Among the premieres that Netflix has scheduled for this month of September, there is a title that will not go unnoticed, especially after seeing the creepy trailer that the distributor has just released . ‘Marianne’, the story of a writer whose nightmares come true promises to become part of the scariest in the Netflix catalog.

‘Marianne’, the French horror series that arrives on Netflix
In September 2018 Netflix announced that it was continuing to expand throughout Europe and that this included the opening of a headquarters in Paris for local productions, acquisitions and marketing . The landing of Netflix in the Gallic country implied, from the beginning, seven new French productions: three movies and four series.

Among the French creations announced for this 2019 was ‘Marianne’ , a horror series about a writer who discovers that the fictional characters in her novels could be living in real life. The trailer that Netflix has just released before the imminent premiere of this series will not leave you indifferent: it is very scary.
Actually, it seems that the string of ingredients offered by this new series of the battered horror genre are nothing new: a small town, disturbing characters, spirits that sow chaos and puzzles to solve. However, the way the elements are mixed seems twistedly terrifying .
In fact, French fiction has already shown more than once that when they get their hands on the horror genre, they are especially cruel. It is enough to remember the bad body left by the orgy of blood and perplexity of ‘Martires’ , one of his most international hits on the subject, or the taste for the lurid that the most gory political thriller showed, ‘Frontiere(s)’.
On September 13, ‘Marianne’ arrives on Netflix, a series of which hardly anything has transpired beyond the brief description of its plot. Actress Victoire Du Bois plays a young writer who, attracted by her return to her hometown, attends terrified the incarnation in real life of the spirit that plagues her dreams and threatens to sow chaos.
Victoire Du Bois leads the cast of the new Netflix horror series | Netflix
In the trailer of just over a minute we see the writer evoking the nightmares that have accompanied her since childhood : ‘She is a witch. She gets inside you. I wrote those books to fight her.’
That spirit, which the writer imagines in the person of a witch to whom she has given the name of Marianne, begins to manifest itself in the way in which horrifying scenes take place in the trailer such as hanged people, a bloodied body with marks on the skin and a levitating possessed man .
The most terrifying thing is the personification of that spirit, an old woman with a distorted voice that makes her threat clear .: ‘I always keep my promises’. If you are a fan of the horror genre, you deserve to give it a try….

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