The life and death of the beautiful and inimitable Marilyn Monroe is still shrouded in mystery. Her real name, Norma Jean Baker , is known, but still many details about her existence are still unknown .

Marilyn, years after her death, is still considered the girl of dreams: beautiful, blonde and smiling. Born in Los Angeles in 1926 , she married very young but her love life was continually marked by controversial divorces and loves.

Its existence, its habits , its weaknesses have always been a topic of great interest to the public . A timeless icon of style and elegance, a courageous woman who laid bare her feelings in front of the whole world by singing Happy Birthday to President JFK . Marilyn was this and much more.

A few months after that historic and very romantic event, Marilyn was found dead in her bedroom. From that moment on, his fame for her grew out of all proportion. Enthusiasts have paid record amounts for having something that belonged to Monroe. However, there are still many things to unveil that will certainly give the actress even more charm.

10) The first wedding was arranged

Almost everyone remembers getting married for the first time very young. At age 16 , when she still used her real name, she became James Dougherty ‘s young wife . What is perhaps ignored is that Marilyn ‘s first husband was her neighbor Di lei . The young woman had to marry to avoid going to a new adoptive family or orphanage. In fact, Marilyn Monroe’s childhood was marked from an early age because the child was entrusted to Grace Goddard, a family friend of her. The latter, when she made the decision to move to her Monroe, she had only to marry to avoid a new custody .

9) He was a stutterer

Really hard to believe that Marilyn Monroe suffered from stuttering but as a child she was affected by this problem. Until her teens, Norma Jean Baker stammered especially in moments of tension and excitement . To resolve this speech disorder, the speech therapist advised him to speak in a guttural voice . From that moment that persuasive and particular sound of her became one of the characteristics of her that even more than her crowned her as an inimitable symbol of sensuality. Unfortunately, during the filming of Everything Can Happen , the stuttering returned. Unable to even recite her lines, Marilyn was fired from the production company.

8) Marilyn was very thin

When you imagine the body of Marilyn you think of a woman quite plump, in reality this is also wrong. In fact, the actress was 1.67 cm tall, weighed 53.5 kg and had a 56 cm waist, measures below the average even today. The confirmation of her thinness of hers was also given by the size of the famous dress with which I wish happy birthday to the President of the United States John Fitzgerald Kennedy . When that night’s dress was worn for auction, the model was a size 2 .

7) Cosmetic surgery

Marilyn Monroe took great care of her beauty with makeup and more. If you think the actress was an all natural beauty, here’s her denial. Indeed, x-rays and medical records prove that even the divine Monroe has succumbed to the fascination of the scalpel . The documents recently auctioned for $ 25,600 would show the two plastic surgeries . It was Johny Hyde , the actress’s agent, who I paid for the chin implant and a little tweak to the tip of the nose in 1950.

6) The crystal-encrusted dress was sewn on her

On the night of 1962 when I sing Happy Birthday to beloved John Fitzgerald Kennedy Marilyn wore a super tight , crystal -encrusted, flesh-colored dress . Her dress to be so tight was literally sewn on her . In fact, she did not have any zippers or buttons to be closed. This dream piece was bought at an auction for $ 1.26 million . To date it is the highest price paid for a single item of clothing.

5) It wasn’t a goose

Although Marilyn Monroe had played many roles that portrayed her a bit stupid, the opposite was true. She loved to surround herself with wealthy friendships and discuss a variety of topics. Far from being poorly educated , on her death a private collection of over 400 books was discovered , some of which even from the first editions.

4) The photos weren’t for Playboy

The photos of Marilyn Monroe’s photo shoot that appeared in the first edition of Playboy magazine for men in 1953 are now very famous. The shots immortalized a few years earlier, in 1949, without this purpose , were paid very little $ 50 . Hugh Hefner for just $ 500.

3) The white dress

One of the most used disguises for masquerade and carnival balls is the classic white dress with an American neckline. The dress worn by Marylin in the movie When the Wife is on Vacation , the one that rises above the grate from the subway wind , that very dress, was auctioned for $ 5.6 million in 2011.

2) Marilyn’s piano bought by Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey bought the actress ‘s piano in 1999. The white-colored baby grand piano was sold at auction for $ 662,500. It originally belonged to Marilyn ‘s mother , who later sold it. Later Monroe herself was able to recover the family memory and I buy it back from her, jealously guarding it until her death.

1) I reject the lead role in Breakfast at Tiffany ‘s

Truman Capote , the author of the short story Breakfast at Tiffany ‘s, wanted to cast a part in Monroe for the role of the protagonist Holly Golightly. Marylin refused her because of her acting teacher of hers that I don’t consider her suitable for playing roles like that.