfhard), it is quite likely that you already know that ‘It: Chapter 2’ will be released very soon.
Indeed, it would be the second part of the 2017 version directed by Andy Muschietti. And it is that in the last few weeks this still unreleased film has become a topical issue due to the long initial duration of the title.
It was something we were already talking about a few days ago, when the official trailer for IMAX of the long-awaited sequel to ‘It’ (2017) was published, especially after some guest at the first viewings criticized the length of it , since which apparently would have a duration similar to the 1990 version, reaching almost 3 hours.

The original duration of the film in theaters
Finally, it seems that Muschietti’s version in its release in theaters will end up being reduced to 2 hours and 45 minutes , exceeding the 135 minutes that the first part already had, published as you know in 2017. A cut that, as we have known, has cost the director a lot, since in reality it had a 4-hour-long material.
However, it is possible that Muschietti has found the solution to his problems of duration, with the supposed release of a new version of the story in order to join, in a single film, the 390 minutes of recording .
In the words of the director himself, “we have to talk about it. But I would definitely like to do a supercut with material that nobody has seen because it was taken from Chapter 2. But also new things, new material. It would probably be around six and a half hours.”
Muschietti also declared that, within this supercut, he would combine both films, as if it were a single film in the same and unique closed narrative , thus reflecting -and in the most faithful way possible- the novel written by Stephen King.
And so he made it quite clear in a recent interview: “I’m thinking of a supercut, which is basically the two movies told one after the other, adding something that was taken from them for the final duration.” In short, “great scenes that are moments of the characters or things that we had to take out for other reasons. I am also very excited about filming extra material.”

The question is: will Warner do it?
After the overwhelming success achieved by the first part directed by Muschietti, the Warner Bros. recording studios decided to bet on the continuation of the fearsome clown Pennywise, so some experts believe that perhaps The idea of ​​betting on launching a blockbuster with more hours is not so far-fetched.
The first box office estimates indicate that, only the first weekend, the movie ‘It: Chapter 2’ could well reach 95 or 110 million dollars , according to the first polls. And to show the results achieved in the first weekend for the first part: 123 million dollars, getting at the end in all the time it was in theaters a total of 700 million dollars.
While we wait to see if Warner Bros. decides to heed Andy Muschietti’s requests, many of us wonder… are you ready to float

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