You often feel the need to unplug a little and indulge in a moment of pure relaxation. Do you feel the need to stretch after a hard day at your desk and in front of the computer? Are you looking for a natural way to relieve anxiety and stress? Would you like to take a moment to recharge your batteries? Yoga is the one for you and you can practice it safely within the four walls of your home.

Among the different online tutorials we can choose the ones that present simple exercises and memorize them with time and practice. We choose a space that is as empty and silent as possible, adding a few lighted candles or incense to intensify the atmosphere. Let’s see together how to do yoga at home in the following lines, in our new post dedicated to sport !

Yoga tools: from clothing to tools for practicing the exercises

What do we need to practice our yoga exercises at home? On Trade Shop we can find everything you need, saving considerably and receiving everything at home in a few days. Here’s what to buy!

First of all we need a mat, which is essential to ensure a comfortable support on the floor during the different positions of the exercises. We also need to get a padded cushion, ideal for sitting or reclining meditation and useful in some types of yoga. The blocks, also called bricks, and the special fitness straps or bands, are used to work the desired area of ​​the body, since each of us has a different physical shape and a different flexibility. 

Clothing must be in keeping with physical activity, with comfortable and close-fitting garments like a second skin to facilitate movement. We also add a small box to diffuse relaxing music suitable for meditation or an audio guide that explains the movements we have to make in the environment. We complete the list of what is needed with an analog alarm clock that indicates the time, taking care to leave aside all the digital tools that could distract us.

Many types of Yoga: exercises for every need

What and how many types of yoga are there? Let’s find out together in the following lines.

  • Rocket, Dynamic Vinyasa and Ashtanga: this group includes the most energizing activities, with balancing of the arms and back bends;
  • Mandala: it is a dynamic yoga that involves the whole body with exercises based on natural elements. Water (hips and groin), Fire (twists and “core”), Earth (tendons and forward bends) and Air (front part of the body and back bends);
  • Jivamukti – an ever-changing yoga that changes movements and exercises every month;
  • Kundalini: this type of yoga aims to stimulate a specific mental energy through meditation, mantras, chants, breathing and movement;
  • Iyengar: in this case many tools are used and it is a yoga used mainly for rehabilitation purposes;
  • Hatha: a Sanskrit word that includes various types of yoga, modern and dynamic;
  • Yin-Yang: a yoga that works on the deep connective tissues through positions held for a long time;
  • Nidra: a yoga that induces a state of “conscious sleep” for the maximum possible meditation;
  • Hot Yoga, which is practiced in a heated environment, and Yoga specific for pregnancy;
  • Qi Jong: meditation and deep breathing and slow movements characterize this type of yoga;

A good routine recommends starting in the morning by lying on your back and rolling your knees in circles. Then we focus on deep breathing by rocking from side to side bringing the knees to the chest. We warm up the wrist joints and stretch the whole back with a four-legged position. We go back erect, close our eyes and shake the whole body.

In the evening we accompany the movements with a nice cup of relaxing herbal tea before going to bed: a healthy good habit to prepare body and mind for the moment of rest. Choose the yoga that’s right for you, prepare everything you need and enjoy some necessary relaxation.